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June 21, 2005


Nosila's Journal

We left the wizard searching the ruins of his tower for anything salvageable. I fear it will be a long search! We were lucky enough to find another boat at the riverside (which brought back memories of the first trip, and leaving my poor Charzth trapped as a zombie; I do owe Sprocket a great favor for releasing him!). Half a day later, we again pulled to the shoreline. Our original boat was still in the tree... joined, in fact, by a second. Interesting…

It was not a long walk to the magma lake, and we soon caught sight of a rather charred-looking ghost of Roscoe. He saw us, but did not remember how he ended up there yet again! We warned him that this was likely the final goodbye, and I flung the phylactery into the middle of the bubbling pool.
It must have worked; Roscoe quietly faded from sight.

Finally, we headed into town to tell the Lord the rest of our story, and perhaps get some rest! We walked right through town without challenge, and right to the keep. Despite the lateness of the hour, they let us in. While we waited for the Lord to arrive, I suddenly remembered Darvin’s warhorse.
I decided that I really wanted that horse. He had been a wonderful help to me, rescuing those kids from the burning farmhouse!

Sprocket decided to make my request her first priority, which made me laugh (and the Lord a little confused). He was kind enough to grant it, however, and I headed off to the stables while the others filled him in on what had happened after our “escape” which was actually a kidnapping. By the time we were all done, we were all ready to refresh ourselves at the bar.

I was all ready to head back in the morning to barter with the wizard over Sprocket’s magic book. The others aren’t so sure… but I want to do the right thing. We did promise! Still, for now, all I want to do is have a good time. Wherever we go in the morning, I’m going with Sprocket. Perhaps I can find a way to repay her for her good deed…

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