Deitricha's Journal We continued down the Black Road, chatting about whatever came to mind - Theona’s urge to have water enough for baths, even in the desert, whether or not it would be useful for me to fly above the party to see if anything’s about, but I don’t see too well in the dark, things like that. It probably didn’t help that we were drinking our ale supply at a steady rate, too. The first night...

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The desert or bust

Deitricha's Journal We travelled all day, stopped to camp, and I finished healing Areon from the battle the night before. The next morning, we saw a large caravan on the road, headed our way. We discussed moving off the road to let them pass, but it seemed wide enough at this point to accomodate. We carefully ignored the large Z painted on each wagon, and the wagoneers ignored us right back, thank Tymora! Tyan, I fear, was...

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Deitricha's Journal Packed and ready, we set out down the Black Road of the Zhents. We knew there were plains, mountains, and more plains to cover before we reached the Anauroch Desert, and began to settle down for a long journey. I thought it best to ride with Ebin and Tyan, at least at first, so Theona and Areon could have some time alone together. Of course, we weren’t half a mile along the road when Areon...

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Just Deserts

Theona's Journal Eleint 6, 1373 DR, heading north in the Anauroch Desert We traveled north for a few uneventful nights, then during my daytime watch on the 28th, I heard some movement outside of camp, and as I was alerting my friends, we were attacked by four hell hounds. Glitch, who had been “helping” me, alerted Tyan while I woke Areon, and the infernal canines hit the edge of the camp as Deitricha and Ebin were woken....

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Desert Wonderings

Areon's Journal We are 11 days out of Llorkh now, and into the Anauroch Desert. We have begun traveling at night and resting during the day to keep us out of the heat. The tenday before we made it to the desert we were attaced twice, once by goblings led by a strage wolf-goblin creature, and once by a bluette. We have the armored plates of the bluette stored in the back of the wagons now, and...

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Theona's Journal Eleasis 25, 1373 DR, edge of Anauroch Desert I divide my time between wanting to protect the humans in our party, and wanting to flee with Areon from this quest. Drinking seems to help squelch most of these ambitions. Our days are mostly uneventful. We passed a ten-wagon Zhentish caravan heading west; my friends seemed surprised I didn’t try to take on all forty of the drivers and guards (I admit, I did some quick...

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Looking for Fun

Ebin's Journal Well, now we are in the desert and traveling at night to avoid the effects of the intense heat. The past few days have been kind of slow. The only real excitement was when we were attacked by this thing called a bullet. We defeated it and skinned it. We’re going to sell it to an armor smith. We also came up against some ghouls, but Deitricha dusted them real quick. I hope we get...

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Ebin's Journal Every traveler has heard this story. Adventurers come across an old man in need of some assistance. So our adventurers help him out and receive some small trinket in return for the favor. Later on the small trinket turns out to be a major magic item. Most of us tend to dismiss it as a drunken story, or a means to encourage others to help fellow travelers, either way no one really believes it to...

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Roads Less Traveled

Areon's Journal We managed to slay the vampire the next day, but at the cost of both Detiricha and Ebin. We built a raft from a fortress door and floated downstream, taking the 2 bodies with us. After landing a few days later in Yartar, they were raised by a cleric of Lathander, who insisted on raising both after hearing their cause of death. I think it would have been more ironic had help come from a...

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Theona's Journal Eleasis 19, 1373 DR, east of Graypeak Mountains Areon and I took the first wagon (he drove, I sat with my crossbow ready) and the humans took the second. A little ways out of the despicable town of Llorkh, we encountered an elderly traveler whose donkey and cart were stuck in a muddy ditch by the road. In spite of the fact that he was heading towards the Zhentish town, we stopped to help him...

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