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Ebin’s Journal

Every traveler has heard this story. Adventurers come across an old man in need of some assistance. So our adventurers help him out and receive some small trinket in return for the favor. Later on the small trinket turns out to be a major magic item. Most of us tend to dismiss it as a drunken story, or a means to encourage others to help fellow travelers, either way no one really believes it to be true. Until recently I thought the same way. We had left town and hadn’t gone far when we came across this old man attempting to get his mule to pull his cart out of the mud. We stopped to help and bought some small items off of him and bid him a good day being as he was traveling in the other direction. Later that night Theona had discovered that the twine she bought off the old man had turned into troll gut rope, and her fishing hooks had become magic arrows. On inspection Deitrica told me that the flasks of holy water I purchased had become a major healing potion. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I swore to myself that I would pay more heed to similar stories because I know no one will believe me unless they had experienced the same thing.

We traveled a couple of day with no trouble till one night. I was startled out of a deep sleep to sounds of fighting, and found us under attack. Goblins on wolf back. It was fun for a while, but just as we were staring to clear thing out this strange goblin-wolf like creature leaped out of nowhere. It seemed to be here one second and gone the next. I attempted to fight it, but was unable, then suddenly I got the sensation that this creature was our friend and we shouldn’t be fighting it. I tried to tell me companions it was all a big misunderstanding, but they then attacked me as well as it. Theona hurt me the most by damaging my strength, so I went after her, tripped, and was unable to get up. Something very heavy was on my back. Then everything thing seamed to be in a daze for a while. When the haze in my mind cleared I was tied to the wagon wheel.

In the morning my head hurt, but I clearly understood I was under a spell. My companions didn’t hold it against me, although they did harass me a little.

Today we see the end of the mountains and far in the distance the desert. This is getting more exciting every day.

Posted by Fred on July 30, 2005, 20:42 | Ebin’s Journal