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Monster Roster

12 human commoners
17 Black Echelon operatives

Pyramid of the Dog (outside Absalom)
5 War Hounds (humans)
1 guard dog

25 humans
9 zombies
4 stirges
1 mini “eyewing” creature
6 skeletons

Shoreline of Kortos
9 ghouls

Treasure Cave
1 gray ooze
1 very young green dragon

Shoreline of Kortos
3 harpies

3 humans

1 dire bat
2 bat swarms
20 bloody skeletons
1 gibbering mouther
1 chain devil (kyton)

Between Carpenden and Olfden
2 ogres
12 goblins
1 bulette

Darkmoon Wood
1 troll
4 vargouilles
1 “evil” treant (avoided)
3 wolves
unknown fey

Snowy Mountains of Stonehelm
3 gargoyles
1 gelatinous cube (advanced)
16 kobold warriors
4 kobold adepts
1 morlock
1 mimic
unknown number of small assassins with crossbows
1 otyugh
1 ochre jelly
3 violet fungi
21 shadows
1 greater shadow
1 wraith

Darkmoon Wood
2 undead trees/treants
1 blue wyvern

Abandoned Dwarven Monastery
3 ettercaps
6 medium spiders
32 plague zombies (kobold)
24 dwarven skeletons
4 ghouls

2 hell hounds
1 choker (rescued)
3 shadows
1 allip
2 ghouls (kobold)
1 cairn wight (kobold)
3 bloody bones
3 ghouls
10 canine humanoids?
1 mind wraith
2 shadows
4 ghouls (hobgoblin)

1 gibbering mouther

Iron Fortress, Abyss
18 varguilles
8 black iron golems
8 dretches
1 babau
1 hezrou

4 shadows
2 shadow demons

    Creature Types:
  • aberration
  • animal and beast
  • construct
  • dragon
  • elemental
  • fey
  • giant
  • humanoid
  • magical beast
  • monstrous humanoid
  • ooze
  • outsider
  • plant
  • undead
  • vermin

Posted by Kristin on September 17, 2008, 22:49


433 gold pieces

Pyramid of the Dog (outside Absalom)
619 gold pieces
3 amethysts (100 gp each)

7 silver “skull” rings
1 potion of cure light wounds, Salma
1 vial of antitoxin, Deaglan
101 gold pieces
78 silver pieces
26 copper pieces
1 amethyst
1 potion of healing

1 potion of invisibility, Salma (carried)

Shoreline of Kortos
8 gold pieces
12 silver pieces
1 white pearl

treasure map, Tythe (carried)

Treasure Cave
fake gold (lead) sceptor, Deaglan
200 platinum pieces
200 gold pieces
700 silver pieces

longsword (magic), Deaglan
+1 Bracers of Armor, Salma
3 arrows (evocation magic), Deaglan
masterwork mithril shirt, Tythe

Fist of Orcus, Candal (sold)
“screaming demon” box (abjuration and conjuration magic), Candal (discarded)
2 copper rings (10gp each)
1 silver ring (15 gp)
1 bronze necklace (8gp)
1 silver brooch with amethyst (50gp)

Between Carpenden and Olfden
2 amethysts (100gp each)

ring of Feather Fall, Tythe
+1 keen dagger (glows), Tythe
2 moonstones (40gp each)
1000gp (bulette reward money)
6400gp (bulette remnants)

Snowy Mountains of Stonehelm

adamantine breastplate, Candal
dwarven helm of True Strike, Salma
Pipes of the Sewers, Liake
gold inlaid Mwangi spear (broken), Griselda
3 white pearls
2 scrolls of Lesser Restoration, Salma (carried)
18 +3 crossbow bolts, Salma

+1 throwing axe, Griselda (carried)
iron key, Griselda

+1 Frost Warhammer, Candal (carried)
Pearl (of Power?, magic), Salma (carried)
“Rainox the Great” +2 Lion heavy steel shield (intelligent), Candal
+1 Dwarven waraxe, Candal
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Candal
Dwarven prayer goblet of Lesser Restoration, Candal

Abandoned Dwarven Monastery
+1 Rod of the Python (staff), Salma
604 gp
10 sp
6 cp

2 potions of Owl’s Wisdom, Salma (carried)
2 amethyst gems
1 tiara
12 rings
8 bracelets
3 necklaces
Crown of the Kobold King (+2 Cha), McLovin
Humanbane (battleaxe, small), Candal (discarded)
+1 Heartripper blade (dagger), Tythe
Golembane (gold scarab beetle pin), Liake
+2 hide armor, Salma
1 potion of bull’s strength, Tythe
+1 bastard sword (Linnorm Kings), Griselda
Soul Cage (from demon box, detailed above)
1000 gp (from demon box, detailed above)

Iron Fortress, Abyss
4 diamonds (5000 each)
4 keys (silver, gold, bronze, iron), Griselda

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....

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Pick One

Kristin’s character art based on little more than the original descriptions of the PCs.

Posted by Kristin on October 11, 2008, 22:53

Astrid’s Journey

Finding acceptance by others that do not know you is easy. Finding acceptance by the one that knows you the best is never easy. This is the one universal truth that I have learned in the months that I have traveled abroad.

To find that acceptance I traveled south past the Grungir Forest and over the Kodar Mountains until I came to the lands of the Gypsies. There I met an old fortune woman who claimed to be able to speak with those beyond the veil. There she claimed to have spoken with my father. His final words of wisdom were thus: “To begin to find self-acceptance you must start where all are accepted, the center of all things, the city on the sea.”

So I have traveled the land and sailed the sea until I have finally arrived at the center of all things, the city on the sea, Absalom.

Posted by Hugh on October 12, 2008, 00:19

Tythe’s Journey

Some questions should not be asked, and some answers are better left undiscovered, as I have learned. When three unsavory-looking, well-armed men arrived in the tavern and began asking questions it was obvious that they were looking for someone. And from what I could overhear from the upstairs landing it was obvious that it would not be in my best interest to be found.

With a flip of the coin that my father had given me for luck, I slipped out through an upstairs window and disappeared into the night. In order to disappear I found myself going to the one place that anyone who does not wish to be found can go: Absalom.

Posted by Hugh on October 12, 2008, 00:22

Zandu’s Journey

The answer to that question came to be in the form of an old man. We both took shelter from the approaching storm in an abandoned cabin along some nameless road. With a fire lit in the fireplace to fend off the cold we shared our rations and tales of our travels. He told me that he had once been an explorer seeking out old ruins and secrets for the Pathfinder Society based in Absalom— a society whose purpose is to learn the mysteries of the world and find answers to undiscovered questions.

We talked well into the night until I nodded off from the prior day’s travels. When I awoke the fire had burned itself low. The old man was no where in the cabin and there were no footsteps in the newly fallen snow around the cabin.

So, I found myself booking passage aboard a ship on route to the city of Absalom to see what mysteries and answers await me there.

Posted by Hugh on October 12, 2008, 00:23

Salma’s Journey

I awoke this morning to the sounds of the city preparing for the day’s festivities. It is the Second Moonday of Lamashan and the Harvest Feast. It should prove to be quite an interesting day.

Posted by Hugh on October 12, 2008, 00:25

Take Two

Kristin’s character art based on little more than the original descriptions of the PCs, updated with new character.

Posted by Kristin on January 17, 2009, 15:51

Excerpts from the Journal of Henric Rickmen

13 Gozran 4709

Today whilst I was cataloging tomes in the library of the Academae I uncovered an unusual find. It was an obscure tome entitled ‘Whispers of the Immortal’ written in an older dialect of Hallit. It may prove to be of worth in my research.

18 Gozran 4709

‘Whispers of the Immortal’ is indeed an incredible find. It was apparently written by an unknown disciple of none other than Tar-Baphon himself. It documents his master’s journey from life to undeath and then on to divine ascension. The tome is certainly old enough to be from the time of Tar-Baphon’s rule. I will need to investigate this further.

20 Gozran 4709

My investigations into the origins of this fabulous tome have revealed that it was discovered by an adventurer within an ancient, trap-laden crypt in the Fangwood Forest. However my superiors claim that the authenticity of ‘Whispers of the Immortal’ can in their words “hardly be held credulous.” It seems that I will have to take it upon myself to validate this work.

22 Desnus 4709

My investigations have indeed corroborated my hypothesis concerning the locations of several seals covertly placed by an elite circle of the Shining Crusade with the intent to imprison Tar-Baphon. With the information that I have gathered from this tome and evidence that I found within the ancient crypt I believe that one of the seals is located somewhere within Darkmoon Vale. I am taking a sabbatical from my studies at the Academae and heading there to confirm my theory. I will be leaving on a ship for Almas in the morning.

15 Sarenith 4709

Perhaps it is just the sense of confinement from being aboard ship for the past three weeks that is the cause of my uneasiness. In my dreams I find myself upon a large stretch of unending, desolate wasteland with nothing but the blowing wind for companionship. No matter how far I travel in that dream place do I find any indication of life or civilization. Despite it all I find my time there oddly comforting.

23 Sarenith 4709

These confounding dreams continue to hound me night after night. There are times that it almost seems like the constant incessant blowing wind contains more than just the breeze. It almost seems that there is the faintest sound of a voice being carried upon the wind. What it is or what it is trying to communicate I cannot discern. Perhaps it is Nethys attempting to guide me? Perhaps the next time I am in this dream state I shall follow the voice in the wind and see where it takes me.

21 Erastus 4709

Today I arrived in Almas. The last month of the journey aboard the ship has been disjointed and I have no real recollection of it. Apparently I fell ill with fever and laid delirious for the remainder of the trip. The captain of the Celestial Sea informed me that I drifted in and out of consciousness and rambled incoherently about endless plains, the silent wind and a city of impossible proportions. Unfortunately I cannot recall any of these possible revelations.

Regardless the first order of business will be to secure proper provisions and recruit suitable companions in my endeavor.

23 Erastus 4709

This morning finds us on the road heading north from Almas. Hymmir assures me that we will arrive in the area of Darkmoon Vale within the fortnight. I hope that his assertions that he is well versed in the area will prove factual. After all of this time, being this close to my goal the sense of urgency is almost intolerable.

From information that I gained in Almas I believe that the seal is located somewhere in the catacombs beneath an ancient dwarven monastery in the shadow of Droskar’s Crag at the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains. Hopefully Grimbal lives up to his reputation as the best trapfinder in all of Andoran. The catacombs will undoubtedly be trap-laden when we arrive.

1 Arodus 4709

We have finally arrived at the crumbling ruins of the old monastery. The dreams have continued and the voice is calling louder to me. I have done my best to conceal the topic of my nightly dreams from the others. However I am beginning to suspect that Cilios is becoming aware that there is more to my nightly unrest than I am admitting to. I probably should not have brought another acolyte of Nethys with me. Regardless he will not interfere with my destiny. For that is what the whispering voice has promised awaits me within the hidden vaults below.

2 Arodus 4709

The kobolds in the lower caverns were little more than an annoyance and scattered before the combined might of Raksmit and Hymmir. Hymmir feels that we should hunt down the remainder of the tribe. They appear to be avoiding us for the time being. I am quite certain they will no longer prove to be a hindrance in our search for the Seal.

3 Arodus 4709

Grimbal has indeed proven himself invaluable in navigating the many traps that were laid within these ancient vaults. Even the pathetic attempts of the Seal’s guardian to defend the lower vault could not stand in the path to my destiny. I will keep him trapped within his crystal cage for the time being. He is powerless against me now but his knowledge of the Seal and these vaults may yet prove useful to my research.

We have located the Seal of the Whispering Tyrant within the deepest vault. It is exactly as it appeared within my dreams. Now all that remains is to unlock its ancient secrets. I stand at the threshold of greatness.

Posted by Hugh on June 4, 2011, 11:16

Suddenly, right in the middle of combat

We have a new campaign over here: Hugh’s Mwangi Expanse Campaign

Serpent’s Skull campaign. Hopefully. But not much in the way of journals this time.

Posted by Kristin on August 29, 2013, 10:31