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K’ehleyr’s Journal

I stood peering into the darkness of the village, listening to Jak argue with Falin. She wanted him to use his cart to dash through the guards and let us grab Jin’s body. When he refused, she accused him of being a teleporter. He claimed not to know what she was talking about... meanwhile, of course, Gib had disappeared once again. I mentioned this to Jak and Falin, then decided to sneak off around the village as well. Perhaps I could find a quiet spot to observe the activity, and find Jin as well.

I managed to get within fifty feet of the guards, standing at full attention around the camp. There were four tents, and sixteen horses picketed nearby. Quietly, I settled down to watch and listen. I didn’t wait for long - Gib decided to create a scene from his side of the camp! He came to the edge of the light, shouting about minions and blood, shooting arrows and jumping up and down, telling the guards to follow him so they could “get” more undead... they must have thought him utterly mad. They did chase after him into the dark, however, so I waited to see if anyone else would exit the tents, then quietly moved in.

Unfortunately, the last four guards to leave camp heard me coming. I had hardly looked around before I saw them walking back to camp, so I tried to sneak away - and they caught sight of me! I caught a glimpse of a robed figure exiting a tent, but the next thing I knew I was running for my life while pulling crossbow bolts out of my hide, yet again. I was trying to circle around to Gib in the darkness, when I discovered a red stone building with lights glowing inside. On the other side of the street was a crowd, looking down on something - oh, no, it was Gib! Some skeletons, humans in chain mail, a human in banded armor, and two zombies carried his body back to the campfire, leaving me by the strange building.

Knowing I couldn’t help Gib at that time, and wanting to take some information back to Jak other than the capture of another party member, I decided to sneak into the red building with the anvil carving over the door. The sound of picks didn’t quite mask my steps, however, causing someone to mutter and walk toward the door. I hid quickly, and saw a human in chain mail, wearing an Emerald Claw insignia, come out to look around, then walk back inside. Foolishly, I followed, and when I saw that there were only two humans in the room, I more foolishly decided to attack. I wanted to see for myself what they were spending so much effort to clear the rubble for - but I ended up bound next to Gib by the campfire, being questioned by another human, then thumped into unconsciousness... what will Jak think of us all?

Posted by Kate on August 2, 2006, 00:29 | K’ehleyr’s Journal