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Say, is that a tentacle?

Griselda’s Journal

4 Kuthona 4709
Abandoned dwarven monastery

We came to a room that was so “stinky” that I could not get Kasa to go near it. It contained dead kobolds, channels in the floor, and some cells and slabs, and some dwarven ghouls to destroy. That completed, we ventured further and came to a pit in the floor. Congratulating ourselves for not falling into it thanks to my ability to see in the dark, Candal and I were about to examine the chain and winch that appeared to be connected with the aforementioned pit when I noticed a hell hound watching us. As I went to dispatch it, another appeared and somehow Candal got knocked into the pit. Tythe shot this second hound, killing it. It fell on top of Candal. Salma scrambled to rescue the paladin, and hauled him back out. Thankfully the pit contained a platform, which had been at a level that prevented Candal from falling too far. He used the winch to bring it level with the floor, and we all (except for Candal) piled on it so we could investigate the area below. As he began to lower us, the chain broke and we plummeted about 30 feet. Salma was smart enough to grab the chain and not fall quite so hard— I however opted to grab Kasa and spare her from possible broken legs. She is starting to get heavier, I’ve noticed.

Candal scrambled down the chain after us— for once I don’t think he was purposely trying to kill us, but now Kasa keeps giving him hurt looks. And as they say, a mammoth never forgets.

We next explored a small room full of debris, and Liake climbed up on some stone rafters to assess the area more easily. She noticed a small humanoid lying wounded between some crates. Salma found it was attached to a broken hobgoblin spear. Removing it, she healed the hairless gray creature while the paladin declared the thing evil. However, it appears to be grateful (if confused). I believe, from looking at the long pliable arms, that the beast is a choker, and I also believe that our cleric intends to keep it as a companion of some sort.


Posted by Kristin on February 13, 2011, 11:53 | Griselda’s Journal