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Maiyr is evil

Nosila’s Journal

We took the road to Pommeville - naturally, arriving near sundown. The outlying farms now looked to be utterly abandoned. The town itself was quiet, and we could see a half-built temple over the old entrance to the lich’s lair, plus a new-built tower. After a little talk, we lit torches and Darvin’s lantern, and headed for the lair’s front door.

It was a little odd to follow the familiar path, now rebuilt but still abandoned. We stood in the hall outside the double doors (no longer propped open by another party’s extra helmet), and wondered if the secret entrance into the temple chamber was still there. We checked the little side room, no giant centipedes this time, and found the secret door!

Sprocket looked it over, then we entered. I cracked the door behind the statue in the temple room, looking toward where the priests would be praying.. and saw several humanoid figures shambling at us, instead! We quickly stepped back, shut the door, and went back to the antechamber to tell the others that we were expected, after all.

Quickly describing the altar room to the lord and his company (the shock-causing symbol of Tiamat on the floor, especially), we got ready to pull the main double doors open and attack. Even though I was certain that the doors would shock, too (the symbols on them, perhaps?), I risked it, to get the party started. *ZAP* and I was behind the open door, watching the others shoot bullets and arrows and spells into the undead! None were my husband.

We explained about the skeletons which would magically appear to protect the altar when we stepped too close, and I figured that it would be a quick battle, like the one at the doors to the temple, but Sprocket decided to try to fool the altar by making symbols of Tiamat for everyone to carry. I held mine and watched as the cleric of Helm utterly refused to touch such a thing, despite Sprocket’s arguments. Realizing neither would budge, I stepped over the line, proving that the faked symbols didn’t matter to the skeletons (and forcing everyone to come to my aid, oops!).

Looking back, I begin to wonder if I was being possessed by Rocsoe’s mentality, myself!

Once we had the skeletons dispatched for the third or fourth time, we eyed the altar, trying to remember the halfling’s method of pressing down skulls to expose the stairs to the lich’s lair. Finally, Darvin used his sword (furthest reach) to give it a try, and soon the stairs were exposed. We then got into a discussion about who should walk down first. I don’t know if it was the quiet eye-rolling from the lord’s friends, or the realization that Sprocket and I were the only two to know the place and she shouldn’t go first, but I took Darvin’s lantern and headed down the steps.

Guess I’ve gotten used to him shoving his stuff at us, or else not being in a position to complain when we borrowed it. This time, I got about two steps down when he barrelled into me, hollering at the top of his lungs! We tumbled down the steps, into the unknown, breaking the lantern and setting ourselves on fire. When we hit the bottom, of course, we were attacked! A vial thrown down the steps smashed at my feet but didn’t stop the zombies from coming at me.. or Darvin from continuing to yell at me.

I was soon too busy fighting (and still burning) to listen to him. The others got there quickly and joined the fight; Sprocket first tried to put me out using water, then switched to some sweet and sticky cream. It worked, but I was rather grossed out. I needed a bath! At least she made the cream disappear after Maiyr dropped the last zombie. I quickly drank both healing potions the lord had supplied, and felt much better!

To my amazement (and more eye-rolling from the lord’s party), Darvin decided to yell at me some more. Over a lantern. What was he thinking? I hate to admit it, but I lost my temper a little. I threw the first punch. I thought he’d take the hint, but I ended up having to knock him out. I wasn’t up for hearing him rattle on about who caused what, when my husband - or the lich - could appear at any time! Even the bard was being quiet or else singing to inspire us!

Maiyr tied Darvin up and took him back to the top of the stairs, while the cleric opened the next set of doors - and suddenly screamed in pain! The lord pulled him away as four shadowy figues ghosted down the hall at us! I smashed a bottle of the grave’s bane at the feet of the things, not remembering that they could ghost through the walls, too, which they did! Sprocket made a bright light appear, while the dwarven sorcerer attacked with magic missiles. The bard sang, and I stepped up with my magic mace and attacked one, too. Amazingly, we did destroy them, though both Maiyr and the cleric were weakened.

This time, Maiyr didn’t wait to see what argument might ensue. He drank a potion, then ran very fast into the next room. I raced after him, fearing the worst, but the lich’s room was empty and so was its sarcophagus (he kicked the top off to check). As the others came in, Sprocket used a spell to carefully lift a rolled-up scroll without touching it, then open it to read - and a burst of magic filled the whole temple.

I found myself in a rough-cut stone passage, next to an unconscious Darvin, Sprocket and her rat, and Maiyr. The others were gone, I wonder where? The place was almost dark, but for a faint glow from one end of the tunnel. Maiyr announced that, before we went anywhere, he was going to kill Darvin to prevent any more trouble. I thought he was kidding, until I caught the gleam of his dagger!

I stood over Darvin, wishing I hadn’t pummelled him quiet after all! Maiyr came at us and I fought back. To my very great grief, I had been injured already in the fighting, and quickly hit the floor. I saw Sprocket pressed against the wall, eyes wide, and then darkness.

I woke up to the sight of Darvin dead and stripped of useful belongings, and Maiyr already heading down the tunnel. I don’t know what to say; we need each other to get out of here... but Maiyr is evil.

Posted by Kate on March 20, 2005, 09:18 | Nosila’s Journal