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Desert Wonderings

Areon’s Journal

We are 11 days out of Llorkh now, and into the Anauroch Desert. We have begun traveling at night and resting during the day to keep us out of the heat.

The tenday before we made it to the desert we were attaced twice, once by goblings led by a strage wolf-goblin creature, and once by a bluette. We have the armored plates of the bluette stored in the back of the wagons now, and I hope that we will be able to trade them for something once we return to civilization.

I am still working on my bow...though the lack of excitement has allowed me to work a great deal on it. I belive I will finsh it in another tenday, and be able to start working on the huge pile of fletching supplies I have stacked in my backpack.

I have started wondering though about learning some arcane magic to aid my skill with a bow. My mother told me of elves who learn some arcane arts to make their attacks more powerful, and I have seen how well theona’s wand seems to work on strong creatures. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me make my arrows sap a creatures strength.

Posted by Tim on August 14, 2005, 11:14 | Areon’s Journal