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Shipping Out

Jak’s Journal

Sharn, Eyre 23, 998 YK

Hi Morghan—

We made it back to Sharn, after a stop in Rhukaan Draal to meet up with Lady D’Vown. I got to pilot one of our water-elemental powered ships on our return trip. It took six nights to get back; I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed sailing over the past month! We’ve returned the item requested to her, and we even gave her another piece we’d found. Well, give isn’t exactly the right word. Jin blurted something at the beginning of our meeting with her that threw me off a bit, and by the end of our brief conversation, I believe we will not be working with her to find any of the remaining schema she is seeking. It is just as well. I am planning to sail back to Stormhome soon; perhaps I’ll see you there!

Your sister,


Posted by Kristin on December 21, 2005, 15:41 | Jak’s Journal