Keth's Journal
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Keth’s Bio

Don’t ask me where I am from, for I was far too young and not paying attention at the time. I was born on the road and almost not at all.

My name is Keth, I am what some call a Whisper Gnome, and what others call trouble. My family is the source of my problems as far as I can tell. Jarcus, my adopted Half-Orc brother, says his father found my mother in what was left of a caravan that was attacked. Of the forty travelers, my mother was the only one found breathing, and that was not for long. Mom, as I like to call her, passed away not to much later after giving birth to me.

Marga Threy, Jarcus’s father, says that Mom said they were on the run, and that I must be allowed to live. There seems to be more to the story here, but no one seems to want to tell me. Marga had a secret that he always kept from me, but I am suspecting that Jarcus knows.

Marga was a traveler himself it seems, never seemed to find the right place to call home I guess. He kept us on the road, never spending much time in any one place. Jarcus and me grew up on the road along with a few others who came and went from our flock.

Anyhow, I got lost a while back, well lost from my brother. We had gone off on a trip to see if the eyes, in a certain statue, in a certain temple, were actually magical gems. Let me tell you, some people just over react. We didn’t mean any harm, Jarcus and me were just looking at them, from the ropes, from the temple ceiling, with our new daggers. It was just blown way out of proportion.

Nevertheless, when they came for me with swords, Jarcus just went crazy and everything changed too quickly to be any good. Jarcus fought his way out one way, I went the other. Now normally we just meet up later after the town guards calm down, but this was different. The entire town was up in arms and they were after us. I have now doubt that Jarcus made it out, after all, only half of them came after me.

I had to hide for twenty days. I searched and searched, but I could not find Jarcus or Marga. There were constant patrols and a lot of weird guys in blue cloaks searching for us. I don’t know who they really were, or where they came from, but I did not like the way they asked questions. Each time they were done asking people questions and left, I would go to the people and try my best to patch the wounds and I would also give them some silvers to help them out until they were able to work again.

A week after that I felt no guilt in taking those jewels from those statues, none at all. Since that day I travel and find friends when I can. Doesn’t seem to help that I don’t really talk much, Jarcus always told me to keep quite and let him do the talking, I see no reason to change that just because he isn’t here.

I think as long as I keep travelling and pay attention, I will find my brother again. He is probably laughing at me right now. He always said to keep my weapons sharp and clean, and they will take care of me, I don’t like violence much though. Not that I am not capable of it, I just don’t like it much. Doesn’t solve anything, and then I have to clean my weapons again.

Keth Underhill, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Keth Underhill [Whisper Gnome Rogue / Fighter / Shadowdancer]

Cause of death: a rather large icy burst from Pyotr that was supposed to kill a mummy.

Posted by Jim on March 27, 2008, 09:59