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March 3, 2005


Maiyr's Journal

Let’s see, we returned to town and talked to Lord Taricz. I mentioned ale, he offered to hear our story over some. I think I ... no, yes I did buy some healing salves from town. It is all very blurry.

A remember a bit about a horse and a halfling, and that’s about it. I think I drank too much.

The next day, or was it two days later…. well, at one point I got a chance to walk around town and see what was new. Nothing really.

Lord Taricz friends arrived an we are going to go to Pommeville and fight some lich. Now this should be a fun fight.

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March 4, 2005

Horsing Around

Sprocket's Journal

Uktar 23, 1373 DR, Thornhold

Moments later, someone climbed out of the lake of magma. For one brief moment, I wondered if it was Bryrgar somehow, but though it was about dwarven height it looked to be at least 400 lbs., not to mention it was being very undwarf-like by giggling insanely as it ran, burning, off into the night, not towards Thornhold, but more in the direction of Pommeville. Nosila obviously took offense to this creature, as she dumped the half-fiend’s corpse and the unconscious Darvin off of his warhorse, jumped onto it, and galloped off before Maiyr or I could even react. We stood there on the road a moment more, and then realized it wouldn’t do for Nosila to have to fight the thing alone, so we rolled Darvin and the dead creature into a nearby copse and ran towards the departing barbarian woman.

We caught up to them on a farmstead. The magma creature had already set the barn on fire, killed one farmer and managed to light the farmhouse as well. Animals, rescued from the fiery barn, where running in all directions. I thought everyone was out and trying to get water to put out the little fires sprouting up everywhere, but I ran around to the back of the farmhouse to find Nosila catching children jumping from an upstairs window and sitting them on the warhorse for safe keeping. I attempted to stun the magmin by tossing the illusion of a wave of water over it— apparently not believable enough, even with Maiyr attempting to throw a real bucket of water on it at the same time. In fact, the water evaporated before hitting the creature. Widget suggested that I try something more realistic, like a rain cloud. I did that, but I fear it didn’t help matters any, as it ran into the already smoldering farmhouse, creating more fire as it moved!

I chased it through the house with the rain cloud, but it was soon beyond my reach with that spell. It was out the front door and heading off at fast run— I feared it would reach the next farm before we could stop it. As much as I hated to do it, I cast a few magic missiles at it, killing it outright. It puddled into a formless pile of slag as the fire went out of it.

It had to be done, but in another time and place, I would have liked to talk to it— perhaps it could have been coaxed to help us, or at least, help our departed halfling friend.

We hurried back to pick up Darvin and the dead hag, and collected the warhorse from the grateful family who’d been rescued with it. I noticed the horse had the outline of a hand burned onto one flank— poor thing must have been touched by the magmin. We decided to contact Lord Taricz immediately, in spite of the waning hour. We were worried that people in the town would be angry about the death of the Maiden of Pain, but thankfully, the opposite was the case. Lord Taricz welcomed us with open arms and invited us to stay in the keep. We left Darvin with one of the local healers recommended by Lord Taricz, then headed to the Gilded Gelding to relax for a bit. The gnomish tavern keeper Northrup told us our money was no good there and gave us much food and ale as we could handle. Actually, maybe more than we could handle. I think Widget was the only one that didn’t feel the effects of all the ale (I don’t know where he puts it!). Maiyr decided he needed to go see the ghost of Roscoe and put him out of his misery. He staggered out of the inn with Nosila, Widget and I following and trying to talk him out of it. Nosila whispered to me to make the elf think the ghost came to him, so I made an illusion of what I hoped would pass for the ghostly figure we’d seen earlier. I guess it did— or at least, it did to someone as drunk as our elven friend. He made a few attempts to hit the ghost with his scimitars, but only managed to throw each weapon off in opposite directions, and then fall on his backside in the middle of the empty street. I rather enjoyed taunting him with the imaginary halfling (now making humorous faces), but I feared Maiyr would be attacking the illusion all night. I had it appear to “merge” with the elf, occasionally making a giggling sound erupt from somewhere in his midsection, or wave a translucent blue arm in front of him (while sticking out of his chest). I was tired and had some studying to do, so I left Maiyr there with Nosila, who planned to bring him up to the keep when he passed out completely.

Before resting, I identified the little fan we’d found on the Maiden of Pain— it magically creates a brief gust of wind. The night was blissfully eventful. In the morning, Widget wandered off to wherever Nosila was resting, bringing back a gold ring— something else we’d not yet identified. It turned out to be a ring that provides magical protection— and here we’ve had it for weeks without her wearing it! Widget wandered back to where she was sleeping and shoved it on her finger, and came back bruxing and looking quite pleased with himself— apparently he got a kiss on the nose for his trouble.

I noticed we had settled on fiery red hair and fur for the day— I wish I could figure out what causes those color changes so I’d know what to expect!

Darvin is conscious again, or at least ambulatory, as I saw him wander past my open door. Why is it that humans walk around naked when indoors? I’ve never seen another race so immodest. He’s also very loud— he went by again (later) yelling about handprints on his horse. I’m sure there was only one.

We spent the rest of the day recuperating and occasionally talking to the Lord and his comrades that were arriving to travel to Pommeville. I managed to sell some of our more expensive (and useless) finds like that divine wand and scrolls none of my party could use. We got a Bag of Holding out of the deal (we don’t have to feel quite as guilty when Nosila lugs all of our loot around now) along with a good deal of coin. Widget must think he’s rich— I’ve seen him tipping guards (and even Lord Taricz himself) with copper coins. Nosila gave a good portion of her share of the gold to the family whose farm burned down. Especially sweet of her since I doubt there are many farms on Chult. Now I only need decide whether to share a horse with Nosila, or attempt to ride one on my own— Widget thinks it would be best to share a ride— he’s probably right. Or maybe he just wants to see how much stuff we can pack in the Bag of Holding.

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March 6, 2005

Horse tales

Nosila's Journal

We reached the cairn, and discovered a way in, descending rough-cut steps down to the sarcophagus of a dwarven warrior, guarded by four statues in the corners. As we walked in, Maiyr quickly saw a crack in the opposite wall, and we followed him into the passage (despite him shouting, “Here, Monster Monster!” and getting slashed by an axe-blade trap for his pains).

Despite the bickering between Maiyr and Darvin, we made it safely past the trap and into a larger space with two passages exiting. Or, rather, two larger passages; we noticed several small openings at floor level. I asked Darvin to shine his lantern up one, and saw glowing red eyes rapidly advancing! We had quite a battle with many large and unnatural rats, eventually killing them all (I owe Maiyr a healing potion), and choosing to explore the right-hand passage.

The passage quickly warmed, and led to a shaft with glowing magma at the bottom. We could see an opening about ten feet above the stuff, but decided to check out the other passage before risking our lives in this one. Sprocket set an alarm spell as we passed through the rats’ room a second time, and we headed down the left-hand passage, practicing our language skills on each other. I can’t speak elf. No one else can speak goblin. Eventually, the new passage ended in heat and magma, too - but this time, a stone bridge offered a way over the flowing stuff!

As we walked toward the stone bridge, two blubbery humanoid figures approached from the other side. Maiyr charged at them, then suddenly turned and ran away! I swore at him in goblin as he passed by, then attacked the things on the bridge with Darvin. I expected Sprocket to hang back, but what happened to “Here, Monster Monster”?! The fight on the bridge didn’t go well; first, the things didn’t seem to take as much damage as they should, and second, Darvin suddenly got sick.

One of Sprocket’s spells hit the creature in front of me, and I took advantage of its sudden confusion to throw it over the side into the magma. It didn’t come back, thank Ubtao! Darvin, still throwing up, ran off the bridge, a BOOM from Sprocket to encourage him. I turned my attention to the last creature, grabbing it to throw it over the edge, and slipped on Darvin’s mess.

That was a bad moment! I hit the railing and did not quite fall over the edge; while I regained my balance, Sprocket cast something that caused the creature to slump. I didn’t take any chances, pitching the thing into the magma while Darvin finally stopped throwing up - and Maiyr finally returned. Men! We regrouped, Sprocket cast “light” on Darvin’s helmet so he’d stop worrying about his lantern, and we walked up the passage beyond the bridge.

We reached a chamber full of bones, and a bed in the corner. Empty! But we’d learned that was rarely the true case, so I stayed in the doorway, scanning the ceiling, while the others searched. Maiyr threw a bone at the bed, and I caught a glimpse of the demon-thing appearing just before the whole room went black! There was something sickening about that darkness, too, but we had to keep going... the darkness lifted, but the demon disappeared.

Sprocket’s rat let her know that the thing was still in the chamber - invisible! So I blocked the doorway as best I could, listening, and watching for movement in the bones on the floor. I heard steps behind us in the passage, but when Sprocket reassured me that the creature was still here, I hoped for the best and stayed. Maiyr swung his sword wildly about while Darvin drank another potion - and the creature reappeared and touched the elf!

We all attacked, hoping to get a shot before the thing disappeared yet again. Sprocket blinded it momentarily with a blanket from the bed, and, when it seemed to be too fast for us to hit with our weapons, caused it to slip on the appearance of some banana peels on the floor. We were just able to finish the demon off before she regained her feet. That gnome and her rat saved the day! I wrapped the body and its head in another blanket to take back to the lord’s keep, while the others looted the room.

Finally, we returned to the entrance of the dwarven cairn. I am glad we cleansed it of this evil! We were arguing about whether to stay a night and recover, or head out immediately, when Darvin dropped at our feet. Maiyr, though looking bad, took first watch, while Sprocket was overcome by curiosity and unlocked the chest they’d found in the demon’s room. Poor Sprocket! She was hit by some trap, but did count the treasure before falling asleep.

The next morning, we slung the demon’s body over Darvin’s horse, and Darvin, too. He still hadn’t woken up from his injuries, but at least he was stable! That horse came in handy, as we were able to make it back to where we’d started by nightfall. The lava lake was still steaming and bubbling, and had a new addition: a ghost of our poor halfling, circling the lake and staring in! Showing him the demon’s body had no effect, poor guy!

As we watched the sad sight, I was startled to see a short humanoid creature that seemed to be made of molten lava crawl from the lake and run off. I could have sworn that it looked at me - and giggled! Worried that it was some new disaster, or else some form of our former dwarven friend, I quickly unloaded the horse and told the others I’d be right back. The thing was running, but Darvin’s horse quickly gained on it. I asked it who or what it was - and got another giggle in return!

We followed it up a path and right at a farmhouse; horrified, I shouted Fire! Even as it set the barn ablaze. I felt so helpless! How do you fight a thing that is made of fire, when you have no water at hand? I did shoot at it while it danced before the burning barn, and it charged us. It was way too hot to be near for long, and it burned Darvin’s horse badly, too. That horse is well-trained, indeed, but was quite glad to turn toward the river at that point!

Sadly, the thing did not give chase. It headed for the house, and despite my shouted warnings, it also attacked a farmer, turning him to ash! As it ran into the house, Maiyr and Sprocket arrived. Maiyr went to rally the farmers (who had given up on saving the barn), while Sprocket cast a spell that looked just like a water elemental. While she and Maiyr herded the thing with buckets of water and the “elemental”, I got the horse close to the burning house and shouted at the screaming children to jump!

Thank Ubtao there were only two to catch; my second child barely bade it. I moved away from the house with them on the horse with me, ready to bolt if the thing came our way, but their mother got to us first, and I told them all to run for the river. They disappeared into the night, and the farmers helped Maiyr get a barrel down to the river, while Sprocket kept the thing safely in the house with an imaginary rainfall. Finally, it bolted from the front door, ignored my arrowshot, and got hit by a magic missile from Sprocket.

The thing ran away! But I feared what more it might do, and raced the horse at Sprocket to get her away in case it came back. She quickly cast another magic missile at the thing - and it collapsed! We galloped up to the thing as it puddled into ooze, and Maiyr and the farmers dumped their barrel over the remains to be sure. I felt for the farmers, but we knew we needed to get back to Darvin. Promising to send help, we headed back for the lava lake.

We got to town and headed right for the keep, calling to the guards that it was very important to see the lord despite it being early dawn. Around Maiyr’s sudden cravings for ale, we managed to tell the story and show him the body, and we were all much relieved to know that this evil was gone! We also told him of the battle near the lava lake, both to help the farmers and to warn others of that new danger. Finally, we got Darvin to bed, Maiyr to the tavern, the horse to the stable, and I went to sleep!

Later that day, I woke up and headed to the tavern myself. I had heard that the town was now safe from the demon’s evil influence, but I still got Maiyr to have the first sip of every ale, which he was happy to do! The gnome behind the counter apologized a lot for what had happened, too, and gave us free ale and food (not sure about the food but Sprocket didn’t seem to mind!). Darvin finally showed up, looking a little better, and asked about his poor horse.

I decided to wait him out a little, and every time he asked about the horse, I ordered him an ale. The very drunken elf, and Sprocket with an odd sense of humor, kept telling him bits of what happend to the horse, which only worried him more. He was up to ten mugs in front of him before he gave up and drank one! I did tell him about borrowing his steed, then, and apologized for getting the animal hurt as best I could. Sprocket told stories and the fighters got very drunk. I giggled at them all. I was not drunk!

Next thing I know, we were out in the street, following the drunken elf back to the lava lake to “throw stones at the halfling”... so I whispered to Sprocket to make an illusion of one instead! This was a mistake, although a really funny one. Instead of throwing stones, Maiyr pulled his swords and attacked! We had to keep finding swords because he kept flinging them into the darkness - thank Ubtao no one else was about! He also sliced an ale mug in half - while Darvin was holding it. Sprocket came up with the idea of making the halfling “ghost” run into Maiyr’s body and he did NOT stab himself, whew!

Eventually, Sprocket and Darvin went to bed. I sat up with Maiyr until he sobered up and stopped waiting with drawn swords for the halfling to run back out of him. As the sun came up, we stopped by the stables to put charcoal handprints all over Darvin’s horse (a very patient horse), then went to bed.

Later that morning, I asked if the lord’s friends had arrived. I was told - later today! So I walked out to the burned farmstead, and found no one. Back at the keep, I asked the lord about helping that family, then donated the cost of building a new farm for them. I don’t know what more we could have done, yet feel bad they lost their place! Sprocket had been buying and selling treasure, and made out quite well! I don’t know what to do with so much money, and now we have a special bag to hold items without actually feeling the weight.

Finally, the lord’s friends have arrived. We can leave for the lich’s lair, and destroy it, and put my husband at peace. Ubtao bless our task!

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March 10, 2005


Sprocket's Journal

Uktar 23, 1373 DR, road between Thornhold and Pommeville

Lord Taricz had gone to the trouble of providing Widget and me a nice little war pony, so we decided to do our best to stay on it. I was not the only gnome in the war party: there is another Rock Gnome from the Heartlands who goes by Falrinn Blackrock. He’s a ranger that has never been to Lantan, and is probably the least talkative gnome I’ve ever met, preferring instead to scout ahead of the party. The lack of conversation was more than made up for by another companion: Respin is a bard from Waterdeep; I wanted to ask this half elf if he’d met Maiyr before, even though Waterdeep is a huge city, but Maiyr was clearly avoiding the bard so I let the matter drop. A cleric of Helm called Melark has been providing healing as needed to our group; a divine spellcaster is a welcome addition to this party seeing that we are headed into zombie territory. In addition to the Lord and his Lady Deirdre, we are also accompanied by a sorcerous dwarf called Dagnal. Widget tells me that Dagnal has a toad with her, but didn’t seem inclined to talk with the creature.

In fact, Widget seems to be talking a lot himself. I’ve finally started to understand what he is saying, I mean, actual speech, as opposed to the combination of gestures and empathy we’ve used since he was just weaned as a ratling. He still squeaks a lot of what he’s saying, but it sounds more like Common to me, with a very thick rodent accent.

So, when Widget said, “there are two boats in that tree,” I had to stop to make sure I’d heard him correctly. Sure enough, we’d come to the same spot where we’d spent the night over an ankheg’s hunting ground, though now an additional boat was perched beside the first. We didn’t have time to ponder that though, as the gnomish scout came back to let us know there were at least forty assorted gnolls and undead headed our way from the road to Pommeville.

I’m not sure why, but Darvin and Nosila needed to double check what Falrinn saw. They hightailed back with an updated count of fifty shambling and yipping things on the way— skeletons, gnolls, skeletal gnolls, dire rats, zombies— and one of those had been an ogre in life. As the evil creatures came into view, I tried to slow things down by making the illusion of a gaping crevasse traversing the roadway (Widget helped by taking the reins of the pony). It worked, but the army continued forward, splitting in half as it navigated around the imagined pit.

Our new comrades cut through the undead with fireballs and other devastating spells. Once the monstrous horde had passed the illusion, I dropped it and I concentrated on slowing down the gnolls that were now surrounding an unconscious Maiyr, and then moved on to help finish off the reanimated ogre that was threatening Darvin. It’s a good thing I didn’t see how badly Nosila was injured, as she was on the opposite side of the fight and I would have been distracted (though I know Widget was keeping an eye on her). Once the last monster fell, Widget hurried over to Maiyr and rummaged in his pack to find a healing salve. It was enough to get the elf conscious again. Melark healed everyone that needed it, though we were sorry to see that three of our own men-at-arms did not survive the encounter.

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March 13, 2005

Interrupted Journey

Nosila's Journal

Finally, we started the journey back to the lich’s lair. Our new companions included a handful of men-at-arms, plus the lord’s friends and his sorcerer fiancee. There was a quiet ranger, a chatty bard, a grim cleric, and a curious sorcerer - a dwarven one! She and Sprocket chatted a lot. Maiyr and I decorated our horses with charcoal handprints to match Darvin’s, and we were off.

We had traveled about four hours when the ranger returned from a scouting trip with bad news: a force of undead and gnolls approaching, some forty of them! While the rest of the group got ready in a double line across the road, Darvin and I rode around to the side, planning to attack from behind. Partway there, we decided to attack from the side to avoid being struck by arrows coming straight through - but when we saw the attackers for ourselves, we headed back to our friends.

Along with some forty undead and gnolls, there were skeletons, dire rats, and an undead ogre! Darvin and I put aside our attempt at battlefield strategy, warned the others of the extra dangers, then settled into positions with the group. I ended up under a tree at one end of the line, watching as Sprocket made the image of a deep chasm appear across the road. This slowed the things down, and caused them to split into two groups to come “around” and attack. I shot a few arrows, but was quickly surrounded.

The fighting was long and hard. I remember fireballs doing a lot of damage to the enemy, and the cleric turning many to dust. I remember the bard’s singing was very inspiring, and I remember that several of the men-at-arms came to my aid. I saw my friends fighting to help Maiyr, who was down, and I remember feeling very weak and wounded by the time the men-at-arms and I got to the last of the attackers on our side of the “chasm”... and then the rage hit.

I easily killed the last gnoll, and ran lightly for the other half of the battle. Everything was dead except for the ogre, which had begun to shamble away from the power of the cleric. I chased it down and killed it very thoroughly! When my head cleared, I saw that Darvin had helped, too. I don’t know how I was on my feet by then! But every attacker was dead and the lord’s keep was safe. We buried our dead and burned the rest. Maiyr survived, thank Ubtao!

None of the undead were my husband. My task is yet unfulfilled.

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March 15, 2005


Sprocket's Journal

Uktar 23, 1373 DR, beyond Nedrezzar’s crypt

We arrived at Pommeville at dusk. The town was, if possible, even more rundown than when we’d last seen it just one week ago. We studiously avoided the tall, vacant wizard’s tower and concentrated our efforts on the half-built temple to Tiamat, which appeared deserted. We headed into the temple, and down to the “secret” entrance that took us into the altar room behind a statue. Nosila and I, and of course Widget, were the only ones to make it that far when Nosila spotted eight zombies— who spotted her too! She managed to get to the double doors to let the rest of the party engage the undead, and got zapped by the doors in the process—someone had hung them back up since our previous visit.

After a brief battle, the zombies lay motionless at our feet. Knowing the altar was trapped, I attempted to make the illusion of little Tiamat “amulets” for everyone to carry to let us pass. While I argued with the cleric Melark that he need not worship Tiamat to carry the symbol through a trap, Nosila found that it was a mute point— the trap could tell the difference. Once again, we were faced with four skeletal warriors leaping out from the altar. They were dispatched much more quickly than the last few times, and I told Darvin to use something other than his hands to strike the top of each of the four skulls on the altar to reveal the staircase. He did somehow manage to hit one with his hand and got a nasty prick from the trap as a result.

The unusual tension that Darvin seems to cause got out of hand at this point. He had his lit lantern and was complaining that there was no one to carry it for him while he used his two-handed weapon. Nosila, anxious to be done with the lich (and to kill her undead husband) grabbed the lantern to lead us down the stairs under the altar. Darvin got angry that she “stole” his property and grappled with the barbarian woman; they both fell down the steps with the lantern, causing the glass to shatter and the oil in it to splatter on them, in turn catching their clothing on fire as they arrived at the bottom of the steps. They landed at the feet of six more undead creatures, and had to fight them and put out the flames on their clothes simultaneously (not to mention, they were now smacking each other around too). I got to Nosila and attempted to put her out with water from my waterskin, but it wasn’t enough. I remembered from my schooling that the fire had to be smothered to go out, so I next dropped about a pound of banana cream on Nosila. That put the fire right out, though she howled about the sticky substance that replaced the flames.

The undead were finally defeated, I dismissed the banana cream, and Nosila and Darvin went right back to their brawl, resulting in Darvin landing unconscious on the stone floor. I suggested we pass him up the steps before going into the crypt, so he wouldn’t be trampled if we needed to make a hasty retreat.

As we attempted to go into the lich’s crypt, four shadows passed through the walls to engage us. I tried to scare them off with a well-placed sun, hoping they would leave an area with no real shadows in it, but it only provided light for my companions to more clearly see what to attack. I ended up dropping it in favor of an offensive spell when my companions were starting to look weak. Once the last of the shadows were dispatched, the impatient Melark flung open the crypt doors, taking the brunt of the spell that was on them.

The room was virtually empty, save for the sarcophagus (which Maiyr quickly determined was empty) and a scroll placed on its lid. Fearing a trap, I used a mage hand spell to unroll the scroll, opening it away from the party. Nothing happened, so I turned the scroll around to face us….

After a split-second of disorientation, I found myself with Maiyr, Nosila and the inert form of Darvin in a long narrow corridor. I realized Widget was not with me, and began to panic while Nosila and Maiyr fought over what to do with Darvin. Moments later (as Nosila and Maiyr were coming to blows over what to do), Widget appeared a few feet above me with a surprised squeak— luckily I caught him. The scroll had cast a spell that had affected us, and when we disappeared, he allowed the spell to carry him as well so I wouldn’t be alone.

As I was hugging Widget, I noticed that Nosila had just fallen at Maiyr’s feet. The elf then turned and thrust his sword through Darvin, killing him outright.

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March 20, 2005

Maiyr is evil

Nosila's Journal

We took the road to Pommeville - naturally, arriving near sundown. The outlying farms now looked to be utterly abandoned. The town itself was quiet, and we could see a half-built temple over the old entrance to the lich’s lair, plus a new-built tower. After a little talk, we lit torches and Darvin’s lantern, and headed for the lair’s front door.

It was a little odd to follow the familiar path, now rebuilt but still abandoned. We stood in the hall outside the double doors (no longer propped open by another party’s extra helmet), and wondered if the secret entrance into the temple chamber was still there. We checked the little side room, no giant centipedes this time, and found the secret door!

Sprocket looked it over, then we entered. I cracked the door behind the statue in the temple room, looking toward where the priests would be praying.. and saw several humanoid figures shambling at us, instead! We quickly stepped back, shut the door, and went back to the antechamber to tell the others that we were expected, after all.

Quickly describing the altar room to the lord and his company (the shock-causing symbol of Tiamat on the floor, especially), we got ready to pull the main double doors open and attack. Even though I was certain that the doors would shock, too (the symbols on them, perhaps?), I risked it, to get the party started. *ZAP* and I was behind the open door, watching the others shoot bullets and arrows and spells into the undead! None were my husband.

We explained about the skeletons which would magically appear to protect the altar when we stepped too close, and I figured that it would be a quick battle, like the one at the doors to the temple, but Sprocket decided to try to fool the altar by making symbols of Tiamat for everyone to carry. I held mine and watched as the cleric of Helm utterly refused to touch such a thing, despite Sprocket’s arguments. Realizing neither would budge, I stepped over the line, proving that the faked symbols didn’t matter to the skeletons (and forcing everyone to come to my aid, oops!).

Looking back, I begin to wonder if I was being possessed by Rocsoe’s mentality, myself!

Once we had the skeletons dispatched for the third or fourth time, we eyed the altar, trying to remember the halfling’s method of pressing down skulls to expose the stairs to the lich’s lair. Finally, Darvin used his sword (furthest reach) to give it a try, and soon the stairs were exposed. We then got into a discussion about who should walk down first. I don’t know if it was the quiet eye-rolling from the lord’s friends, or the realization that Sprocket and I were the only two to know the place and she shouldn’t go first, but I took Darvin’s lantern and headed down the steps.

Guess I’ve gotten used to him shoving his stuff at us, or else not being in a position to complain when we borrowed it. This time, I got about two steps down when he barrelled into me, hollering at the top of his lungs! We tumbled down the steps, into the unknown, breaking the lantern and setting ourselves on fire. When we hit the bottom, of course, we were attacked! A vial thrown down the steps smashed at my feet but didn’t stop the zombies from coming at me.. or Darvin from continuing to yell at me.

I was soon too busy fighting (and still burning) to listen to him. The others got there quickly and joined the fight; Sprocket first tried to put me out using water, then switched to some sweet and sticky cream. It worked, but I was rather grossed out. I needed a bath! At least she made the cream disappear after Maiyr dropped the last zombie. I quickly drank both healing potions the lord had supplied, and felt much better!

To my amazement (and more eye-rolling from the lord’s party), Darvin decided to yell at me some more. Over a lantern. What was he thinking? I hate to admit it, but I lost my temper a little. I threw the first punch. I thought he’d take the hint, but I ended up having to knock him out. I wasn’t up for hearing him rattle on about who caused what, when my husband - or the lich - could appear at any time! Even the bard was being quiet or else singing to inspire us!

Maiyr tied Darvin up and took him back to the top of the stairs, while the cleric opened the next set of doors - and suddenly screamed in pain! The lord pulled him away as four shadowy figues ghosted down the hall at us! I smashed a bottle of the grave’s bane at the feet of the things, not remembering that they could ghost through the walls, too, which they did! Sprocket made a bright light appear, while the dwarven sorcerer attacked with magic missiles. The bard sang, and I stepped up with my magic mace and attacked one, too. Amazingly, we did destroy them, though both Maiyr and the cleric were weakened.

This time, Maiyr didn’t wait to see what argument might ensue. He drank a potion, then ran very fast into the next room. I raced after him, fearing the worst, but the lich’s room was empty and so was its sarcophagus (he kicked the top off to check). As the others came in, Sprocket used a spell to carefully lift a rolled-up scroll without touching it, then open it to read - and a burst of magic filled the whole temple.

I found myself in a rough-cut stone passage, next to an unconscious Darvin, Sprocket and her rat, and Maiyr. The others were gone, I wonder where? The place was almost dark, but for a faint glow from one end of the tunnel. Maiyr announced that, before we went anywhere, he was going to kill Darvin to prevent any more trouble. I thought he was kidding, until I caught the gleam of his dagger!

I stood over Darvin, wishing I hadn’t pummelled him quiet after all! Maiyr came at us and I fought back. To my very great grief, I had been injured already in the fighting, and quickly hit the floor. I saw Sprocket pressed against the wall, eyes wide, and then darkness.

I woke up to the sight of Darvin dead and stripped of useful belongings, and Maiyr already heading down the tunnel. I don’t know what to say; we need each other to get out of here... but Maiyr is evil.

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March 21, 2005

No More Shadow

Maiyr's Journal

The large party regrouped quickly after the battle and continued on its course. The town of Pommeville was only a few hours ahead. We walked somewhat somberly, although I did get to enjoy some of the bard’s amusements. Still my human shadow was behind me.

We reached the town and not a sound, sight, or smell was to be found of the humans that lived there. There was talk of which way to go, finally we agreed on going strait to the lich’s stronghold. I have never had a chance to fight a lich before.

We found two entrances, and split to go in each way. For once my shadow followed someone else; I hope the barbarian doesn’t mind.

Once inside we met the rest of the party at a set of large gilded doors. Nosila opened the doors and I could see some sparks flying from the trap she had set off. Looks like it hurt a little. In my years, I have never heard those particular curse words used in that order.

Once the doors opened the party was faced with a handful of undead, after a few arrows and bolts into their midst, the cleric stepped up and destroyed the remaining with his holy symbol. Then as the cleric and Sprocket started to argue, someone triggered another trap and a group of skeletons appeared in the altar room. I ran forward for the easy pickins.

Darvin and Nosila took the two on the left, and I took the two on the right. It was a short battle, yet the other two took some damage. Sprocket and Nosila explained to Darvin how to open the altar to reveal some steps to the lich’s hidden chambers. Despite their warnings of the poisoned needles, Darvin got his hand in the way. Wow, he looked pissed.

Then they started in again, Sprocket poked at Darvin’s ego (about who holds the lantern) and he screamed back about her proper place in battle. That is when Nosila, tired of the rant, grabbed Darvin’s lantern and headed off down the steps. Rage filled his eyes as he screamed about stealing his lantern and the fool actually then tackled Nosila down the steps. And a tumbling-flaming-argument rolled down the steps.

Rushing down the steps to help them, I found the two still arguing while they tried to put the flames out, oh and fight the team of zombies and skeletons that were waiting for them. Darvin was getting his flames out quicker so I leaped to Nosila’s side and tried to get her some room. With a bit of aid from the steps we quickly destroyed this new foe. Oh if it would have just stopped then.

Darvin and Nosila were more than worse for wear, so they took their potions and then it got ugly. Darvin began his rant about his lantern, apparently forgetting he was provoking a barbarian. Nosila quickly lost her temper and began pummeling him. It was almost amusing, except for the fact that are twenty feet from a lich who wants to kill us, and they want to make all kinds of racket and distract the party from the real threat. This will not end well.

Finally Darvin was silenced with a brutal knee to his jaw. He dropped to the floor and unconsciousness kept his tongue silent. Realizing that if he came to again he would start this all over again, no matter the circumstance, I tied him up and took him up the stairs to the altar room. I can’t decide which is more dangerous, the lich or the combination of Darvin and the two ladies.

After returning to the bottom of the steps the cleric screamed in pain and ran past me, usually not a good sign.

Some four of wraith-like creatures came from the door he was trying to open. Soon the creatures were destroyed, but not without a great deal of damage to us. Both I and the cleric had been severely drained and the party as a whole looked scared. It is times like this where many campaigns are lost. So, hoisting my swords up into the air I charged through the doors to the lich’s tomb.

Drained and bruised, I was no threat to any lich, but my attempt to inspire the fading hopes of the party were worth it. As I charged through the doors I heard a dozen screams of charge following me. The tomb had a paper on top, but I wasn’t going to stop and read now, no time to kill a lich. I kicked the sarcophagus open to see emptiness. Then a flash.

When my senses returned I was in hallway with Nosila, Sprocket, and my shadow Darvin. There on the floor, still tied up. Nosila looked at me and read the thoughts in my eyes. I tell her to step aside and let me free us of his madness. She stood above him and told me no. After slapping him to near death, she wants to protect him?

I pulled my swords and warned her to step aside. She swung once and it was on. My weakness and lack of desire to kill her, combined with her decision to only fight me with her hands made it an ugly fight. I had tried the sides of my blades, but she didn’t budge so I pulled the kid gloves off. It may have been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I hit her repeatedly with my scimitars until she fell to the floor near death. That and the next thing will haunt me for a long time.

I looked over my shoulder to see what Sprocket was going to do. She looked away without saying a word. I returned my eyes to my shadow, and with one motion I took his life. Then I moved over to the bleeding form of Nosila, and patched her up as good as I could and then poured a potion of healing down her throat. She came awake and moved away from me. I can’t really blame her.

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