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Taking Stock

Morwenna’s Journal

Growfest 3, 593 CY, unknown island

Yondalla has answered my prayers— we can now have proper meals during out stay on this island. The pirates’ treasure had the prerequisite gold and silver, plus a few gems and some silk, but more importantly, we found oil and lanterns, pots and pans, silverware, water, rum, food rations and spices!

The coins and gems were in a little locked iron box that Dora was able to open. Shortly after that, we found a key that fit the lock on one of the zombie’s bodies. Triaa also found a concealed passage, which of course we explored. We found a locked door at the end of it— I’m not sure if Dora could have opened it or not, as Triaa chose to smash the door down.

We quickly entered a chamber with a table and benches, and one occupant which was long dead (and not the animated kind of dead). There were two ways out of the room other than the way we entered. While deciding which way to go, we heard a “shlooping” sound from one corridor (the other corridor turned out to be a dead end anyway). Dora can see a lot better than the rest of us, but I’m guessing she’d never seen a carrion crawler before, as she got too close to it and it paralyzed her. Worse, she met up with it in the doorway, so we couldn’t get around her to fight it— luckily Triaa’s sword could fit past the dwarf so the elf could slay the monster. Dora soon shook off the paralysis and we continued on, through a room full of bunk beds that looked like they’d not been used in a long time. These were extremely uninteresting, so we continued past.

Things got momentarily more interesting when we realized we could see daylight and trees ahead of us; we came out of the caves right by a tree line. This became slightly alarming as we realized that there were webs festooned throughout all the visible trees, which were soon moving as though creatures were coming through them, and then, inevitably, we were in a pit that had been cleverly covered by (you guessed it!) webs.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we were soon joined by three huge spiders and two of their humanoid companions. All were intent on biting us, and were doing an admirable job of it. Triaa and Dora passed our torch around and got us all free from the webs that were hampering our defense, and we slew the horrid creatures. I feel weak from my spider bites, and poor Triaa can hardly move— he’s about as useful as boots to a beholder at the moment. We dragged him back to the cave, grabbed as many supplies as we could fit in the little row boats, and headed back to the lighthouse. I think we will be okay if we can get through the night, as Alexander assures me that his god will provide him with a means of restoring our strength and health.

My own prayers to Yondalla have been answered though. In addition to finding food, shelter, and companionship, she has now blessed me with the ability to cast minor spells and turn back the undead, though I hope I don’t have need of the later for now.

Posted by Kristin on February 24, 2006, 15:11 | Morwenna’s Journal