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Great Adventure

Defender’s Journal

We went back into the well after a short break and traveled as far down the other path as we could together. Some squid things attacked us on our way, but we took care of them. We came to another large door and after opening it found the water was hiding a set of stairs. The others can’t breathe under water, and I don’t need to breathe so I went to explore on my own. I had to return quickly due to skeletons attacking me. I got in one or two hits before they all crumbled into dust. Maybe this Silver Flame my one companion keeps talking about likes me. I explored some more and found nothing so we headed back to town. Thankfully the only interesting thing was this unicorn who was there one moment and gone the next. In town we met with the gnome and they talked for a bit. Now we’re heading to a larger town and possibly a great adventure.

Posted by Fred on April 15, 2007, 13:34 | Defender’s Journal