Now What

Alayi's Journal The trip to Varnar would take twelve days on foot or six days by horse (with Defender running, but he’s proud to say that he doesn’t get tired). I wasn’t much for riding, but soon found myself watching the others haggle over the prices of horses, mules, etc. Tomas was being a cheapskate while knowing nothing about animals, but eventually Defender bought two (Alunys has her unicorn). I realistically named mine, “Target”, while Tomas cynically...

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Alunys' Journal Nymm 26, 998 YK Varna For some reason, I had assumed that whoever was following us was primary after Alayi or Tomas. Alayi, because she is a Gatekeeper druid, and Tomas, because he’s Tomas. Defender was worried about our pursuer as well, though I am uncertain he has thought through just who that pursuer might be. On the third night of our journey to Varna, our warforged friend was delighted that we had stopped under...

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Keeping Alert

Defender's Journal We bought some horses ant traveled for two days before we were attacked by wolves. When the dead wolves started to disappear and the grass around us began to grab us we figured there was another enemy out there hiding. I’ll have to keep alert in order to catch this one. My friends are sleeping now, We move on in the morning, and should reach Varna in about four days....

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Alunys' Journal Nymm 21, 998 YK Between Mossmantle and Varna Before we left Mossmantle, Defender insisted on buying horses for Tomas and Alayi (I have Ravanquar). Defender (and of course, Fang) will be able to keep up on foot. I received a letter from the gnomish professor to post at a Sivis message station. We hope to reach Varna in six days; I regret that I will miss the First Dawn celebration in Thrane, but am sure...

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Great Adventure

Defender's Journal We went back into the well after a short break and traveled as far down the other path as we could together. Some squid things attacked us on our way, but we took care of them. We came to another large door and after opening it found the water was hiding a set of stairs. The others can’t breathe under water, and I don’t need to breathe so I went to explore on my own....

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Alunys' Journal Nymm 19, 998 YK Mossmantle in the Eldeen Reaches After a short break we decided to climb down the rope and check that last tunnel. I am unsure of what exactly transpired, being slightly preoccupied with the realization that the Flame had provided me with a companion (more on that later), but Tomas and Defender were having some sort of argument as they both went down into the ruins, resulting in both landing badly at...

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But then

Alayi's Journal Defender climbed down the rope very slowly. Slowly enough that Tomas decided to kill two birds with one stone and perched himself on Defender’s shoulders. Defender yelled at Tomas about how he was NOT a pack mule, but Tomas hung on tight! Alunys was laughing at them both, but then Defender decided to hit bottom quite literally, letting go of the rope with about ten feet left to fall. Although Tomas rolled away and wasn’t...

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Killed Spiders

Defender's Journal We killed a lot of spiders and as I repaired myself my companions searched the room. They found some interesting things, and a pit that goes down to another area. I went down first and soon everyone followed. We walked for a few feet then came to a door. The human used the disk thing to open it and we found a tablet on an alter. We took it with us as we left and...

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Alunys' Journal Nymm 15, 998 YK Towering Wood in the Eldeen Reaches I handed off the torch to Defender and decided to cast fire from my hand instead, as we saw movement in the webs. Spiders of many different sizes poured out of the webs as we cleared them, some were nearly as big as Alayi’s wolf companion! I was bitten at least seven times and felt my strength sapping by the time we cleared the hallway...

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And So

Alayi's Journal We stood at the bottom of the shaft, looking around the room. There were three exits, one to the north, and two more east and west. Alunys studies them for an evil taint, while I searched the southern wall for any sign of a hidden door. When neither of us found anything, Tomas said he was curious about the northern route, so Defender marched into it. We followed but soon ran into a collapsed section...

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