Seren's Journal I made a desperate attempt to get back to the others, screaming a warning as I flew over the remaining ghouls and away from the lich and bloated blood thing. The guards were shooting arrows, Soveliss was fighting hand-to-hand, and I was hollering that we had to get out of there while Roywyn sang songs and slashed at the ghouls with her whip dagger. Sure enough, the lich (with strangely shifting features) and the blood...

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Posted by Kate on January 20, 2007, 13:54 | Seren’s Journal | 793 words

Reeking of Evil

Soveliss's Journal The Zombies went down easily enough, and the blood thing, although messy, was no match for the eight of us. That left us with the “Lich” who it turns out was a human wearing a lich’s face. Flin and Roywyn found a way to stop the human from casting anymore spells and we put him under. I insisted we keep him alive for questioning, this work reeks of evil, and I know there is...

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Posted by Fred on January 7, 2007, 00:52 | Soveliss’s Journal | 78 words

Attacking the Darkness

Roywyn's Journal Kythorn 9, Waterdeep We thought Seren found a lich. The creature she did find certainly looked and acted like one— it’s skin was stretched and dry, and it cast magic spells and surrounded itself with undead, including another nasty blood hulk. I cast a spell to make the corridor into a nightmare terrain, which entangled the ghouls long enough for us to finish them off while Flin managed to get into the room with the...

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Posted by Kristin on December 27, 2006, 14:29 | Roywyn’s Journal | 343 words

No place to go but up

Seren's Journal There we were, chained to a wall in the darkness. I listened as hard as I could, and it seemed quiet except for my friends, so I glowed just a little to find out how the others were. The room was some fifteen by twenty feet in area, with only one door. I could see Soveliss was breathing, but unconscious, and that there was no sign of any of our gear. I did see a...

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Posted by Kate on December 13, 2006, 00:14 | Seren’s Journal | 2337 words

Another room full of ghouls

Soveliss's Journal I open my eyes to see Seren glowing softly on my left. I try to move only to find I’m chained to a wall, and Pratt, Roywyn’s familiar, is hanging from one of my arms. I can see Flin at the far end of this small room moving, but I can’t tell what exactly he’s attempting. As I attempt to slip my manacles, I see Flin has already gotten free and is working on...

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Posted by Fred on December 10, 2006, 07:20 | Soveliss’s Journal | 507 words

Look Out

Roywyn's Journal Kythorn 9, Waterdeep Assuming we’d have time to find a solution to Soveliss’s bigness at a later time, we took four of the Watch with us and headed back down through the portal to the thieves guild (which was now bereft of bodies) and through to the sewers. The creatures so keen to break through our barricaded door were nowhere to be seen, so we made our way to the cell where we had found...

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Posted by Kristin on December 6, 2006, 23:32 | Roywyn’s Journal | 486 words

How quickly things change

Flin's Journal I don’t know who was surprised more, Seren for seeing a mouse climb out of my hair, or me for Totem deciding to help out a little.

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Posted by Jim on November 27, 2006, 15:05 | Flin’s Journal | 540 words

Discombobulation and Debigification

Roywyn's Journal Kythorn 9, Waterdeep ...I’m not sure if I passed out or it just got too dark to see. When I became aware and able to move again, I found myself manacled to a wall in a room with a single door, all of my equipment gone. My friends were all in the same room, all chained as well. Flin, not one to sit still, immediately began to work on his manacles with some tool that...

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Posted by Kristin on November 26, 2006, 22:39 | Roywyn’s Journal | 704 words

Wake Up Call

Soveliss's Journal “Wake up Soveliss.” A hushed voice I vaguely recognize sounds so far away. I dream of the past few minutes over and over again, crawling through the sewers to help my friends. I can see myself again being surrounded by these ghouls and then from nowhere a ghast appears and hits me hard. “Soveliss wake up.” I hear the voice again this time more urgent. I fight the undead as best as I could,...

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Posted by Fred on November 19, 2006, 07:58 | Soveliss’s Journal | 136 words

That old feeling again

Flin's Journal There are more details I believe, but for now I am being dragged down a secret tunnel and I am probably going to be eaten, again.

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Posted by Jim on November 18, 2006, 21:31 | Flin’s Journal | 155 words