Triaa's Journal
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Wet and tired….

T’riar is gone!! I have awoken on a beach, half in and half out of the water. Head spinning and muscles strained from the swim I barely was able to pull myself up. When I reached for T’riar, it was gone. It appears all of my posessions are gone, and the ship that carried them. This is not good.

I look around to see debris from the boat, mostly driftwood. It appears others have survived, they came over and talked a little. I began searching the beach and sea for my sword and anything I may need to survive. After a good bit of time I had collected a large amount of wood, at least there will be a fire. Suddenly the three I mentioned before came running up to me screaming. I prepared to defend myself from the obviously mad trio, when they stopped and said that there was something in the tree line that had been moving towards me.

The three led me to a lighthouse were we could bar the door and gather our senses. I was told their names, but I do not yet remember them. A Human, Dwarf and Halfling, this is going to be painful I can see it now. Oh, and to make matters worse, the three are all symbol toting fools from different churches. One claims to be a paladin, can you guess which one, yup, the littlest one.

We searched the lighthouse for anything useable, I told them we need weapons, so what do they do, they listen to the Halfling and keep talking about food. I need my sword.

Well, we found a couple of dead bodies, of no concern to me. Then there was one room, with the strangest creature in it, which of course since my name is Silverflame, it attacked me. It was as if an evil spirit controlled an old shirt or cloak. This cloth covered in dried blood came after me, and wrapped itself around my neck. Not knowing what to do I wrestled it to the window where I threw the blind off to let the sun in. Didn’t work.

Then I noticed my new companions, the symbol carrying trio, where coming to my aid, and for a moment, I though it a good thing. As the creature began strangling me, I asked the little one to get flame, that is the only universal answer to undead I have ever known.

Nope, she tries to smite it, with what,…., a knitting needle. She hit it, and barley missed my left eye in the process. I continue to struggle and look for help or fire. Well, after what seemed like forever, I walked passed them to the lantern the Human had set down next to him. I lifted the lantern as the creature continued to strangle me, and then I lit it on fire.

I know how much damage I can take, let’s see how much it can. The flame is instant, I can feel the intense heat and smell the flesh cooking. I can feel the difference in the creature, it does not like this. Then what happens. My new companions, you know the ones that are supposed to help people, the Human cast water and puts the flame out. Instantly the creature strengthened its resolve and twisted tighter on my neck.

After some swings from the trio of …. helpers, I managed to get the cloth off my neck. The Dwarf found a saw and began cutting the beast. Did I metion the point when the Dwarf tried to take the saw to the cloth when it was on the Human’s head?

Finally with a shot from the Human, the cloth died. I had to leave the room to keep from strangling one of them. I think I may have been stranded with some of the special folk. I need my sword.

Posted by Jim on January 25, 2006, 11:00