K'ehleyr's Journal I awoke, bound and stripped of all my gear. Gib was next to me, in the same state. I could hear the guards talking about intruders, then, most of them walked off into the night. When one of the few remaining guards walked our way, I feigned unconsciousness... until I felt him cut my bonds! I heard Jin’s voice tell us to run as he cut Gib’s bonds as well! The changeling had made good...

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K'ehleyr's Journal I stood peering into the darkness of the village, listening to Jak argue with Falin. She wanted him to use his cart to dash through the guards and let us grab Jin’s body. When he refused, she accused him of being a teleporter. He claimed not to know what she was talking about... meanwhile, of course, Gib had disappeared once again. I mentioned this to Jak and Falin, then decided to sneak off around...

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Shipping Out

Jak's Journal Sharn, Eyre 23, 998 YK Hi Morghan— We made it back to Sharn, after a stop in Rhukaan Draal to meet up with Lady D’Vown. I got to pilot one of our water-elemental powered ships on our return trip. It took six nights to get back; I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed sailing over the past month! We’ve returned the item requested to her, and we even gave her another piece we’d found. Well,...

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Real Old, Real Quick

Jin's Journal Well, the attack on this fire creature didn’t work out so well. Gib, K’ehleyr, and I lost all the clothing we were wearing, and Gib and I both lost our leather armor. Gib and K’ehleyr had taken potions to prevent themselves from being damaged by fire so I left them to deal with it as I took one of the nice outfits I acquired from another room and tried it on. I had to change...

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Sensing a Pattern

Jak's Journal The Mournlands, Eyre 13, 998 YK, continued Morghan— We are finally leaving Whitehearth! I am the only one conscious (other than our House Orien driver), and I think the only reason my friends are alive is because of him. We only rested briefly, and as soon as Jin and K’ehleyr were conscious again, we headed back through the tunnels to explore. Gib was sure there was loot to be found, and we did find some...

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In Key

Jak's Journal Whitehearth, Eyre 13, 998 YK Morghan— We’ve decided to remain here in Whitehearth just a bit longer. After checking the newest passage revealed by using the green key, we came to another spherical room with a panel for unlocking the various passages. We used our newest key in an orange slot and nearly all fell into a shaft that opened up in the floor! Gib checked it out (he was the only one that could...

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Not much happening

Gib's Journal I wonder how much I can get for a land cart?

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I’ve Lost Count

Jin's Journal Once again I awake to find Jak pouring a healing potion down my throat. That makes what, six, seven, or so in about two days. I’ve lost count, but she seems to be preoccupied. Jak keeps talking about this wolf that can speak. So Gib and I followed her down yet another mine shaft to a rotating room. This room moved to reveal another door, and with it a talking wolf. Rorsa seemed delighted...

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Again with the frakk’n bunny

Gib's Journal Feeling a little bit stiff and sore, I thought I would get things moving by retrieving my tools from Jin. Half way though the attempt Jin looked at me and stated that the tools are his, whatever that means.

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Pack Mates

Jak's Journal Whitehearth, Eyre 12, 998 YK As I write this, I’m resting so close to a dire wolf that I can reach out and stroke her fur. K’ehleyr and I decided to use chalk to number each of the shafts as we investigated them, as they always appeared in the same doorway and looked somewhat similar. Each of the four new tunnels that our blue key lead us to had a long corridor with various passages...

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