Nosila's Journal We left the wizard searching the ruins of his tower for anything salvageable. I fear it will be a long search! We were lucky enough to find another boat at the riverside (which brought back memories of the first trip, and leaving my poor Charzth trapped as a zombie; I do owe Sprocket a great favor for releasing him!). Half a day later, we again pulled to the shoreline. Our original boat was still in...

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All’s Well that Ends....

Sprocket's Journal Nightal 4, 1373 DR, Thornhold Malvis was more interested in inventorying his tower than going with us to the magma lake to dispose of the lich’s phylactery, and to be honest, we didn’t really need the help. After walking around Pommeville for a few minutes, and determining that there wasn’t another living (or dead) soul about, Nosila found us a boat and we headed towards the lava outside of Thornhold. We found Roscoe there; it...

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A widow for real

Nosila's Journal Remembering that the first time I ran into the room, the clouds had not attacked me, we tried an experiment. I took off all my magical stuff, and stepped inside again. The clouds immediately detached themselves from the objects at the other end of the room, floated up, and - began to chew on me with many tiny teeth. So much for that idea! Slightly sickened, I stepped back outside, closed the door, and listened...

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Sewn Up

Sprocket's Journal Nightal 4, 1373 DR, Pommeville We very quickly decided to shut the door on the magic-eating nishruu, but still wanted to get the book out of the ring of runes. Maiyr was unable to reach the book; a wall-like force prevented him when he got close. Nosila decided to try going in alone, after we removed any items that were magical from her. She was in the room for a few seconds when the creatures...

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What Ghosts Do and Don’t

Nosila's Journal As I stood in the stone passage, wondering what to do (and if there is any possible explanation of Mayir’s actions that could excuse them), a ghostly Roscoe stepped out of a wall next to the party. I gave Sprocket a startled look, wondering why she thought this would help - but she was looking as surprised as myself! The ghost actually seemed aware of us, this time, and it spoke to us, which is...

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Game Face

Sprocket's Journal Nightal 2, 1373 DR, Ruins containing Tome of Azuth Maiyr turned back to Nosila and dumped a healing potion down her throat. Before much more could be resolved about “who was evil and for what reason,” a strange, ghostly form appeared— Roscoe! It seems the afterlife is not keeping him quiet; he didn’t stop prattling on for quite some time, going on about all his new abilities as a ghost. We finally took a look...

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No More Shadow

Maiyr's Journal The large party regrouped quickly after the battle and continued on its course. The town of Pommeville was only a few hours ahead. We walked somewhat somberly, although I did get to enjoy some of the bard’s amusements. Still my human shadow was behind me. We reached the town and not a sound, sight, or smell was to be found of the humans that lived there. There was talk of which way to go, finally...

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Maiyr is evil

Nosila's Journal We took the road to Pommeville - naturally, arriving near sundown. The outlying farms now looked to be utterly abandoned. The town itself was quiet, and we could see a half-built temple over the old entrance to the lich’s lair, plus a new-built tower. After a little talk, we lit torches and Darvin’s lantern, and headed for the lair’s front door. It was a little odd to follow the familiar path, now rebuilt but still...

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Sprocket's Journal Uktar 23, 1373 DR, beyond Nedrezzar’s crypt We arrived at Pommeville at dusk. The town was, if possible, even more rundown than when we’d last seen it just one week ago. We studiously avoided the tall, vacant wizard’s tower and concentrated our efforts on the half-built temple to Tiamat, which appeared deserted. We headed into the temple, and down to the “secret” entrance that took us into the altar room behind a statue. Nosila and...

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Interrupted Journey

Nosila's Journal Finally, we started the journey back to the lich’s lair. Our new companions included a handful of men-at-arms, plus the lord’s friends and his sorcerer fiancee. There was a quiet ranger, a chatty bard, a grim cleric, and a curious sorcerer - a dwarven one! She and Sprocket chatted a lot. Maiyr and I decorated our horses with charcoal handprints to match Darvin’s, and we were off. We had traveled about four hours when the...

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