Korin's Journal
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Korin’s Bio

Times of This Halfling

In the simple rolling hills west of the Silverwood I was born. Not to an Elfish family with speed and grace. Not to a Dwarven family of strength and courage. Not even one of those Humans who seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Not me, I was born into a nice quiet Halfling family, close to the earth and at one with nature. Of all the races of this known world, I believe only the halfling has been successful in living, without destroying the world around them.

Now, I am not complaining about the other races, they all have their purpose in this world. In fact I have been studying them, I am constantly amazed by how different we all seem, yet the same also. My father, Herron, often told me that is why I will never become a good farmer. I guess he was right, after all, at age 16 I left home to see the world.

Now looking back, a 16 year old halfling running away from home to see the world, is not what I would call a good idea. Having never met another race or a dishonest person, I am lucky to be alive. It took me all of one day to find myself tied up in a bag being carried off to be someone’s dinner. As luck would have it, the first member of another race that I met, (thinking him a dwarf), turned out to be a gnoll. Let me tell ya, it is hard to get a conversation going with a creature that wants cook you. As I was making my peace with my god, I heard some screams. When the bag opened up to show me the sky, I found the gnoll dead and a long thin woman looking down at me. Instantly I knew this had to be one of the humans I had been told of. Nope, she introduced herself as Loriana Lightfeather, youngest daughter to Pothar Lightfeather, a lord of the Elven land I was intruding upon.

Loriana was and still is the sweetest woman I have ever met. She took me in to her world, and began teaching me more about life. It is amazing how much them elves learn, did you know they live very long lives? Soon I became smitten by her, yet how could a simple halfling make a wonderful woman like her happy. I was invited to stay in their family home as long as I wanted. Deciding it may be a good idea to learn more of life before going on my own again, I became a common fixture in the Lightfeather home. After a year of learning about the elven society, I decided to become a part of it instead of a guest.

Then began the next chapter of my life, learning to be a soldier. Yes halflings can be soldiers. And after seeing all the paintings and being told of their bravery in battle, I decided to model my fighting style after dwarves. I found that Loriana’s brother, Corthiar, was delighted to teach me. He actually traveled with dwarves for 20 years. Hum..., the axe. This took some time. But determined I was. With a few cuts and a lot of swelling I actually learned to fight ok. I also became good friends with Corthiar, who invited me to become a member of his house guard. He informed me that I may be a respectable fighter for my size, but my size and bravery would benefit his family well. Having no intentions of disappointing my friends, I accepted.

Soon my dreams were coming true. The House of Lightfeather is not an all-powerful family, but it had a decent standing in the elven community, and Pothar’s opinion was often sought when it came to making treaties. I got to travel with him on many a trip, to meet many people. So far I have met humans, kobolds, gnomes, and an ugly creature they called a half-orc. This half-orc went by the name of Doth, and strangely enough we became friends. Doth was what they called a ranger, all I know is that he traveled to many of the same places and was always happy to see me. He would put me on his shoulder and tell me of his travels.

One day a chance to travel far came along, to the dwarven mines to the north. Pother was asked to come north and help settle a argument between these dwarves and a group of elves from a far off place in the East. Pothar took just me and two other guards with him as we headed North. He insisted that he didn’t want to take to many people with him, as to not insult the people he was going to meet. I did not understand this, but I doubt anyone would confuse me with a wise man. As we neared the dwarven lands, we stopped to camp for the night. I was to stand the last watch, yet it never came. During the night they came, we all got up and fought. Even I was impressed with the skill I displayed. They were too many, I killed six of them, and still could not see my comrades though the thick pack of intruders. I heard Pothar scream, then everything went black.

When I awoke, I was chained to a cave wall with an ugly green-skinned creature trying to pull my pants down. I kept my pants, and gained an amazing new collection of bruises to prove it. Even though I survived that encounter, I found myself afraid to go to sleep.

After three days of no food and water I am getting weak. I will try to get his weapon the next time he tries.

It is getting dark now, that seems to be when the scraggly one I now refer to as Stink Face, gets his nerve up enough to attack me. One way or the other I will be free of him tonight. Either he dies or I do.

For the first time I hear other voices, maybe Pothar has survived and is coming to free me. Stink Face is running out of the cave, he looked scared. I hope that Pothar runs him through....

I must be confused, I think I see my brother coming, no, it is not my brother it is a halfling though. Oh bless the gods, I am being saved!

Cause of death: saving the party from the lich Markus cast the lightning bolt at. Captured, and most likely, killed.

Posted by Jim on February 1, 2003, 09:52

Moonday Me Thinks, or Maybe Godsday

Ah thank Yondalla, I have been saved. My new friends very nice, they even have a Dwarf. Ghelt is her name. Fascinating. All that I have imagined and yet more. We going to get the bad lady that may have my friends. He is funny, they call him Trap, he makes sense, but they don’t. When we find the bad place, they want to talk.

So I go see what is there. Did I mention that I found a pry bar. Me and Trap, he is little like me, look in the huts. All empty.

Oohh, big door. If I didn’t know better, I think Ghelt pointed her bow at me. The elf found the orcs, they are different though. Everyone is yelling about undead. I have never seen dead people before, but they are trying to hurt Ghelt.

Back to the pry bar, it is pretty. Me and Trap are trying to get it in a small window, hehe, Trap hit himself in the head. Hehehe.

Wow, I almost hit the magic user. He would have been pissed.

Well anyway, I go save Ghelt now. Ok, maybe we save each other. Then we go up my rope. It seems when a tall person decides to climb, it is ok, when small people ask to do it, we are crazy.

Ouch. That was close, the elf (wish I could remember her name) has healed me. Hehehe, we make them burn. Oh, they stink when they burn. Ghelt says she will help me fight like a Dwarf better. Down the steps we go. Hmm, where did I leave my pry bar.

Hey more bad people. We got them good. Ghelt is angry, wants me and Trap to sit still for a little “while party regains its wind.” I tell you I got plenty of wind.

Posted by Jim on February 11, 2003, 20:29

So I Healed Them...

So there I was, doing what I was told.

Hmm.... It is cold. I will start a fire to warm everyone up. I wonder what they are doing, maybe they need my help. Well that was the last of the fire wood.
I wonder how furniture burns?

Where is my pry bar? I remember once when I was a kid when I was swimming in the old fishin’ hole. Ahh, good times, good times.

Claw or hand, ahhh, bad thing. “I didn’t touch it,” “I did’t do it.” Hey, I know him. It is Rondal, “Hey Rondal that looks like it hurts, what happended?”

Then I wake up, they say Rondal is dead, I hope the others made it out ok. I feel weak for some reason. Why does Fafnir keep staring at me? I bet Ghelt saved me. It sure is nice having Ghelt around. I will tie a rope from me to Ghelt, hmm... yea, to keep her safe. We take a break, oh the boredom. I think Fafnir is angry with me. Well, Ghelt doesn’t look happy either.

Yes, we are moving. I will stay in the back with my bow, to stay safe for a little bit. Well, not a real well, water. Trap is going to open a door, he still looks burnt from the last thing he opened. “I will help him.” When Trap opened the door, I saw a bright light, have to save him, I toss the water on him.

Did I mention that Ghelt taught me to be a healer? “Not too tight,” she says, “it could cut off their circulation.”

I bandage Trap’s leg.

Lots of screaming, should I look in the room they went into? I get another bucket of water, in case Trap needs me again. Trap would be lost without me.

Hey it’s my friends, “Hey Pother!”

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Very weak now, I hide.

Did I mention Fafnir is trying to keep me away from Ghelt? I think he likes her.

Drusilia drags me, by the rope. Doorways hurt, make a mental note to self. Drusilia heals me some, I throw water on her to remind her I am not on a leash, I am tied to Ghelt, ahh, to protect her. Yea to protect her.

Ghelt is angry again, I bandage Trap’s other leg. He gets hurt a lot. I hope Ghelt’s not angry that I not help kill my friends.

Modge, I name it Modge.

Where is that pry bar? Oh........so sad. Bodies need burried. Ghelt and me take care of the poor person and what is left of my friends. We go free others now. My pack feels heavy. Drusilia gave me an ugly ring, told me it will be magical. I think she got hit in the head by one of the Orcs or something. I take it to make her happy. I offer her my magic dagger, hmm, she not want it. Must have been hit in the head. I know I put bandage on it. Ouch, Ghelt slapped me. Ohh, we don’t bandage friends’ heads unless she tells me. Ok,... I guess she knows what she is talking about.

Oh no, we are camping again. Ghelt told me to stay right here, so I will stay right... hey I wonder what’s over there?

Posted by Jim on February 17, 2003, 11:32

...And One Day, at a Kobold Camp...

...Of barrels and stew...

If you ever visit a Kobold village, bring salt. They are very polite people and fun to talk to, but their food leaves a little to be desired. The stew was best of all.

“I never saw a Red Dragon.” I list this with the stupidest things ever to come from my mouth. Soon as these words came out of my mouth, one appeared. Even Ghelt began running (I thought she was scared of nothing). Well thankfully it went away. Ghelt asked me to help her find the mule that ran off.

Tumble...turn....spin. Oh sure it sounds fun. And it was, for about an hour.

They even taught me some of their language. First word that they wanted to teach me was ‘food.’

I haven’t had a chance to tell her yet, but those two are insane.

Oh, they have a shortcut for us. Those Kobolds sure are nice. They even traded me for a nice shield. So, Trap just got in and went. Well, he is not going to have all the fun, me next. In the barrel I went. I hear Trap giggling in the distance.

First it was the stew, then some dry rations. You know that they tasted better going in. Finally the drop. Now, I have fallen before in my life I tell ya, but wow. It must have lasted for two whole minutes. It was worth the whole day of spinning and puking. (Never eat stew before getting in a barrel.)

Landings stink. I suggest if you ever fall a long way, don’t land.

I DIDN’T SAY IT!! Before I said the dragon thing, but I didn’t say a word about never seeing an Owlbear before. While Ghelt attacked it from the front, I attacked from the back. Another bad decision. I want to start this all over.

Did I tell you I have a crowbar?

Jacob says ‘Yak’ means food. Did you know how hard it is to tell one Kobold from another?

Posted by Jim on March 2, 2003, 10:40

Quiet Trap, They Will Hear You

Ok, getting boring again. Barrel, humm...., maybe Ghelt isn’t really watching.

Hi Trap, I thought you were dead? Do all my friends come back after they die?

Damned that Gnome is nailing the barrel shut, he must be trying to kill me.

“Korin not in the barrel, just push it in, it will be fine.” They are easy to trick. I hear Trap, “Trap push me in.” Weeeeeee.

What do you mean you are attacking the giant, does he remember that we are small. That sword must be cursed as Ghelt said.

Barrels are fun, here comes the fall.

Uhho, Ghelt sounds pissed. Maybe I will just hide in here until she calms down. But the water is getting higher. “Korin is in the barrel, help Korin. Ghelt save Korin!”

Barrels are bad, I will never do that again.

Hey look Trap, let’s check out the barrels. Wigs, cool, let’s change outfits, and see if anyone notices. You be Korin and I will be Trap.

Good giant, bad giant? Ghelt saved my life again, think the elf hates Korin. Hi Trap.

NNNOOOO!!! He killed Trap, wish elf had healed us. Must stop giant before it gets to Ghelt.

Trap says after he was killed, he was waiting for me. That way we travel together. But someone was healing me while he was helping me up. Trap says that made us stuck together. All I know is I am glad to have him around. He says he is going to teach me to be a good theif just like him.

Ghelt crying a lot, I never thought Dwarves cried. Hum. I help Ghelt take care of Trap’s body, Trap said it will make her feel better. Trap has an idea ...

Posted by Jim on March 15, 2003, 12:27

..Kitty ...Ring... Hum...

“Oh, hi again.” Trap is more fun now, didn’t think that possible.

Gunnie is holding me up so I can be the leader. I feel so proud.

Cool, I get to go climb into cave...

Jon is ugly, Trap likes him though, I will try to protect him from Dru.

Fafnir says that I am a werewolf now, neat.

Jon, him can carry a lot, not trust him with prybar yet.

Trap wonders why Ghelt not talk to him no more.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

I am scout now. Dru keeps giving me this long sword, me thinks that cursed sword is messing her head up.

Kitty gone, me bored now. Will Trap ever shut up?

Posted by Jim on March 23, 2003, 13:21

Big Dwarven Place

Eeewww, them are some ugly dwarves. Stop giggling Trap.

Wow, Fafnir can float.

Wow, big Dwarven place, I will hide here, just to be safe.

Dru is going to let me have that cursed sword, me, Trap and Ghelt can get rid of it then.

Why am I always alone when they turn into monsters?

Strange, this sword seems different when it is in my hands. I wish to talk to Trap about this, but he refused to enter this Dwarven city. He said it is too evil, and he fears for his life. While I hold this sword, I seem to see things.

I sense a trap, something does not feel right. I yell for Ghelt and the party, to help fight the evil I sense. But as we gain access to the room, Jon decides to pretend he is the door. The shadows are getting the fool, I am forced to throw him out of the way for his own sake. Dru scares or kills them off, the party has decided to back out of here for now. I think I may be the only one who can kill these creatures of evil.

After the party is outside, I talk to Trap, I tell him to watch over them while I go look around inside. Soon as I re-enter the keep, one of the shadows comes at me. This sword seems to almost lead itself as I cut down the shadow. I go looking farther, there may be an arms room with some helpful items. I go through several small rooms before the shadows come again. Three from one side of the hall, and one from the other. I head for the one. As I put the final blow into that one, the others attack me. I am forced to flee the keep.

That night the dark forms came at our camp outside the keep. I did my best to take them all on, some got past me. All the creatures are slain, but the damage is done, at least Ghelt is finally using the spear against them.

The next morning the party has decided to go back in. Strange, I feel that I would go back in even if the party wanted to go another direction. Trap says I am acting different, I remind him that he is dead, and everything probably looks different.

Posted by Jim on April 6, 2003, 10:48

Closer to the Evil

We have now traveled back up to the fortress. Once inside we decided to search the second floor for any arms left in the armory. Unfortunately the armory was found to be empty.

We did find a few more of the shadows in a dining hall; they shall never bother anyone again. The problem is that the clumsiness and unorganized fighting skills of the party is starting to cause us to incur injuries that are unneeded.

I believe now that the party may be doomed. If we cannot convince some of the party to use magic weapons against these foes, our attempts to protect them may create too many openings for the evil to get us.

Great luck, Jonathan has discovered a secret stairwell, I shall take the lead, I feel with me taking the lead, we are better prepared to face the evil. On the way down the stairs, of course, some of the absent minded party members decided to wonder off on their own. When will they learn!! Dru made it back safely but apparently Fafnir had a run in with the one stronger creature that fled our attacks earlier.

Finally at the bottom, we found a great hall filled with statues of many great Dwarven heroes. It seems Ghelt has turned into a babbling fool in here. We have to drag her to the other end of the hall, where her helmet begins to glow and the set of large doors open. The wall here has similar murals as on her helmet.
Strange luck that the helmet had fallen into our hands.

As we forge into the new hallway, after the great doors, the ceiling began to fall. The party began to run for the end of the hall, having to help each other due to the debris. The hall ended in a cavern divided by an abyss, and what was a bridge long ago. The floor is covered on both sides by the remains of many corpses. Obviously a great battle had raged here. I see many ghosts here, they seem to be happy to see Ghelt, they say they haven’t seen a living Dwarf in so long, they feared that they were all dead. I let Ghelt know the pleasure the dead are feeling having seen her, strangely this disturbs her.

Before I can say anymore, an image of many armed Dwarves appears across the cavern from us, then a great evil charges into their ranks. One by one the mighty Dwarven forces are slain. This seen brings a lump into all of our throats, and strengthens by resolve to slay the evil.

Then to everyone’s surprise, Dru went over to the ledge of the abyss to look down, and knocked some debris over the ledge. Whatever fell, awoke a party of evil that has roamed these halls for a long time. Some sort of winged heads came up from the ledge, screaming an unholy noise. This noise apparently froze several members of the party. And to add insult to injury, the creature that went after Fafnir earlier attacked a frozen Jonathan.

The party fought well and dispatched the forces of evil, even Fafnir’s buddy. I was hit several times by the creatures to no effect, but Ghelt was struck badly. Dru explained we had to watch Ghelt and pray, or she may turn into one of those flying heads. After a while resting all was well, although Ghelt seems a little unhinged by it all.

The party begins to argue over the course of what to do next, and did their best to deny all the logical ideas I set out. Why do the tall ones never listen to the little people. Finally Faf cast a spell on me to let me go gather up the magic items on the other side. Together with the ones from this side, we have increased our strength well. Strangely Ghelt turns down a nice magical set of armor, I think she may be facing long lasting damage from the bite. I take the armor and the boots, nobody seems to mind. I feel almost like a paladin now, all I need is a shield and a mount.

Posted by Jim on April 13, 2003, 10:30

Not So All Right

I become awake with the memory of the party beating the snot out of me, and I thought I was helping. Since the monster made me drop that sword and run (I still am trying to figure out how it did that to me), I have felt a little less like chasing after the shadows. Strange, since that sword is finally free of me, I feel its call. Yet, I feel more myself without it. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is cursed.

Well, we are all awake and ready to travel, except for the fact we are almost as dead as the skeletons we fight. I have begun to wonder if the party was truly trying to kill Faf and me. Strange, where is my prybar? Why am I thinking of a prybar?

As we travel, I take the lead, I have to protect Ghelt. Suddenly Ghelt yells about a trap. If she saw it so clearly, why did she wait until I was in it? And, then.....

Here I am waking up again, some of the voices have been warning me of the party’s intentions .... but they are just mad, right. We have to rest, for the clerics.

Stairs, perfect, he he he...

They’re staring at me, they want me dead...

Only I can control the PRECIOUS, they say he will die if he keeps it.

..................................I haven’t seen a frog for days...........

They are trying to kill Faf again, I can’t allow that, no.

......This place is beautiful....

We are weak, yes.....They leave me with the slime, yes....I can save him....

Why won’t they heal us?...easier to kill us, yes..

....Precious will save us.....

the fools...give Precious and cursed weapon to silly human....

........we wait....human will get what is coming....

Posted by Jim on April 21, 2003, 16:07

Still No Frogs

A bit confusing, won’t let me have it, drop me first me thinks.

It still want to kill him me thinks.

Dru heals me now, no longer try to kill me. Me glad Korin didn’t listen to my friends and kill her.

Think human smell funny, might just be me though.

They all yell at Korin.

Korin see evil things in mist, why don’t they, Korin must protect them.


Jon fight good with Precious, still think it kill him.

I drawl symbol of Yondalla on axe, maybe she help Korin with dead things.

Korin must save party, they not want to even know about dead people now, they are so confused.

Wonder what Ghelts’ favorite color is.

Three coming Korin, Korin must kill them, stench ohh so bad..

Running to party, must warn them again.. Yondalla is talking to me, strange, nice, no no.... aahhh, She is right.

She said some have to go to the heart of evil to know what to do. She says I now can help, now that I see. She is angry. It all a bit fuzzy, long story she try to tell me, Korin not remember it all.

Think Dru is ..... no that’s not her...

Hi Faf.

Posted by Jim on May 10, 2003, 06:47

We Are All Out of Humans....


She is right. Yea I can do that.... Cool....

Korin asks Dru if he can have the sword back, I tell her that She said it is supposed to be alright this time.

She is right, no more scary pictures in my head. Something still wrong, Korin still want the Precious, I mean the axe, but I don’t know why. Jon lookin more ugly.

The group wants to go check out buildings “together,” like what’s up with that?

Old church, Trap says this is wrong. I try to tell the party, only to get yelled at again. We walk in and I tell the party that I think this is all wrong. The party goes and kills a thing near the altar, at least they tell me they did, I didn’t see it. Jon looking worse. Imagine your most worn sandal, catch it on fire, and slowly beat it out on sharp rocks. That would look nice compared to Jon.

Ghelt finds a set of steps, Jon wonders where they go, Ghelt says “down.” We go down. Party stops to look at a door. Korin tell them again this is not right. Korin go check behind us, so we don’t get trapped. You know a few flowers and this place would look.... ouch. Korin fight wing thing, and hears party coming to rescue me.

Korin kill skelly thing and start over to the party to save them, after all who will save me from the wingy thing if I don’t save them from the other one. They chase it off before I get there. He he, Jon look worse.

Party says we go check out the next building, I use to think I knew who was in charge, now they seem to follow the first one to speak up (except Korin). I vote for Faf, he has tried to kill me the least.

On the way to the next building, while I think of where to plant some taters, something is moving near the party. They say let’s form up in a circle, back to back. This is a command often called for, never works, but often called for. Monsters not coming out, Korin challenges them, even shows them the sideways Halfling smile. Monsters come, we kill them. Jon looks even... well let’s just say the undead look better. Ghelt make Korin cry.

.......Not blue....

We get to next building, again me and Trap agree that this is all wrong. Trap suggest we go in through the top. I tell party, they tell me to go ahead. I climb up quietly, surprise is on my side, ‘cause the human is louder than a couple mad cows running through a carnival. I get inside, something is coming at me, I swing the sword. Bad idea. It runs, I chase and kill it. Korin loves boots. Room is a mess, Ghelt looks hurt. They say Jon is dead, don’t need to look, it was a long time coming. I stay with Ghelt keep her safe until morning. I forgive her. She needs lots of help, Faf gives me some bracers, I like Faf.

At times like this I can only wonder... where does the white go when the snow melts?

Posted by Jim on May 17, 2003, 19:31