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Roads Less Traveled

Areon’s Journal

We managed to slay the vampire the next day, but at the cost of both Detiricha and Ebin. We built a raft from a fortress door and floated downstream, taking the 2 bodies with us. After landing a few days later in Yartar, they were raised by a cleric of Lathander, who insisted on raising both after hearing their cause of death. I think it would have been more ironic had help come from a cleric of Illmater.

After our party was (bodily) whole. We looked for a means of transport to Silverymoon and North to my home in the cold wood. I wanted to take our time and perhaps make some money by going with a caravan. Tyan planned on riding in luxury, and the rest of the group decided we were hiring a wizard to teleport us to the cold wood (because traveling in a large well-armed caravan is not safe enough). Deitricha and Ebin fronted the money, and the wizard whisked us off to the Cold Wood.

The Silver Tiger is now returned, and the Red Tiger Tribe has afforded me with one Boon. Which is basically whatever I wish. I couldn’t think of anything to ask of them, however, but perhaps I will once I return again. (That isn’t completely true. I had a wish come to the front of my mind, but I’d rather have the healing abilities of the cleric (even if that is all she think she can do) that 2 more barbarians.)

We met my parents for breakfast and told them of our adventures. My parents did not seem overly impressed with the metal-clad member of our group (he couldn’t even climb the tree to our house), though they seemed to enjoy meeting everyone else. Until my mother made a sarcastic comment about us expecting her to teleport us somewhere else and all the humans jumped at the opportunity. My mother quietly collected a few scrolls, and teleported us to the city of Llorkh.

We entered the city without any trouble and quickly split up to purchase desert gear. Tyan returned with wagons, camels and a large supply of food and water.

Theona and I both purchased clothing to help us through the desert and we gathered our things, getting ready to head east. Theona has been seeing symbols for the Zhentarim all over the place and has been ancy to either attack them or escape them, so we headed out the next morning, as early as possible.

Our travels have been mostly uneventful, other than an attack of goblins and a strange wolf/goblin hybrid creature who managed to make Ebin attack us.

We also helped an old man on our way. His wagon had gotten stuck in a ditch, so we helped him out of it, then bought a few of his wares. A few hours later the common items we bought turned out to be magical items that would be quite useful. I almost wish that I had bought something from him, though I am not sorry I didn’t. I think that I have enough to survive on my own. I wonder though, if everyone else does....

Posted by Tim on July 30, 2005, 18:09 | Areon’s Journal