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Monster Roster

Pommeville, in the Border Kingdoms
52 zombies

Ruins outside of Pommeville
20 skeletons
8 zombies
Colony of tiny monstrous centipedes
1 lich, Nedrezzar

Ruins in Qurth Forest
14 small monstrous spiders
1 large fiendish monstrous spider

Qurth Forest
1 forest gnome druid, Colmarr
1 bear companion, Bear
5 wolves

Forest around Crystal Palace
6 ‘cursed’ bunnies
1 ‘cursed’ elf, Elzen
2 ‘cursed’ pixies

Crystal Palace
1 fey’ri
1 ‘cursed’ elf, Haran
2 ‘cursed’ elves
Roscoe (temporary death)

Ruins/graveyard outside of Pommeville
4 gnolls
1 hyena
10 zombies
2 acolytes of Tiamat
6 skeletons
1 lich, Nedrezzar, again....

Road between Thornhold and Pommeville
1 ankheg

Farm near Thornhold
4 humans: Com2
2 dretches
1 half-fiend (got away)


North of Thornhold
6 kobolds

Barak’s Tomb
16 fiendish dire rats
2 dretches
1 half-fiend

Farm near Thornhold
1 magmin

Road between Thornhold and Pommeville
15 gnolls
4 dire rats
1 ogre zombie
12 skeletons
4 gnoll skeletons
14 zombies

Ruins outside of Pommeville
10 zombies
2 skeletons
4 shadows

Unnamed Island
1 Troll
1 Gauth
2 Nishruu
Ghost of Roscoe (twice)
4 zombies
1 lich, Nedrezzar, again....

        Creature Types:

        • aberration
        • animal and beast
        • construct
        • dragon
        • elemental
        • fey
        • giant
        • humanoid
        • magical beast
        • monstrous humanoid
        • ooze
        • outsider
        • plant
        • undead
        • vermin

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Ruins outside of Pommeville
2 Moonstones
Diagram of Altar Trap, Roscoe
Journal of Nedrezzar, Sprocket
6 Emeralds (100gp each)
2 Star Opals (240gp each)

Gold Ring of Protection +1, Roscoe
Divine Scroll (Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Remove Paralysis, Dispel Magic)
Golden Pectoral with Symbol of Tiamat (350 gp)
Gem-Studded +2 Bracers of Armor, Sprocket
Jeweled Mitre (475 gp)
+1 Gilded Mace, Nosila
3 Rough Cut Diamonds (100 gp each)
Silver Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance vs. Cold, Nosila
Silver Necklace with Emerald Pendant (1020 gp)
4 Everburning Braziers (90 gp each), Bryrgar
3 Small Rubies (260 gp each)
Silver Amulet of Death Ward, Roscoe
35 Platinum Pieces
394 Gold Pieces
1363 Silver Pieces
60 Copper Pieces
2 Gold Statues of Tiamat (60 gp each)
Copper Bracelet with Gemstones (130 gp)
Gold Holy Symbol of Tiamat (15 gp)

Ruins in Qurth Forest
15 Gold Pieces
11 Silver Pieces
15 Copper Pieces
1 Sardonyx (50 gp)

Bishop Trueheart’s Silver Rod (strong abjuration magic), Roscoe
Potion of Blur, Maiyr

Crystal Palace
Magic book All Curses Malevolent, Sprocket
Rapier, masterwork
Dagger of Defiance +2, Roscoe
Gold Ring of Protection +2, Nosila
Ring of Greater Invisibility, Roscoe
Wand of Animate Object
Thieves’ Tools, masterwork, Roscoe

Barak’s Tomb (on Half-fiend)
900 gold pieces
1 goldline (6 gp)
1 black agni mani (9 gp)
1 malachite (10 gp)
1 orphealine (10 gp)

Gold Ring of Wizardry I/Protection +1, Sprocket
Wind Fan, Widget

Unnamed Island Island
Map to Tome of Azuth
615 Gold Pieces
1607 Silver Pieces
8 Copper Pieces
Book of Infinite Spells
2 Vials of Oil of Stone to Flesh
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
Breastplate, masterwork, magical
Chainmail, masterwork, magical
Studded Leather, masterwork, magical
Scimitar, masterwork, magical
Longsword, masterwork, magical
Spear, masterwork, magical
Short Spear, masterwork, magical
Heavy Pick, masterwork, magical
Ring, magical

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....

Posted by Kristin on August 22, 2004, 16:39