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I killed Keth!

Pyotr’s Journal

Holli and I followed the scorpion creature’s trail through some ruins and down a hole in the sand. Suddenly the sand turned into stairs which spiraled down into a room. We looked around a bit and found a blood trail which took us down a hall. At some point here we tripped a trap, but were able to avoid the net that would have caught us. In the next room was Keth and Fortuna passed out. Holli was able to revive Keth, but healing still has no effect on Fortuna. Strangely we were able to gather our companions and walk out without incident. That seems a bit strange to me, but I’m not complaining about it. Keth vanished from sight again, so I carried Fortuna a distance from the ruins where we set up camp for the evening. After several minutes Keth appeared and told us of his conversation with the scorpion creature. Apparently it was being controlled somehow by a human. I know of only one other human to come out here this far.

We rested long enough for Fortuna to wake up and myself to recover my spent spells. Then we cautiously headed back down. We Headed through a set of double doors this time and found a statue sitting in the middle of a set of ruins. Careful not to awaken it, we traveled around to another door. This one magically locked and needed a key. At first I was told they didn’t have a key so we looked down another passage. We found a room with three coffins in it and I figured the key could be in one. That was when it was said that they might have a key. During this discussion I heard a loud noise and when I ran back down the hall to see what it was I found Keth standing at the door that was magically locked, but now it’s open and nothing really bad was happening. I took a deep breath and walked in to see two rows of statues I found out spit fire if you pass between them.

As I was thinking of a good way around this everything went chaotic. Suddenly there were fire elementals and the statue came to life. Then in the midst of everything Fortuna opened a coffin and a mummy rose from the dead, a mummy that can cast spells. Then suddenly Fortuna yelled, “You killed Keth.”

When everything settled down I ‘m standing behind a stone pillar, I realize I hadn’t seen Holli in some time, Keth is lying on the floor across the room, and Fortuna in standing next to the coffin. The only visible adversary is the now-living statue. At least it’s not looking in my direction.

Posted by Fred on August 10, 2008, 09:15 | Pyotr’s Journal