Roscoe's Journal
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Roscoe’s Bio

Roscoe, image (c) Kristin Johnson

The day he was born Roscoe’s parents had said he would be going places, and go he did. Every chance he got Roscoe went with his friends and neighbors to see different places. Learning on the fly was how he acquired his skills. Picking up different abilities and developing natural talents was a daily thing for him. He never exhibited any fear; it was like the idea was foreign to him. Life was his playground and nothing was going to stop him. Recently coming of age to permanently leave home, he promised he’d return with wealth and fortune. No one doubted his ability, but they were worried about him anyway. After traveling for a bit he ended up in one of the Border Kingdoms near the Lake of Steam area. With Midsummer’s Eve being tomorrow, Roscoe has decided to hang around for the festival.

Character sheet: Roscoe Hilltopple [Strongheart Halfing Rogue]

Cause of death: He touched the altar anyway.

Character sheet: Ghost of Roscoe

Posted by Fred on August 23, 2004, 11:02

What a Day

I got into town a day before Mid Summers Eve, and decided to stay for the festivals. Later that day as I was eating dinner in the only inn in town, the Green Griffin Inn, I noticed several others enter that, like me, weren’t from this town. What seemed to be a couple of barbarians, one male and one female, were sitting at a corner booth and I guess they were kinda bored. The male decided to fling potatoes and a female gnome who was at the bar. I guess the gnome was a spell caster, because a large potato with arms and legs appeared. The really funny thing was that instead of being afraid of the potato the barbarians started tossing salt on it and attempting to cut it up for food. The gnome came over and told it to go away after which the barbarians appeared disappointed. I was thoroughly enjoying the show with my dinner and decided to buy some fried potatoes for my entertainers. The male barbarian then flung a potato at me, I tried to catch it, but without luck. That’s about the time Amber, head of the town guard, came in and sat down next to a dwarf who also appeared to be a traveler. I had another drink and retired to my room.

I awoke to a startling crash as my door flew open. I know I locked it and not knowing what was coming after me I rolled toward the wall, off, then under the bed. I smelled death in the air as I reached for my bow. This rotting hand came through the bed at me, I just barely moved out of the way. Then the male barbarian from earlier appeared and tossed my attacker out of the room and into the hall. I emerged from under the bed, with no time to put on my armor or gather my things; I said, “I owe you a beer” then shot at the creature realizing two things as I did. One: these attackers weren’t alive anymore, that is they were undead. Second, my aim was off and I hit the guy who saved my life. The next thing I knew there was a loud bang like thunder, then a moment later the sound went off again. I stood for a second wondering what that was and seeing the female barbarian run down the stairs, followed by the dwarf and the male barbarian. In seconds the upstairs of the inn was empty so I went down to the street to see what was going on. I was joined only a moment later by the female gnome. I saw both barbarians and the dwarf take down a zombie as I soon realized what they were, and seeing many more I immediately started shooting them with arrows. The inn keeper said there was too many of them. Then Amber showed up and mentioned a more easily defensible area. The dwarf and both barbarians held the zombie horde at bay as I launched in arrows giving the towns people time to escape. The female gnome went with the people to keep them calm so they don’t trample each other getting to the shrine.

After what seemed forever the line of defenders in front of me backed away, and I followed lodging arrow after arrow in the rotting flesh till I was out. The male barbarian tossed several flasks of oil on the horde and as soon as we were in the shrine someone tossed out a torch to light the undead. Once inside, the doors were closed and barricaded and we had time to get to know each other. The barbarians were as I suspected a couple Charzth and his wife Nosila. The gnome is called, of all things, Sprocket. Bryrgar is apparently a dwarven cleric, unfortunately he didn’t have much luck turning undead earlier.

Come early morning the horde moved slowly back to the graveyard. I was able to convince a local shopkeep to allow me to buy the last of the arrows he had in stock for my sized bow, even though it was no where near opening time. I then went back to the inn, put on my armor and gathered the last of my things. Meeting up with everyone just outside of the graveyard I was just in time to see this one zombie place his hands on either side of a still live villager’s head. There was this green light and the villager dropped to the ground. I immediately hit this one with an arrow and the battle was on again. It didn’t last as long though, I was standing behind Nosila when suddenly she was behind the head zombie and Sprocket and I were left facing 3 zombies with no cover. Not being one to get into melee combat i backed up and sent an arrow into the zombie in front of me as Sprocket’s strange stick made a thunderous noise. Then all the zombies fell and I saw this green light shoot off into the distance. Found out seconds later that it came from the head zombie after it fell. The five of us are going after it, but not till tomorrow. Right now I need something to eat, a beer, and some rest.

Posted by Fred on September 12, 2004, 21:32

Undead Again

Feeling both tired and hungry after the battle I went back to the inn with my newfound friends. We ate a rather large meal and I was able to get a room without a hole in the wall. I’m not sure how long I slept, but the next thing I knew I heard horns blowing in warning. I got up and dressed, gathered all my things, and went out only to find everyone else had the same idea.

“Can’t even get a good night’s rest with all these zombies around,” I said looking at the newly awakened group.

We headed out towards the graveyard and found a wave of undead about half way there. I say wave because no sooner had we cut down these we noticed more coming, thanks to our spellcaster making the sun appear in the middle of the night. I realized it was her by the chanting and hand waving behind me, and then she had it pulsate with a green light. What I didn’t understand was when she lowered it to the ground.

The battle went on for what seemed like hours. The longer we fought the more I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were overrun. Then suddenly Nosila fell. I think she was able to regain consciousness herself but fell so quickly after I can’t be sure. Charzth ran for her then carried her away from the fray. Sprocket and I both decided a retreat was in order and I noticed Charzth running back to the fight without Nosila. Sprocket and I found Nosila a few feet away and dragged her to the shrine. She was stable when we found her, but really in need of healing. I know Charzth went back to attempt to stop the horde of undead, and I was very glad to see he returned with Bryrgar and a new guy RonyŠ I believe his name is, why he’s traveling with a kid is beyond me but I guess it’s really not my business. I think we are going to head for these ruins now because waiting isn’t going to help.

Posted by Fred on September 19, 2004, 15:17

No Respect

I realized recently that no one here has any respect for me. Now I understand the usual skepticism that comes in my line of work, honestly I do. However that is not what I’m currently dealing with. I get the distinct impression it’s because I’m a Hin that they either don’t trust me or that they think I’m not capable of doing my job. What they don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter if I get caught in a trap or not, as long as they don’t. I could have prevented Bryrgar from dropping in the pit had he allowed me to go first.

Now I know I didn’t exactly see the trap in the altar, but I did find out it was there, and I knew it opened up and went somewhere. I was unable to open it and I was asking Charzth to try something he got really defensive, wouldn’t even allow me to finish talking without making a side threat. No one would listen to me when I said push the knee cap on the statue. No, touch this symbol, touch that symbol. It doesn’t matter that I know what I’m doing. Then when the chest of the statue opens, I’m treated like I was going to attempt to steal it. Now first of all I wouldn’t do that, but even if I would, I wouldn’t have tried it in front of everyone. I’m telling you if they don’t let me do my job they are going to get caught in a very deadly trap; I’m not going down with them.

Well, anyway, after we finally got the altar top open we went down into what appeared to be the bottom of the evil place and found the sarcophagus. Shortly after, the undead arrived and we were in the heat of battle. Now Charzth is no coward, but watching him run from the fight confused me. Then Nosila ran after him. I’d have gone to see what was up, but my bow was given some temporary magical help so I focused on attacking the enemy who was held behind a gate that appeared out of nowhere. Then suddenly there was this loud explosion from behind me, so I turned to look and found Charzth dripping with blood from what appeared to be a thousand small punctures. Then in the very next second all the undead appeared to just fall. Bryrgar, Charzth, and Nosila were able to lift the lid off the sarcophagus, and this lich rose up and the fight was on. It didn’t take to long to put it down, and it was made clear that if we didn’t destroy his phylactery he would come back.

I was wondering where it would be when it hit me. The tall people don’t like us Hin. I don’t know if Sprocket has the same problem or not, I’ll have to ask her sometime. However I have made a decision, I’m going to keep with these tall ones for as long as I can, and I will do my best to prevent them from being injured by traps and stuff, but if they wont allow me to do so then I’m just going to hang back and watch them, and hopefully, they will come around.

Posted by Fred on October 30, 2004, 23:42

I Blame the Dwarf

Ok, now I’m going to die. I can’t believe this is happening, twice in less than three days I hit the barbarian, Charzth, with an arrow, and it’s all that dwarf’s fault. Bryrgar throws fits if I do my job looking for traps, that is, of course, unless it’s convenient for him. After putting down the lich we went back upstairs to look for the rod to keep it at bay, or its phylactery.

Every time I went to search for traps or anything for that matter I had to listen to the dwarf mutter under his breath. So I would ask if I could do my job, figuring it would calm him down. But noooo, still he had a problem with it. We went to the hall with the pit trap and I found the switch to disarm it, so I asked him to lift the floor back into place. A simple task really, I’d have done it myself if I had the strength. But nooo he decided he had to look for himself as if he had any idea what he’s doing anyway.

Well, finally he got the floor back in place and I flipped the switch and mentioned that it should be tested. So what happens but Nosila goes and practically jumps on it. If this switch had been broken, grrr... what am I going to do with these people? Anyway we walk down this hall for a bit and come to what appeared to have been a treasure room at one time. I searched it thoroughly and found a flagstone that moved, I checked it for traps and then mentioned it to everyone, and suggested that they leave the room just in case I missed something, Of course no one listens to me. So anyway I moved the stone and found some very valuable items. When I showed them to Bryrgar I told him that this is what you get when you’re patient. He just got angry and when we went down another corridor he decided that I didn’t need to look for traps so I waited where I was, listening for the screams.

Instead I heard battle. Now had I gone first I would have been in front of the barbarians, instead I was behind them and that was when I hit Charzth by accident. Apparently Bryrgar’s turns are working now he was able to dust the undead that appeared. The rest of the day however he did let me do my job without complaining; I was rather surprised.

We visited a tomb and were immediately ambushed by undead but again Bryrgar took care of most of it and I was able to find a passage down. We followed it forever and it dead ended in 2 alcoves. I found a secret door in one, and I knew there was one in the other but couldn’t find it. The one opened into a room we were already in. We recognized the centipedes. Bryrgar found the door in the other alcove, and I think he took a lot of pleasure in telling me where it was. I’m positive he thinks they don’t need me, I just hope he comes to his senses before it’s too late.

Posted by Fred on November 6, 2004, 19:31

Three Different Poisons

Okay, something very strange is going on here. We divvied up some new found wealth and I did some shopping, ate and got some sleep. In the morning Charzth wasn’t here anymore. The really strange thing is Nosila is. She obviously didn’t want to talk, and was very upset, so when she picked me up I just went along with it, it seemed to make her feel better to carry me. Besides I still feel a little stiff from that centipede bite. Bryrgar hasn’t been arguing as readily with me as he has been. I hope he doesn’t think those arrows I accidentally hit Charzth with were on purpose. By Brandobaris I hope that’s not why Charzth left. Now I really feel bad, and no, it’s not the three different poisons going through me right now.

Anyway, we decided to go after the rod to contain the lich, and bumped into this forest gnome, I forget his name, who was nice enough to take us directly to the place we wanted to go. Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade him to join us even though it would help keep his woods safe from undead and stuff.

Bryrgar didn’t say much about me looking for traps, and had nothing to say when I got caught in a spider web, of course at the time I chalked it up to us having to fight giant spiders. I got bit and was unable to even wear my armor. Still feeling the centipede venom in my limbs I now had lost most of my strength, not that I was all that strong to begin with. The others made easy work of the spiders though. So we followed some tracks in the dust to where the path Ts off. I saw the perfect spot for a secret passage, but was dragged away because someone notice Bryrgar had wandered off on his own. I tell you for as old as the boy is you’d think he’d have learned some patience.

Anyway we found him fighting four giant spiders and there was this strange looking spider thing sitting way back kinda watching. So I grab one of my poisoned arrows and accidentally poison myself with it. I tell you it isn’t easy functioning with the effects of three poisons working at once, but I kept going, and together we were able to put down the spider beast.

That was when I noticed the unusual silence from Bryrgar. He muttered and mumbled a lot, but didn’t direct anything at me, at least not as openly as he was.

To be honest the only one who isn’t acting any differently right now is Sprocket. I’m afraid they think I did the arrow thing to Charzth on purpose and I didn’t. I don’t want them to think I’d do that. Oh man, now what am I going to do, not only do they not trust my skills, but they think I’ll do some kind of retribution on them if they won’ let me work. I got it. I gotta prove myself to them. That’s it— I’ll show them I’m a good guy. I don’t quite know how yet, but I’ll think of something. I swear it.

Posted by Fred on November 14, 2004, 00:49

Now Where?

Ok, now where are we? I don’t think we’re in Faerun anymore. We got out of the ruins in relatively one piece only to find out that the druid, what’s his name, intended us to be dinner for what ended up as his pet. Yes, that’s right; the spider beast was this druid’s pet. Upon hearing of its death he attacked us.

Although he escaped, he’ll think twice before messing with us again. We decided it would be best to try and find our way home. Along the way we were attacked by a pack of wolves. That’s when it happened. Every time I nocked an arrow it seemed as if the world stood still for a minute and I could see my target clear as day. Almost all of my arrows flew true, even with companions in the way. As I let lose my arrows the world would speed up and as I drew another it would slow down again almost like it froze for a split second. We felled several of the beasts and the rest ran away.

Being drained, wounded and mentally exhausted, we rested in a grove of trees. I hid under some roots and there we waited till morning of the next day. We head out to finally get back to the small village and heard music off in the distance. I tried to stop him, but Bryrgar seemed almost enchanted by it and, hanging off his belt trying to stop him, I was dragged into a clearing. It was an interesting sight to behold satyrs and some type of human-cricket combo all playing songs and dancing. Luckily enough Bryrgar came to his senses and off we went leaving these creatures to their own ways, but the damage was done.

We crested the top of a hill only to see us between two rivers we did not cross, encircled by a mountain range which we did not climb. And off to the one side rising above this forest was a crystal palace that we’ve never heard of. No one has any clue how we got here but due to a majority vote we are going to the palace, which I believe will be the only way out.

Posted by Fred on November 20, 2004, 21:59

So Many Possibilities

We traveled a good part of the morning toward the palace only to find a transparent barrier completely encompassing it. Someone hit it and it sounded very solid, but when I touched it my hand went through. I slowly pushed myself through the barrier only to find myself naked on the other side. Standing completely in the buff I turned around to find all my belongings on the ground outside the barrier.

After a few tests Bryrgar walked through the barrier and up to the front doors. Completely naked he stepped inside for a minute then came out and hollered for someone to go with him. Nosila did, and Sprocket and I waited here doing various tests on the barrier to see if we could find a way in, one included a spell; another was attaching a rope to an arrow and shooting it across the barrier. Nothing worked; even directly attacking it didn’t work.

At one point Sprocket walked through the barrier herself to test a spell, and I saw the most beautiful being ever at that moment. I’ll be haunted by her beauty in my dreams for many nights.

It was getting fairly close to evening when Bryrgar and Nosila came back with what looked liked a very stiff elf. Upon passing the elf through the barrier it seemed less stiff at first, then looked at us and, in Elven, asked us why he was naked and who we were. We talked for a while, I don’t remember everything that was said being as mainly I translated, but the basic gist was he had no clue what happened.

The sun was still up when Nosila, Sprocket and I went into the palace to find a wizard that may help. We were informed on how to use the magic doors, but it didn’t work for us. We did find a study with pixies on a desk. We were looking around as the sun was setting and that is when strange things began to happen. The emerald colored walls became black and veins of pure crimson red streaked through them. The fairies on the desk shrieked and their once beautiful skin grew black, as claws elongated from their fingers and fangs protruded out of their mouths.

Thankfully Nosila had held the one door open. I grabbed three books and bolted for the main door; I noticed Sprocket and Nosila were right behind me as we left the accursed palace and ran for Bryrgar.

Apparently the elf we met had gone through a similar transformation for when we got there Bryrgar had planted his axe into the once-elf creature. I knew the fairies were still after us. Even though we couldn’t see them we could hear them and the gashes appearing on our flesh were a dead give away.

We fought for a while then decided to run only to have Bryrgar fall behind. So we ran back and helped him fight off our attackers. Nosila got one with a lucky swing, and I nailed another with an arrow. Not hearing anymore wings we relaxed and made camp right where we were.

After a little discussion we decided to do a little test. Being as I’m probably the least useful at the moment I volunteered for this. I stood inside the area where the barrier stood during the day and watched as the sun rose. As the rays of the morning light hit the top of the palace....

I find myself naked again being dragged out of the barrier. Our fears were true, anyone caught inside the barrier as the sun comes up is cursed to be a frozen statue during the day and a monster at night. The rest of my companions are going to go inside the palace to find anything useful, I’m going to wait out here and read whatever is in these books I took out last night.

I wonder though. If the elves put up the barrier, was it really meant to keep others out, or themselves in? Maybe it was supposed to freeze them at night, but something went wrong and it got reversed. Or is the barrier itself the cure for what was a curse they already had. So many possibilities, but no answers. Hopefully there will be something in one of these books.

Posted by Fred on November 29, 2004, 22:49

What Could Go Wrong?

I remember standing inside the area where the barrier would be, and I remember the sun coming up. The next thing I know I’m in complete darkness. I hear the familiar voices of my companions around me, and someone creates a small light. I light my lantern and see we are in the crypt of what appears to be an elven tomb. From what my companions mutter around me I get the impression that we took care of the barrier problem and “restored” a timeline.

I decide not to dwell on it as we leave the crypt and find ourselves in a small clearing near some old ruins. I climb a tree and off in the distance I see the village. It seems a little cold to me, and we all get the impression several months have past since we entered the demiplane. We rested there for the night and walked towards the town in the morning.

We come upon a road several miles north of the village and as we get close I mention about looking around without being seen before we enter. It’s mentioned to me that we have a ring of invisibility on us and I readily take it. After some trial and error, we get it to work. I go invisible only to reappear moments later. Well, that won’t work, but I can sneak around. Bryrgar had some issue with that, but we convinced him otherwise. I was unseen the whole time. I saw many strange things of which I told everyone everything upon returning to the group.

It was decided we would use the back entrance to the evil temple. I scouted ahead a little, but was ambushed by some strange creatures. It was a good fight, and the ring came in real handy. Afterwards we decided to just hurry up and get to where we were going, and being as it was getting very dark Bryrgar took the lead. We reached the crypt and wad to fight off 2 shadowy things. I wanted to cover our tracks but there was no time for that.

We followed the hall down to the door that leads to the evil altar room, and I went invisible again to check it out. I saw 2 priests worshiping at the altar and I figured it would be easy to dispose of them. I know I could have gotten the others, but we had the element of surprise and I didn’t want to make our presence known just yet. Being as they were at the altar I figured the trap wouldn’t go off. I was wrong. As I got close to the priests, 4 skeletons appeared out of nowhere again. My companions must have heard the battle and came running in to help. It was over rather quickly and we headed down the secret stairs to the lich’s crypt. We fought bravely doing everything we could, but it didn’t take long for the massive number of undead, and the lich’s spells to overpower us. We came to in a cell chained to a wall. Now a geas is on us, and we have to go destroy another evil for this evil. What could go wrong next?

Posted by Fred on January 1, 2005, 20:18