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Antonio’s Bio

Antonio, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Born in Silverymoon, Antonio is the youngest of three. The oldest, Markus left several years ago to join a band of adventurers. The family receives letters from him every now and then letting them know how he’s doing. The second born, Lylian was an amazing minstrel. She just vanished one day after arguing with her parents, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Antonio was very adept at learning and loved going to school, he was known to be a spell caster from a young age, and was encouraged to learn how to control his talents. As the years passed, his father, who worked for the town guard, was eventually promoted, and now has a small squad under his command. Antonio is a fairly easygoing young man, with a lot of ideas and plans. He too wants to explore the world, see everything, and help rid the world of evil. It was a small shock to his family when the found him paying homage to Bahamut, but considering his natural talents and the fact that Bahamut is a good deity, they decided not to make a big deal about it.

Now with schooling being done and his life ahead of him Antonio is anxious to get out on his own.

Character sheet: Antonio Ysthine [Human Sorceror]

Cause of death: finding out just how angry fire makes trolls.

Posted by Fred on January 2, 2004, 12:25

Tassar’s Bio

Tassar, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Tassar is a spoiled rotten kid who has driven his parents to the point of kicking him out. The family took nearly every one of his possessions and kicked him out. His father told him not to return until he has grown up.

Furious at what he considered a betrayal, Tassar set out to make a name for himself. He hopes to return one day and rub his fame in his family’s faces.

Slowly he began wandering, looking for a place to give him a chance to prove himself a great fighter. He has joined many a party, just to find himself getting kicked out after a short amount of time. Once, he had the first watch, just to wake up and find the party moved out without him in the morning.

Tassar is trying to change, but it may take a great deal of time.

Character sheet: Tassar Dardragon [Strongheart Halfling Fighter]

Cause of death: Okay, not really dead, just hiding from us. His riding dog is dead though.

Posted by Jim on January 2, 2004, 18:08

William’s Bio

William, image (c) Kristin Johnson
Born in Silverymoon, William is an only child. His mother died during his birth and he was raised by his aunt till around the age of 6. When he was older, his father thought it would be good for William to learn how the world works and decided to take him on some travels. It was rough sometimes, but William and his father seemed to make a good team. They went with different caravans to all the neighboring towns, and even as far away as Ten Towns. One day about five years ago, shortly after William’s 20th birthday, his father came down seriously ill while on a long journey. William’s father never did see Silverymoon again. William continued guarding caravans, but now with the 5-year contract being up, he wants to do some traveling of his own.

Character sheet: William Devono [Aasimar Warmage]

Cause of death: dire boar searching for the chewy nougat center.

Posted by Fred on February 26, 2004, 10:27

Rosorc’s Bio

Rosorc, image (c) Kristin Johnson
Greetings. As you don’t know me yet let me spin you a yarn. As the knot on my brow is pulsing I will try to get it right. Damn that pain again........ Oh I must have passed out I do apologize. What a dwarf would give for an ale!

Fifty-eight years ago I was born in the great Citadel Adbar. Being a Iron Smith’s youngest son I was not of any wealth or prestige. Seeing my older brothers’ love of the forge I realized young that my place was elsewhere. Anywhere else would definitely do. At a ripe young age of 35 I, Rosorc Ironfeld, wandered out of the citadel one day (leaving my glorious job of hauling coal far, so very far behind).

Oops am I nodding out again... What is that damn throb in my head coming from? Oh yeah, back to the tale. Leaving the great citadel out the back entrance, to, well, no fanfare at all, I started my great trek to anywhere else. My life savings jangling at my side and newly acquired travel gear strapped to my back I wandered off down the road of life.

Bright eyed and unworldly as I was, soon my life’s fortune had traveled much farther than I had. Seems someone else needed it more.....

Where was I again? Was that a noise? I wish I could reach my axe. Anyways an ale would be great. Frothy, thick, and warm in the gullet..... Sorry I seem to be rambling again.

Soon I found myself hiring out as a caravan guard, traveling back and forth from the Silver Marches to the Sword Coast. Finding my true calling this way in the Savage Frontier. My axe became notched many times on the skulls of kobolds and other unmentionables. Speaking of skulls why does mine seem to be splitting?

Years seemed to melt away and I grew bored in my duties as a guard.

Feeling the greater call of adventure and fortune I decided to join an ill-fated adventuring party. I should have known by the stupid name we were doomed from the start. Who calls themselves the Bumbling Beatknicks? Seems I still am learning this worldly thing.

At first things seemed promising. We scored some loot. Partied a lot though and we and our loot soon parted. Thick and frothy..... Anyways we got a tip of some serious goodies and headed off....

Here the story gets foggy. Tillimore fell first. Seems elves are partial to arrows. Just not sticking through their gullet in multiples.

Krag stumbled shortly after as we ran, arrows taking out his knees. His screams behind us were heart wrenching as we ran on. Maria fell last. Her spell of invisibility failed and they were upon her mobbing her and dragging her to the ground.

Eyes slick with blood: some my own, some of others I ran on into the night. Growing weaker and more confused I ran and ran. Base instinct told me I needed to hide and recover my strength. Staggering blindly I found a strange structure.....

This, it seems, is where I blacked out. A large amount of time must have passed as when I awoke I was very stiff, hungry, and where is my flask? I know I had a few flasks left. Oh yeah and very thirsty. Seems whereever I am I pulled something very heavy on myself and can’t seem to get free. Luckily my pack is still near and full of .... Ughh!!... road rations and water. What is that damn noise?

Maybe just a little nap before I continue. Maybe my head will stop pounding and I will remember where I put those flasks.....

Character sheet: Rosorc Ironfeld [Shield Dwarf Fighter]

Cause of death: Okay, not really dead, just decided it was better to wander the countryside with 8 hit points than to spend another moment with the party.

Posted by Erik on March 9, 2004, 15:59

Beowulf’s Bio

Beowulf and Shadow, image (c) Kristin JohnsonWritten in Druidic:
I found this book in one of the stores in this place called a city. I’m told some people write the major events in their lives in these things. Sounds strange, but the elders told me I need to try to understand the rest of the world no mater how strange they are. This seems like a good place to start. So I bought this book and have been carrying it for about three weeks now while wandering in this forest I have called my home for many seasons. I’ve decided to start with the beginning, so here I go. I don’t know where I’m originally from. The Elders tell me I was found being raised with a pack of wolves. Being as that is a rare thing at best, they viewed it as a sign and decided to teach me their ways, beliefs and traditions. I learned how to survive in the wild and how to commune with nature itself. I was taught how to channel the divine energy of nature and one day, after a long and taxing ritual, Shadow walked into my life and has been by my side ever since. Shadow’s a timber wolf with a coat of pure black fur. Often he has been my eyes and ears in trying circumstances. Being still new to the way of the Druids I was often sent on missions, mainly sending messages and returning with answers. Being as there are lycanthropes in the area I was taught how to defend myself from them, but I tend to go out of my way to avoid them. I’ve been to several towns and a couple of cities, but I prefer the forest. Shadow seems to hear something, I’ll write more later; maybe I’ll write about this.

Character sheet: Beowulf [Illuskan (Human) Druid]

Cause of death: dropped below zero by a Cone of Cold spell.

Posted by Fred on May 28, 2004, 13:06