Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps The battle ended, successfully, with Ghelt pulling the “imposters” out of the mirrored realm, at which point they disappeared. Pockets was still confused by the whole incident and ran back into the mirrored realm. After resting, our remaining heroes trudged back through, following Watch, who successfully tracked Pockets—who had died while apparently trying to rescue Valon from the clutches of Durll and his minions. In a heated battle in which Aramil also made the ultimate...

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Fafnir’s Journal Entry 44 - Where did everybody go?

Fafnir's Journal Well, we found Pockets. He had fallen down a big chute. Naturally, rather than trying to pull him back up, we all chose to follow him down. Luckily, there was an exit from the underground cistern. When we followed it, we ended up in a room with a not so friendly creature - a basilisk! I summoned some dire bears to fight the thing, so I wouldn’t have to. That seemed to do the job,...

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Through the Looking Glass

Drusilia's Journal Earthday, Wealsun 6, 592 CY, continued Apparently, Pockets got caught in another trap and went down a water slide as I was banishing the water elemental. Fafnir cast a spell to see what was where Pockets was last seen— he saw a latch on the other side of a trapdoor with a wet chute. No Pockets. We got Watch to use mage hand to prop the trapdoor open; Aramil then used his rapier to prevent...

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Trying to drown the dwarf!?

Ghelt's Journal Dearest Grun, Once again, everything got hectic enough that I’m writing you several notes, days after the event! We began the next morning with a trip to the stone elf. Drusilia wanted to try to turn him back to flesh - apparently she does have the ability, but feared that the statue of “pockets” had been too burned and melted during the battle to restore him to both flesh and health! Although the elf turned...

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Another Me?

Aramil's Journal After some discussion we opened the trap door Pockets fell into and one by one we all jumped down. We found ourselves in a small room up to our waists in water. Dru was nice enough to give some light and I decided to munch on some snacks while Pockets did his thing. Eventually a way was found to leave and we walked northwest down this passageway. We came to another large room. I stayed...

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Fafnir’s Journal Entry 43 - Traps and Troubles

Fafnir's Journal Well, we have continued on into the dungeon. It seems that the stone golem was on it last legs, as a couple swings from Ghelt put an end to it. We then proceeded to explore further. Pockets seems to be having a lot of trouble since being returned to the flesh... for one thing, he has been finding traps by the “whoops, I set it off” method. This just isn’t a method that lends itself...

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Can It Get Worse?

Pockets' Journal Now I try not to believe in bad luck. I try not to buy into the idea of a bad place. But man, this place is creeping me out. Maybe it is just the effects of returning from stone. Maybe it is something to do with how they did that, or where I was. But I tell you nothing has gone right since my return....

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Drusilia's Journal Earthday, Wealsun 6, 592 CY Shortly after we sat down to rest, a little clarity came to me and I realized I could transform the elf in the cell back to flesh. We went and did so. Unfortunately, though he transformed back, he was apparently dead. I cast “speak with dead” on him, more or less to find out who he was and how he’d come to be there. His name was Thereval, and he...

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All Wet

Aramil's Journal We woke and went down to the next level again. Ghelt and Pockets were able to dispatch the second stone minotaur. Dru found an iron key in its crumbled hand and Pockets used that to open the door which revealed another way down. Following we came to a room with benches in it. Fafnir sat on one and it clicked so I waited in the hall. After a bit he sat on the other two...

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Aramil's Journal Fafnir found a way down to the cellar under the ruins. We followed of course and came to a dark room. Pockets gave me his everburning rope which I tied around my waist and we saw 2 passages out. We took the one that was roughly straight ahead. Following we passed one door and opened one at the end of a hall. There was light and what we saw was amazing. The room was littered...

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