Yeah, we killed it....

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps Five more minutes and we might have succeeded at a TPK. Due to conflicting schedules, we ended up going two months without continuing, so we’ll just leave with that horrible cliffhanger and start a new campaign for the fall. We haven’t tried destroying Golarion yet, so perhaps that’s where we’ll head next.

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I killed Keth!

Pyotr's Journal Holli and I followed the scorpion creature’s trail through some ruins and down a hole in the sand. Suddenly the sand turned into stairs which spiraled down into a room. We looked around a bit and found a blood trail which took us down a hall. At some point here we tripped a trap, but were able to avoid the net that would have caught us. In the next room was Keth and Fortuna passed out. Holli was able to revive Keth, but healing still has no effect on Fortuna. Strangely we were able to gather our companions and...

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Crack Open a Cold One

Fortuna's Journal Goodmonth 3, 594 CY Pharaoh’s Rest I awoke in one of those damn igloos. My companions had been unable to heal me magically, but after about seven or eight hours I guess I’d had enough rest. Keth had been saved too, but had gone back into the temple to chat with a scorpionfolk called T’Tith who had, for reasons of his own, spared our lives. Keth made sure that it was okay for us to be in the temple (and apparently, this is a different definition of “okay” than I would have used), and, after a few more futile attempts...

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Mostly dead is slightly alive.

Fortuna's Journal Goodmonth 2, 594 CY Pharaoh’s Rest As I languish here, waiting to expire, I can’t help but feel guilty that I didn’t manage to get all my lovely magical items into the hands of my sister. It’s not like I didn’t have enough chances. Pyotr made me barter for “desert” gear before we left the oasis, and I got rid of a few daggers in the exchange. Apparently iron and steel are rare here, so I was able to outfit us all nicely. I still felt terrible, but, as I am sure that Keth has the same curse (even though...

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Something feels very, very wrong...

Pyotr's Journal We got a few hours away from the small village at this oasis when I decided to inform my new traveling companions of what I am looking for. When they asked why I told them, well, I was never informed of why. A blatant lie I know, but that’s okay, they don’t need to know. I know it’s only to help protect my clan from the terrors that dwell in the mists, but how can I be sure they wont try to steal it from me? Truth be told I don’t even know if they will help me to...

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New Companions, New Quest

Pyotr's Journal I was awake for almost a full minute when I noticed that I was alone. Breathing a heavy sigh I picked up Volos, my close friend and companion, and looked at my map. I headed off in the direction I believed I should be going, and after a short distance I saw a figure some way off. I watched it for a minute when it stopped and looked in my direction, so I stopped and looked back. When the stranger started in my direction and didn’t appear hostile, I started walking towards him. He turned out to be human...

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Fortuna's Journal Reaping 26, 594 CY Muhar We heard voices in the hallway beyond the room we were in. They sounded human, or at least more human than anything we’d heard so far. Keth and I opted to hide while Holli sat in the middle of the room, the remnants of our previous victory scattered about her. Problem was, the voices in the hall were taking an awful long time to decide whether or not to come in— we had to do some coaxing. A pair of human males opened the doors and started a conversation with Holli, then one went to...

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Are you my mummy?

Fortuna's Journal Reaping 26, 594 CY A desert temple It turned out to be not one mummy, but two, and fire worked again, however, I couldn’t cast any spells, so I had to tumble through the doorway to light each in turn. The first managed to reach Keth, and both mummies exploded into a swarm of locusts. I continued down the hallway with Fash to a room at the end; we got the double doors open and immediately closed one. Holli soon followed and closed the other! Keth came bursting through a moment later, bowling us aside. We shoved the door closed...

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Pyotr’s Bio

Pyotr's Journal ~PC Bios~ Born on the coldest day of the year it was obvious Pyotr was different. His ice blue eyes matched with hair that looks of pure silver; he was sure to stand out. Time passed and when his sorcerers powers manifested it wasn’t the usual levitating items, or sudden bursts of fire. No, he turned a glass of water into a solid block of ice. Although different, it was very use full in the heat of some regions’ summers. Cold never bothered Pyotr as much as it did his friends and family members. And a large family it was: two aunts,...

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Rotten Luck

Fortuna's Journal Reaping 27, 594 CY A desert temple We probably should have headed outside after the run-in with the undead guards, but we didn’t. Instead, we wandered around following Fash, and eventually found a room, empty save for a well in the corner. As Holli peered over the side, Fash decided to check it for critters by tossing a rock in, nearly hitting Holli in the process (he did yell “move!” first). She, in return, stormed past him and gave him a pretty good slap. I ran after her to see if I could explain Fash’s lack of, well, tact, and...

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