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Stayin’ Alive

Griselda’s Journal

4 Kuthona 4709
Old dwarven monastery

We came to a room with carved walls and an obsidian obelisk in the center. Around the obelisk were some broken tools and six dead kobolds. We got as far as deciphering “Droskar” from some carved runes before we were attacked— by the kobolds. Thankfully Salma’s attack was first and successful— we saw that the kobold zombies were exploding as they were destroyed— no doubt that we did not want to get the toxic materials on ourselves. Tythe and I finished them off from a distance.

Another room further on showed a large pool and was filled with a misty vapor. Though we could see that there were double doors on the opposite side of the pool, we opted to pass this room by. Soon, we came to a room filled with stone beds. Candal enjoyed hacking at some already-dead stirges that were on the floor there. They stayed dead.

An extremely clean dining area and kitchen were beyond this, reminding us all of the gelatinous cube that we’d encountered recently. Liake was able to detect some magic in the kitchen and retrieved some potions before we moved on again.

Another hallway lead to a cold chamber dripping with water, with an iron anvil at one end and niches as far as we could see that held dwarven skeletons. Of course as soon as Candal crossed the threshold to the room, the skeletons began to move towards us and attack. The skeletons were easy to defeat thanks to divine magic, and we began to enter and explore the area.

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