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New Companions, New Quest

Pyotr’s Journal

I was awake for almost a full minute when I noticed that I was alone. Breathing a heavy sigh I picked up Volos, my close friend and companion, and looked at my map. I headed off in the direction I believed I should be going, and after a short distance I saw a figure some way off. I watched it for a minute when it stopped and looked in my direction, so I stopped and looked back. When the stranger started in my direction and didn’t appear hostile, I started walking towards him. He turned out to be human and could tell from how new my clothes looked that I wasn’t from around here. We both went through a few different languages before speaking to each other in a strange speech known as common. I offered him some water and he told me where a nearby well is, so off we went.

Once we entered the ruined temple it became clear that it wasn’t the same as he had left it a week prior. He led me to a door that should have been sealed, and during our discussion on what we should do a voice told us to “Come on in.” Now I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s normal to be invited into a tomb, but he opened the door and what we saw amazed me. One single small person sitting alone surrounded by the remains of what was once undead. Talking to her for a few minutes while my new friend went to get some water, it became clear she wasn’t alone.

Holli’s friend, Fortuna, showed herself and after Albus returned I asked if he knew of a cure for their ailment. Apparently Fortuna and another one I had yet to meet acquired something called mommy rot. They apparently had also recently lost a friend.

Albus gave us directions to a person who could help and some advice. I figures if I travel with these strangers to this land I might get the help I need to find the scepter my clan requires. So as the sun set I headed off north with what turned out to be three new travelers; Albus had left hours ago.

We made it to our destination as the sun started to rise; the only real excitement was some wandering undead in the desert, no problem at all. Fortuna could understand and speak to the natives because of a silver tongue in her mouth, nice ability, but watching her try to rip out her own tongue in an attempt to remove it makes me wounder if it’s cursed. I spoke of this to Volos, he’s sometimes quiet about his thoughts, but I don’t foresee him doing anything, for a while anyway.

After some refreshing hospitality, we were allowed to visit the priestess who told us that if we could get a chalice for her she could remove the curse from my new traveling companions. It happens to be located at the same place as the scepter I need to find, I figure I’ll tell them about this after we leave here.

Posted by Fred on June 16, 2008, 16:46 | Pyotr’s Journal