Darvin's Journal
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Darvin’s Bio

Darvin and Hoar image (c) Kristin Johnson

They call me Darvin

I guess my story begins almost six years ago when my father died. My mom had passed away a few years earlier during a harsh winter, and I helped my father take care of our farm. We barely had enough to eat on a regular basis, and the winters were hard. I came home from tending to some fences to find him seemingly asleep on the chair. When I tried to wake him I found him cold and stiff. It was a week later that I sold the farm to a neighbor, and headed out on my own.

I traveled most of the land, and met many strange people. At a glance, the different stories about the races seem true, but as I traveled with them I noticed that no matter how different the races are, they are also very much alike. It’s odd to see how a halfling can manipulate elves and dwarves alike into a decision they wouldn’t not have normally made. I had to laugh when I watched an elf drink a dwarf under the table. That dwarf still insists that his drink was drugged. It still scares me when I see a gnome working on some invention or other. Those things always seem to explode, and someone always gets hurt from it.

I had heard there was some trouble brewing down by the Lake of Steam a few weeks ago, so I’m headed there now. Who knows, maybe it’ll be fun.

Character sheets: Darvin Dundragon [Human Fighter]
Hoar [Heavy War Horse]

Cause of death: Rolling down stone steps to retrieve lantern, catching on fire, being attacked by undead, eventually being rendered unconscious. Mercy killing by party member.

Posted by Kristin on February 19, 2005, 23:53