Suddenly, right in the middle of combat

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps We have a new campaign over here: Hugh’s Mwangi Expanse Campaign

Serpent’s Skull campaign. Hopefully. But not much in the way of journals this time.

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Soul Cage

Griselda's Journal 5 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery Candal ran to open the door and stepped down into a room full of disembodied eyeballs. The gnome immediately began to cast fire spells at them, while simultaneously, an elf appeared in our midst from an unseen hiding place. Before introductions could be made, a creature of all eyes and mouths appeared amongst the eyeballs, which we then had to dispatch. At some point, Kasa, never particularly sneaky, managed to pull a box from Candal’s bag. When he noticed it missing he chased her with an axe! I would have killed him on the...

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On the Right Track

Griselda's Journal 5 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery While we were examining a room in which the ceiling had collapsed, Liake found a gold scarab pin that radiates magic. No idea what it does. We went though a door carved with prayers to Aroden (again written in Old Hallit) to find some rather disgusting ghouls that needed killing. Once that was accomplished, we found some magical armor and a rather nice bastard sword. We also noticed that the room had many chains hanging in it, and had an altar being used as an alchemical bench with some horrible-smelling liquid sitting on it....

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Excerpts from the Journal of Henric Rickmen

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps 13 Gozran 4709 Today whilst I was cataloging tomes in the library of the Academae I uncovered an unusual find. It was an obscure tome entitled ‘Whispers of the Immortal’ written in an older dialect of Hallit. It may prove to be of worth in my research.

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Flopping Evil

Griselda's Journal 5 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery We opted to rest in this room full of gears after Liake messed with them. Unfortunately, the room started to fill with water and we were in danger of drowning till she and Tythe managed to get the gears going again. We found some cranks behind the statues which opened the double doors and after finishing up what sleep we could manage, we went through them. Of course, the doors closed behind us, baring us from going back the way we came. We soon found ourselves walking past six statues of Aroden’s clerics and...

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Eyeballing It

Griselda's Journal 4 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery It was difficult to see the creatures in the underground river, and, after unsuccessfully shooting arrows at them, Liake decided to summon a creature to fight them. Moments later she tossed a medium-sized constrictor snake into the river but of course we could not see if it was fighting the tendrilled things or not. After about 30 seconds, Candal’s patience had worn thin, and Salma was casting an enlargement spell on him as he leapt off the cliff into the water below. As he did this, Tythe took some potshots with her bow at...

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Griselda's Journal 4 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery Realizing the danger to me, or more likely, himself, was over, Candal asked for his “gift” back. Human males are the worst; I cannot imagine why my mother ever put up with one. I briefly left the party then, found Salma safe in what appeared to be a nest of some sort, and we eventually caught back up to the aimlessly wandering group. We found a kobold “king” on a throne that looked like a dead centipede. He looked dead, as did his two guards, but that of course did not stop them from...

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Griselda's Journal 4 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery Candal just “found” a trap, which caused Liake and Tythe to be buried under some rocks while also separating them from the rest of the party. We did manage to dig them out. Choosing not to go the direction with the foul-smelling gray walls, we instead came to a large purple mushroom. Several of us believed these to be those shriekers, but our brave paladin chose to slay the fungus where it stood. Loud shrieks followed this, and dozens of undead came to investigate. I’m a little unclear how many we defeated, as I...

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Say, is that a tentacle?

Griselda's Journal 4 Kuthona 4709 Abandoned dwarven monastery We came to a room that was so “stinky” that I could not get Kasa to go near it. It contained dead kobolds, channels in the floor, and some cells and slabs, and some dwarven ghouls to destroy. That completed, we ventured further and came to a pit in the floor. Congratulating ourselves for not falling into it thanks to my ability to see in the dark, Candal and I were about to examine the chain and winch that appeared to be connected with the aforementioned pit when I noticed a hell hound watching...

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Stayin’ Alive

Griselda's Journal 4 Kuthona 4709 Old dwarven monastery We came to a room with carved walls and an obsidian obelisk in the center. Around the obelisk were some broken tools and six dead kobolds. We got as far as deciphering “Droskar” from some carved runes before we were attacked— by the kobolds. Thankfully Salma’s attack was first and successful— we saw that the kobold zombies were exploding as they were destroyed— no doubt that we did not want to get the toxic materials on ourselves. Tythe and I finished them off from a distance. Another room further on showed a large pool...

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