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Real Old, Real Quick

Jin’s Journal

Well, the attack on this fire creature didn’t work out so well. Gib, K’ehleyr, and I lost all the clothing we were wearing, and Gib and I both lost our leather armor. Gib and K’ehleyr had taken potions to prevent themselves from being damaged by fire so I left them to deal with it as I took one of the nice outfits I acquired from another room and tried it on. I had to change gender to make it fit right. I think this bothered Jak a little because she said she just gets her clothes to fit her. I replied with it’s much easier when you can adjust yourself to fit the clothing. A few minutes later Gib and K’ehleyr had wrestled the fire thing into some water, and I offered K’ehleyr one of the outfits I now have. After she tried it on, she put her chain shirt over it and put on some pants.

I figured we were just going to get into the land cart and leave this place, so I didn’t see any reason to make any adjustments to my attire. No sooner had we reached the land cart then I realized the flaw in my reasoning. The driver was slumped over the steering mechanism and there were several emerald claw solders and skeletons waiting for us. A very familiar voice told us to hand over the schema and we’d be allowed to live. After some discussion we decided that giving him one without telling him we had two would be the best solution to leaving alive. Gib took the item and walked up to hand it over. After it was received by our adversaries the vampire left with two others and told the rest to kill us. I fought for all I was worth, but darkness soon came over me, as I drift in oblivion once again. This is getting real old real quick.

Posted by Fred on December 10, 2005, 20:07 | Jin’s Journal