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Deitricha’s Journal

We continued down the Black Road, chatting about whatever came to mind - Theona’s urge to have water enough for baths, even in the desert, whether or not it would be useful for me to fly above the party to see if anything’s about, but I don’t see too well in the dark, things like that. It probably didn’t help that we were drinking our ale supply at a steady rate, too. The first night in, Tyan woke me up when Theona and Areon heard movement in the desert. Ebin spotted something and pointed, at which time several red-furred hounds charged at us! Ebin charged them in return, and all four jumped on him.

Between slingshots from me, Theona and Areon shooting arrows, Tyan casting spells and Ebin swinging his sword, all four were soon dead. That’s when we spotted something else watching us - with the lower body of a lion, upper body of a woman, and apparently not interested in a fight since it left as soon as we saw it. We debated moving on, but Tyan had already gone back to bed. I did a little healing and started to crash, when Ebin insisted I stay awake to help Areon watch. I stayed up until Ebin crashed, then went back to bed. I did ask Areon if he really needed help, first!

I was praying the next evening when I heard Ebin laughing. I’m glad he didn’t mind me arranging all his weaponry around him as he slept, points inward. We set off on our night’s travels, turning off the Road and north across the desert at Areon’s direction. Everything was quiet when I went to sleep, even with Ebin staying up to help Theona watch. Of course, we were rudely awakened by something casting magic missiles from a lanternlike light in the distance! Ebin and Tyan were hit, Tyan sent a scintillating sphere in return - and then there were two “lanterns”! Tyan retreated into a cloud of darkness while I cast searing light, and missed.

The lights flew up into the air over Ebin and hit him with more magic missiles, Theona cast dancing lights to try and distract the things, and I decided to fly up myself and see the things from a closer view, but still - I could only make out two lantern-sized lights. I tried creating water over one, but it passed right through and drenched Ebin instead. So did all the arrows shot at it and my staff. Finally, the things seemed to get bored - one disappeared, while the other shot off into the night. We moved camp a little bit, healed up, and slept.

The next seven days passed quietly, thank Tymora! Areon even finished work on a fine new bow. Finally, as we travelled, Theona’s sharp ears caught a new sound. We stopped the wagons, and Theona and Areon snuck off toward the noise. Tyan followed, while Ebin and I turned the wagons around in case we needed to make a quick getaway. Maybe we’ve learned a little!

Finally, everyone returned to tell of an encampment full of gnolls and slaves, slowly unearthing a ruined building. There’s one tent covered with magical symbols, and a kitchen tent where everyone gathers. We’re above the whole place on a cliff, so we’re going to find a hiding place to settle in and discuss the best way to attack the place and free the slaves. And then, find whatever treasure is hidden inside!

Posted by Kate on September 8, 2005, 19:33 | Deitricha’s Journal