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Morwenna’s Journal

Growfest 2, 593 CY, unknown island

We decided to go find some rocks for a funeral pyre, intending to burn the bodies found in the lighthouse. We walked along the beach and found a lot of edible things, praise Yondalla! Triaa led us to a stretch of shoreline where we could see a ship’s mast sticking out of the water, and a cave entrance off in the distance. Before anyone could say anything though, the mad elf jumped into the water and swam out to the ship. He was back, moments later, with twelve pirate zombies in pursuit!

Now, I’m not entirely clear on how other gods provide their clerics with the ability to fight undead, but it seems to be pretty hit or miss with Boccob (Alexander’s) and Olidammara (Dora’s), as the zombies would back off from their wrath briefly and then come right back! I threw some rocks at a few, and we managed to destroy two of them, but the rest kept wandering back to us. Triaa actually wrested a scimitar out of the hands of one before we had to head back to the lighthouse.

Alexander and I burned the bodies found in the lighthouse on a pyre we built on the beach; we said as many of the proper prayers as we could think of between us. It was getting late so we headed into the lighthouse and locked it up. I had to grab a mattress from Triaa to sleep on— he wanted to use it for “fire.” In spite of his earlier mishap, he seems drawn to it like, well, a moth to flame! He offered to take first watch and I fell asleep wondering what would remain in the tower when his watch was over. There was one brief disturbance during the night when some humanoid-lizard creatures came up on the beach to inspect the pyre— I hope that they were only there to say a prayer and not to look for food! Eventually, we heard the sounds of drums drift down from caves on the mountains.

After the sun came up, we were determined to finish off the evil undead on the beach, and once again, fire seemed to be the answer, though I brought a makeshift spear with me. Anyway, we built a bonfire on the beach and Triaa went and antagonized the pirates in their watery grave again. This time though, he brought fourteen up; I have a bad feeling that there are hundreds down there! The turning of the undead didn’t seem to go so well this time, though Triaa struck down what was apparently the captain of the lot. I am worried about Dora, because, in typical dwarf fashion, she wades into the center of a battle, but in her case, she is unarmored and barely armed! I gave her my spear when another scimitar-toting zombie was destroyed, but eventually we had to retreat— Triaa was staggering and Dora was unconscious. Alexander took her from me after I pulled her out from between some aggressive undead, and Triaa stayed more or less on his feet but wouldn’t have survived another attack. We ran back to the lighthouse.

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