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The battle ended, successfully, with Ghelt pulling the “imposters” out of the mirrored realm, at which point they disappeared. Pockets was still confused by the whole incident and ran back into the mirrored realm. After resting, our remaining heroes trudged back through, following Watch, who successfully tracked Pockets—who had died while apparently trying to rescue Valon from the clutches of Durll and his minions. In a heated battle in which Aramil also made the ultimate sacrifice, our remaining heroes fought Durll and his horde of demons and assassins. Drusilia summoned five hound archons, who surrounded Durll. In the resulting battle, Durll showed his true form, that of a 15’ tall demon, and with a roar he was returned to whatever Hell had spawned him.

Dru and Ghelt were able to revive Valon, who had brought news that the Void had been “dealt with” by some powerful wizards and order had been restored in the City of Greyhawk and throughout the region. Ghelt, Drusilia, Fafnir and Valon returned to Smallville with the bodies of their fallen comrades, to live in the quiet peace of the tiny town until the next adventure beckoned....

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