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No More Shadow

Maiyr’s Journal

The large party regrouped quickly after the battle and continued on its course. The town of Pommeville was only a few hours ahead. We walked somewhat somberly, although I did get to enjoy some of the bard’s amusements. Still my human shadow was behind me.

We reached the town and not a sound, sight, or smell was to be found of the humans that lived there. There was talk of which way to go, finally we agreed on going strait to the lich’s stronghold. I have never had a chance to fight a lich before.

We found two entrances, and split to go in each way. For once my shadow followed someone else; I hope the barbarian doesn’t mind.

Once inside we met the rest of the party at a set of large gilded doors. Nosila opened the doors and I could see some sparks flying from the trap she had set off. Looks like it hurt a little. In my years, I have never heard those particular curse words used in that order.

Once the doors opened the party was faced with a handful of undead, after a few arrows and bolts into their midst, the cleric stepped up and destroyed the remaining with his holy symbol. Then as the cleric and Sprocket started to argue, someone triggered another trap and a group of skeletons appeared in the altar room. I ran forward for the easy pickins.

Darvin and Nosila took the two on the left, and I took the two on the right. It was a short battle, yet the other two took some damage. Sprocket and Nosila explained to Darvin how to open the altar to reveal some steps to the lich’s hidden chambers. Despite their warnings of the poisoned needles, Darvin got his hand in the way. Wow, he looked pissed.

Then they started in again, Sprocket poked at Darvin’s ego (about who holds the lantern) and he screamed back about her proper place in battle. That is when Nosila, tired of the rant, grabbed Darvin’s lantern and headed off down the steps. Rage filled his eyes as he screamed about stealing his lantern and the fool actually then tackled Nosila down the steps. And a tumbling-flaming-argument rolled down the steps.

Rushing down the steps to help them, I found the two still arguing while they tried to put the flames out, oh and fight the team of zombies and skeletons that were waiting for them. Darvin was getting his flames out quicker so I leaped to Nosila’s side and tried to get her some room. With a bit of aid from the steps we quickly destroyed this new foe. Oh if it would have just stopped then.

Darvin and Nosila were more than worse for wear, so they took their potions and then it got ugly. Darvin began his rant about his lantern, apparently forgetting he was provoking a barbarian. Nosila quickly lost her temper and began pummeling him. It was almost amusing, except for the fact that are twenty feet from a lich who wants to kill us, and they want to make all kinds of racket and distract the party from the real threat. This will not end well.

Finally Darvin was silenced with a brutal knee to his jaw. He dropped to the floor and unconsciousness kept his tongue silent. Realizing that if he came to again he would start this all over again, no matter the circumstance, I tied him up and took him up the stairs to the altar room. I can’t decide which is more dangerous, the lich or the combination of Darvin and the two ladies.

After returning to the bottom of the steps the cleric screamed in pain and ran past me, usually not a good sign.

Some four of wraith-like creatures came from the door he was trying to open. Soon the creatures were destroyed, but not without a great deal of damage to us. Both I and the cleric had been severely drained and the party as a whole looked scared. It is times like this where many campaigns are lost. So, hoisting my swords up into the air I charged through the doors to the lich’s tomb.

Drained and bruised, I was no threat to any lich, but my attempt to inspire the fading hopes of the party were worth it. As I charged through the doors I heard a dozen screams of charge following me. The tomb had a paper on top, but I wasn’t going to stop and read now, no time to kill a lich. I kicked the sarcophagus open to see emptiness. Then a flash.

When my senses returned I was in hallway with Nosila, Sprocket, and my shadow Darvin. There on the floor, still tied up. Nosila looked at me and read the thoughts in my eyes. I tell her to step aside and let me free us of his madness. She stood above him and told me no. After slapping him to near death, she wants to protect him?

I pulled my swords and warned her to step aside. She swung once and it was on. My weakness and lack of desire to kill her, combined with her decision to only fight me with her hands made it an ugly fight. I had tried the sides of my blades, but she didn’t budge so I pulled the kid gloves off. It may have been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I hit her repeatedly with my scimitars until she fell to the floor near death. That and the next thing will haunt me for a long time.

I looked over my shoulder to see what Sprocket was going to do. She looked away without saying a word. I returned my eyes to my shadow, and with one motion I took his life. Then I moved over to the bleeding form of Nosila, and patched her up as good as I could and then poured a potion of healing down her throat. She came awake and moved away from me. I can’t really blame her.

Posted by Kristin on March 21, 2005, 12:29 | Maiyr’s Journal