Journal Found in an Abandoned Lighthouse

Dora's Journal Shipwrecked The gnomes who lived near our dwarven stronghold fascinated me. They were always doing interesting things; they were so curious! My family didn’t understand why I liked the gnomes’ ways, but when I began to worship Olidamarra, the arguments at home began. When I became an actual cleric of Olidamarra, I was told to give it up, or leave. Much as it hurt, out the door I went. I swore to prove myself by...

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Dead Again

XPCs After talking to the troglodyte king, Alexander agreed that the heroes would eliminate a creature that was preventing the tribe from gathering food. The party was killed by a chuul while trying to impress the troglodytes. What a unique way to get off the island!...

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Smooth Moves

Morwenna's Journal Planting 1, 593 CY It took many, many boring hours before my companions started to finally regain consciousness. Dora was first, but was barely strong enough to cast some healing on herself. Since she was propped up against a wall, she offered to watch for a while so I could rest. A few hours later, Alexander was awake and provided them all with some more healing, and soon Triaa was awake as well. All were...

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Lover’s Leap

Morwenna's Journal Growfest 7, 593 CY, temple ruins on unknown island Strangely, we decided to wait until morning to explore the ruins, or even look at them close up— they are the home of many of the island’s spiders. Worse, the group decided we could not risk a fire, so it was cold rations for dinner. So, after a rather uncomfortable night in the open, we gathered our gear and headed in to fight the spiders with...

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Uncharted Isle

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps Map of the Uncharted Isle.

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Morwenna's Journal Growfest 6, 593 CY, highest point on the unknown island Eww. Yondalla. Kendit hilto pintith ento nitli. I fear my last prayer for my companions to get along better was answered by Dallah Thaun. Or Olidammara or Boccob was answering one of my companions’ prayers. Or, there was something really wrong with the rum. We took one more trip outside, during which we were immediately assaulted by six very stinky troglodytes. After we pulled a...

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Taking Stock

Morwenna's Journal Growfest 3, 593 CY, unknown island Yondalla has answered my prayers— we can now have proper meals during out stay on this island. The pirates’ treasure had the prerequisite gold and silver, plus a few gems and some silk, but more importantly, we found oil and lanterns, pots and pans, silverware, water, rum, food rations and spices! The coins and gems were in a little locked iron box that Dora was able to open. Shortly...

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In the Dark

Morwenna's Journal Growfest 3, 593 CY, unknown island May Yondalla forgive me for not understanding Her plans! I know it is not my place to question, but I find it difficult to guide this new group of friends She has blessed me with. As we struggled back up the beach to the lighthouse, I wondered again why Yondalla chose these people for our quest. I mean, I grew up in a city that had lots of other...

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Morwenna's Journal Growfest 2, 593 CY, unknown island We decided to go find some rocks for a funeral pyre, intending to burn the bodies found in the lighthouse. We walked along the beach and found a lot of edible things, praise Yondalla! Triaa led us to a stretch of shoreline where we could see a ship’s mast sticking out of the water, and a cave entrance off in the distance. Before anyone could say anything though, the...

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Wet and tired�.

Triaa's Journal Finally with a shot from the Human, the cloth died. I had to leave the room to keep from strangling one of them. I think I may have been stranded with some of the special folk. I need my sword.

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