Antonio's Journal
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Antonio’s Bio

Antonio, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Born in Silverymoon, Antonio is the youngest of three. The oldest, Markus left several years ago to join a band of adventurers. The family receives letters from him every now and then letting them know how he’s doing. The second born, Lylian was an amazing minstrel. She just vanished one day after arguing with her parents, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Antonio was very adept at learning and loved going to school, he was known to be a spell caster from a young age, and was encouraged to learn how to control his talents. As the years passed, his father, who worked for the town guard, was eventually promoted, and now has a small squad under his command. Antonio is a fairly easygoing young man, with a lot of ideas and plans. He too wants to explore the world, see everything, and help rid the world of evil. It was a small shock to his family when the found him paying homage to Bahamut, but considering his natural talents and the fact that Bahamut is a good deity, they decided not to make a big deal about it.

Now with schooling being done and his life ahead of him Antonio is anxious to get out on his own.

Character sheet: Antonio Ysthine [Human Sorceror]

Cause of death: finding out just how angry fire makes trolls.

Posted by Fred on January 2, 2004, 12:25

Starting Off

Whether it was coincidence or not here we are. It started off as a normal day. I went to the Bright Blade Brandished to get a drink and maybe something to eat. I saw Tassar there and he looked like he could use a drink so I bought him one, a large one; he’s nicer when he’s drunk. Looking around I noticed Areon had stepped in. Theona and Deitricha was there also apparently looking for work. I thought a job might be a nice break to the monotony of daily life, so I asked also and we were told who to see.

The job sounded simple. There was a copper mine outside of town and the owner wanted it cleared out. Apparently kobolds had taken residence there. I admit I don’t know these people all too well, but I’ve seen them around and they seem ok. So we left town to take care of this little problem.

Finding the mine was easy, but took all day so we camped outside and entered in the morning. We were shocked to see human sized statues of frightened people but moved on anyway. After a little walking we came to a room filled with webs. Tassar wanted to see if I could catch them on fire, but before I could Areon asked me not to, so I didn’t. I was going to walk back to Areon to ask why, but before I could, Tassar threw a stone in the webbing and I was attacked by giant spiders. Before I knew it the battle was over, but not before I got bit three times and had an arrow in my back side. Deitricha was nice enough to heal me and we went off again searching the mine for these kobolds.

Eventually we did find some as they shot at us from a ledge, three died; the fourth ran. We chased it for a bit till Tassar fell into a pit. That slowed us down but we were still able to trail it. We came to an opening and the battle resumed, it was hard to see everything. Kobolds were everywhere and many died, but soon Theona fell, followed by Deitricha. Tassar and Areon seem to be ok, I’m currently out of spells, and I feel like I’m going to collapse. We killed most of the kobolds, and some ran away, but from the sound of things others are coming to aid in the fight. I hope Areon and Tassar can keep them at bay long enough to keep us alive.

Posted by Fred on January 5, 2004, 15:10

Alive and well

We pulled back into a more easily defensible position and I had Tassar dump some oil on one space and when I went to light it I fell unconscious. When I came to, I was informed that it didn’t work, but Tassar lit the oil for me and that kept the kobolds at bay for a while from that end. Looking around I noticed they had moved however, the smoke was too much.

I was up for a bit and we were waiting for Deitricha and Theona to come around. I tried to help Tassar and Areon defend the area, but was knocked unconscious again.

I came to a little while later and shortly after as did Theona and Deitricha. We spent the rest of the day there and Areon and Tassar got some much needed and deserved rest.

After a bit of healing we set off, more because Tassar was anxious to be going more than anything else. We didn’t go far before we were attacked and I was almost immediately knocked out of the fight. I was conscious this time though. I saw everyone fight there best and when it was over Deitricha healed me a little and off we went again. We came to what looked a lot like a living space. Theona heard some noise down a small passage way, but forgot to look for traps. There was a loud explosion and I couldn’t hear for a while. Following the passage we came upon more kobolds. It was a battle and we were victorious.

All that was left was defenseless women and children. Someone mentioned slaughtering them, but I couldn’t allow that. The kobolds said they would give us a chest of treasure if we let them live. That sounded fair but I told them they had to leave the mine. They did and so we went home to collect our earnings. I’m springing for the first round of drinks and the best food at the Bright Blade Brandished.

Posted by Fred on January 13, 2004, 23:48

Long Day

Got up this morning still at the bar. I think I celebrated a little too much that night, but I was just so overjoyed to be alive. The others showed up and I bought breakfast, coffee, and juice all around. We then went to get our pay and see if he had any other jobs available. He hired us on the spot to do some caravan guarding. It paid 100 gp up front and 100 gp when we get back. I convinced everyone it would be a good idea to get a wagon and 2 horses. I then went to do some shopping. I’m surprised at how many people I know and they always seem happy to see me. I got stuff for our trip: healing kits, food for the horses, and all kinds of stuff. I also placed an order at this smith who is extremely good at what he does. I’m getting 5 silver mugs made real nice. Each one is going to have a name nicely engraved on it. One mug per person in the group. I think they’ll like them. I should be back before it’s done, but I already paid and left instruction on where to send it when they’re done. After a bit I caught up with Theona and Areon. I never told them of the mugs; I want it to be a surprise.

Theona told me that Tassar and Deitricha walked off alone and drunk and she seemed disturbed by it. They’re both adults and can make there own decisions. She also told me of people coming up missing so I decided we should check it out. It would keep her mind off of the couple.

After some walking along the docks for a bit we heard a scream and went to the rescue. Theona and Areon followed down into the sewers; I waited up top for the guards to arrive since Areon had signaled them with a whistle.

The guards and I caught up with Theona and Areon after they killed a ghoul, but because the kidnapped person wasn’t there we continued looking. We came across a hidden door and found what later turned out to be a slave ring. We had to run for our lives, but I think we helped a little. I hope the guards find them before too many more people come up missing.

The next day was rather quiet and I think that was good. Now its time to go on duty ourselves and I only hope everyone is on time.

Posted by Fred on January 18, 2004, 21:22

I Hate the Cold

We gathered together and left town early in the morning. The day was cold and uneventful traveling, all we saw was fog and some town guards patrolling the area. Come nightfall we pulled over to the side of the road and that’s when the storm hit, after a bit we decided to get some shelter. Someone found a cave and we got all the wagons and horses to it, we searched the area and found a smaller cave inside, while Tassar searched that I had Theona look around the rest of the cave with me. She said something under her breath sounded like “about time” or something like that. I have no clue what she was talking about, but she said the rest of the cave was clear of anything unusual. We tethered the horses securely in the smaller cave and arranged the wagons in the larger one to provide us with some cover in case anyone else decides they need out of the weather and want us out of this cave. I soon fell asleep.

My sleep was cut short by Otto, Tassar’s dog, barking, things were a little blurry for a moment then I realized the horses were agitated. I was up and over there as fast as I could, and what I saw astonished me for a minute. Undead orcs had entered the smaller cave by a concealed door and they were attacking the horses. Everyone was fighting and I was able to set 3 on fire before Deitricha sent them running. I got my lantern and followed Tassar and Areon down the tunnel and was attacked by living orcs. It was a battle and when all was said and done Areon was down. Tassar gave him a healing potion and I took him back to Deitricha for healing. All of us then returned to where Tassar was waiting and we followed the passage down to its end finding smoldering corpses along the way. I just smiled and followed at the back of the group. The passage led to a large room filled with undead. Tassar and Areon made the front line as Deitricha attempted to turn them and Theona shot at them. I cast some spells, then made 2 Molotov cocktails with my belt pouches and set several on fire. That’s when Areon fell Deitricha picked him up and carried him away, the Tassar fell, and Theona got him, I cast burning hands then ran myself then it gets a bit crazy. Tassar revived and wanted to fight some more and the only thing between him and the zombies was me so I turned back, cast burning hands again, and broke my lantern over one. At this point it looked as if everything was alive in flame. Areon came to after Tassar was knocked unconscious again, but he was convinced to run. We got back to the cave and Theona made the door stay closed as I went to get some sleep.

I was roused from my slumber again too soon and I asked if we were leaving or not. I was told it’s too bad to go so I slept some more. I woke in early afternoon to find my companions had followed my example and made 5 of those cocktails. They did a good job too, I smiled proudly and we got ready to open the door while Deitricha was preaching that we shouldn’t do this. One undead orc came through and I hit it with one of the cocktails the party made. It exploded nicely and I promptly went unconscious. Deitricha healed me and I saw that there was only one zombie dead at our feet so we continued looking for the others as Deitricha continued to preach behind me. I had to smile seeing all the smoldering corpses lying around. That’s what you call residual damage; I did that. We returned to the large room we found all the zombies in and there was a tapestry on the wall of a very evil orc pantheon. After some begging the party allowed me to burn it. I took great pleasure in doing that. After a bit Tassar came up to us and said he found more orcs and they were talking, so much to Deitricha displeasure, we are off to kill them all.

Posted by Fred on January 26, 2004, 12:34

I Learned A Lot

I don’t remember much of the fight, but I do recall one of the living orcs running away. We pursued a little only to find a way outside. There was a path going further up the mountains, and one going down to the caravan. There were no tracks leading down so we took some time to explore other paths we’d passed up. In one room we found an orc behind a set of bars, now most orcs are evil but there is always an exception. I was willing to believe this is one, but I wanted to be careful about it. The story he told was amazing, and later on confirmed. Poor human bard was transformed into this hideous creature. Well we went back to the caravan and convinced them we needed to go now. We traveled the rest of the day and all night. When we finally stopped for rest we were attacked by wolves. I really need to work on my aim.

We finally made it to our destination, and we had to stay five days before we could go home. Someone decided I needed some entertainment and paid a lot for it. Far be it from me to turn down a gift, so I took advantage of the situation and learned a lot my first time out. Well, we leave for home soon, I’ll write again later.

Posted by Fred on February 12, 2004, 06:42

A New Day

As we left Everlund for home I couldn’t get Lirna out of my head. It’s a shame she’s in that profession. I liked her, but my parents would not approve. That’s when I realized I can’t tell them of Lirna. I really can’t tell my parents about most of the things I’m doing. Dad’s always telling me there’s a place working with him on the town guard when I’m old enough. Telling him I’d rather adventure with my friends than work with him would break his heart. I was deep in thought pondering these things when Dante asked me if I saw anything. “Not yet.” I told him just noticing the sun setting. We were getting close to the place we camped during that last storm.

I was very relieved when Morn Drake had agreed to traveling straight through instead of stopping to be a target in the middle of the night. We traveled for a while when we I smelled the familiar sent of burning wood. Looking ahead we all saw what appeared to be a bon fire in the middle of the road. We stopped the wagon as Tassar and Areon went ahead to check it out. From back here we could see people get up, but when they called for help I realized that it was a trap. Theona and Deitricha went up to help, while Dante and I stayed with the caravan in case the orcs attacked. It’s amazing watching these guys fight.

When the enemy ran the caravans moved forward. We were thinking about how to clear the road when the zombies came back. The fight was brief, but when the horns sounded from the mountains I knew we needed to go. I asked Deitricha if she could create water over a wagon to put out the fire, she did and enough of one was put out to move it so I tried to push. I couldn’t move it myself and in a minute others came to help. It was slow moving but after the half burnt wagon was out of the way we got on our way in a hurry. Tassar insisted on being in the last wagon as Dante drove, so I got in the second. Everyone else rode horses, except for the caravan drivers. I heard commotion behind us and looking back I saw a large orc in chain mail pick an arrow out of his shoulder and I thought, “we are going to die.”

We basically ran for what seemed like an eternity. The sun rose and noticing the road was empty behind us we slowed the horses and breathed a sigh of relief. It was like a weight dropped from our shoulders when we went through gates into Silverymoon. I practically ran home to see if the mugs were done, and my mother handed me the package and asked where I’ve been. I told her I’d explain later, but I had to go. On the way I stopped by the smith who made the silver mugs and gave him an additional 5gps for the beautiful work. Then I went to find my companions. The expression on their faces when I handed each of them a personalized pint sized silver mug: it was priceless. We went to get the rest of our pay, and then went to the bar.

Early the next day we met then went to Dante turned back into a human. I knew a few great spellcasters at the school and one was willing to help, especially since he was giving a class on breaking spells. It worked and Dante was a human again. Theona however didn’t seem happy about it. So when we got to the bar, I decided to get both of them drunk and drop them off at Theona’s house. Tassar kept saying we shouldn’t do this, but I was having fun and not listening. After that three of us went back to the bar and the next thing I knew my dad was lifting me out of the chair. He looked very angry as he practically dragged me home.

He told me one of his friends saw what we did earlier that afternoon and the only reason we weren’t all picked up right there was because of the position he held. He also told me that if I was going to stay under his roof I was to stop seeing my friends and get a steady job. He said I’ve been changing ever since I started being around “those people” and he knows something happened on that last trip. He can’t put his finger on it, but I’m not acting like the kid he raised. Now maybe it was the alcohol talking. Maybe it was because he called me a kid. Maybe I have changed. Anyway, I told my dad very simply that I was going to the tower outside of the city then when I get back I’ll get my things. I then walked out, went back to the bar and rented a room for the night. I didn’t see Tassar or Deitricha at the inn when I got back there, and I don’t remember if they were there or not when I was dragged away.

Lying in bed my mind drifted back to when I was eight. That was the first time I could control my ability. I created fire in my hand. I ran home from school to show my mother the new trick and in my hast accidentally set a wool blanket she was making on fire. I felt so bad but mother told me it was ok and after guiding me to the fire place had me repeat the trick. The next day I was taken to some special classes to learn about magic and how to speak draconic. That was the first time I heard about Bahamut. I asked a lot of questions about The Platinum Dragon. It was soon after I started to worship him. That was about the time I drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed I was flying. I had wings of gold, and golden scales. I didn’t know where I was going but the landscape seamed familiar somehow. I landed on a ledge close to the peak of the largest mountain in the area. I woke with a start and felt ok. I went downstairs for breakfast and waited for everyone else to arrive.

Posted by Fred on February 17, 2004, 09:12