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July 6, 2005

Unanimous Decision

Ebin's Journal

Well, we are alive for the moment, but with the size of that sarcophagus I’m guessing it’ll be a miracle if we see the end of the week.

After getting off the roof of the building we devised a plan to attack the hydra. It sort of worked and after several tactical retreats we were able to slay the beast, but that was the least of our worries. We tried several ideas to get sunlight into the large stone coffin we found, but nothing worked. As the sun began to set we made the first unanimous decision I’ve ever seen any group make. We ran and hid for the night.

We heard a very angry howl during the night, but the vampire was unable to find us. I hope to deal with it during the day tomorrow. It’s either that or we run some more. I hate the undead.

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July 9, 2005

Realizing Potential

Areon's Journal

Our journey through the Evermoors has been anything but uneventful, and I have had little time to set aside to write in this journal. Theona is keeping watch right now, and I decided I would write a little in my journal.

We cleared out the troll cave (or a least most of it) and found two caravan gaurds and a prisoner troll. We freed the troll (kind of) and after Deitricha remembered that she was just like any normal cleric and has a vast number of helpful spells, she arranged to be a translator for a few minutes every day. Rosorc headed back to Yartar with the caravan survivors and we headed north with the troll. I also managed to collect a very nice looking greatsword. I know it has a magical aura, and I am hoping that it turns out to be useful, if I can get it identified. I have been using it as a normal sword since then, in hopes that I might realize some of its potential.

We followed the troll’s direction to a fortress a few days northward in the Evermoors. We attempted to wander in, and were met with giant, ogre, and hobgoblin resistance, led by an ogre magi. Beowulf died in our first attempt to enter the fortress, and we were found by 4 Yartaran militia, one of whom is a human who bears an elven name (Ebin Starsliver). So far I think very little of him, as he seems to be looking for a fight and nothing else, nor does he seem to care about his own well being, let alone others.

We attempted to find a way into the fortress again, and were attacked by more of its defenders. We barely managed to suvive the rooftop battle, but we killed the defenders that had sent us packing the first time. Tyan blew a hole in the fortresses roof, revealing a hydra, which we also managed to kill (after the first battle). Ebin once again showed his amazing intellectual power by attacking the hydra head on with out support. After he was healed (by Deitricha, of course) we worked together and killed it.

We then found a giant sarcophagus (which we belive is a vampire, thanks to another of Deiticha’s many useful Divination spells). and while we tried to think of how we could open it while the sun was shining (on it) we were at a loss. when the sun began to set we decided (amazingly) that it would be a good idea to set up camp for the night.

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July 11, 2005

Peaceful for a while

Ebin's Journal

We tossed around a couple ideas to expose the vampire to sunlight, until it started to rain. Areon said it looked like it was going to rain for a couple of days so it was decided we crack open the coffin and kill it the old fashioned way, with brute force. After hammering on the lid for a while we got a small hole in the top. Tyan dropped a spell as I backed up a bit. The lid exploded up and out and the large vampire leaped from it. Due to the immense cloud coverage, the sunlight never touched it as it rose from its sleep. Two thoughts ran through my head at this moment. The first was I needed to protect them from this beast so they can complete this mission. The second I spoke out loud, “this is going to hurt.” I muttered as I charged forward to attack the vampire. I got nailed twice and was barely standing so I decided get back, take some healing and attack again. The creature hit me again....

All was peaceful for a while. I was resting in an open field. I’m not sure how long I was there, only that after a time I heard a voice telling me I wasn’t done yet and that I needed to go back. I said “okay.” Looking up I see the face of some guy chanting over me. I soon notice that I’m in a tavern and my current companions tell me that we were victorious against the vampire and they decided to have me raised. Grateful to be back, even though I’m confused of my “dreams” while I was out, I figured I should travel with them a while longer. Well, we’ll see where this leads me.

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July 13, 2005

The Dead and the Quick

Theona's Journal

Eleasis 11, 1373 DR, Yartar

The night was uneventful, and at dawn we went back to the fortress, taking care to make sure there were no additional occupants before heading back to the enormous crypt. That turned out to be lucky, as we found some footlockers in one of the first rooms we’d fought in, one of which in turn yielded some rather nice gems and over a thousand gold pieces. And, lest I forget, an insignia with three red slashes on it. I’m told it’s “The Chill” who are a mercenary band of hobgoblins. Was, I guess, would be more accurate.

We checked a few more rooms and found nothing alive (or dead and moving), though Tyan found some magical arrows that Areon is now carrying, and we found a stockpile of barrels of cheap wine— Deitricha and I quickly filled some flasks (and found Glitch was suddenly shimmying up our arms to get his fill) and began to discuss how to best take the remainder with us. Then, almost as one, we decided it was time to go put an end to the large abomination on the far side of the fortress.

The hydra was still dead (though moved out of the corridor) and the holes were still in the roof. We decided that sunlight might be a good thing to defeat the vampire; however, Areon pointed to the overcast skies— sun was not going to be with us today, and likely not the next either. Deitricha couldn’t tell us much about vampires, but she had divined that the silver tiger was with the undead giant, so without further ado, we began to break a hole through the stone top of the sarcophagus. I really hoped we could just make a hole over its heart (Ebin suggests that is a vital spot when trying to defeat undead) and vanquish it without ever having to face it, but one spell from Tyan through that crevice enraged it so much that it threw back the lid— fracturing the lid into dozens of shards that hit my friends and me.

Ebin then said, “This is going to hurt!” and rushed headlong into the creature, while Deitricha attempted to turn it with divine power; and then damage it with some sort of holy light. Tyan tossed spells at it as well, while Areon and I attempted to do some (unfortunately minimal) damage with our bows. My wand that normally enfeebles our opponents did nothing to this creature! First it grabbed Ebin and snapped him in half, tossing the corpse aside, and then it reached out and killed Deitricha with a touch.

Tyan finished the foul creature off with a spell, and I made some desperate attempts to revive Deitricha to no avail. I had no idea how hard that would hit me. I didn’t even find any joy in looting the tomb, though I was somewhat relieved to see that, at long last, we had the silver tiger in our possession. While Areon looked it over, and Tyan checked over some scrolls and potions found in the sarcophagus, I took some small pleasure in removing the fangs from the hill giant vampire’s skull. I also placed a silver necklace we’d just found around Deitricha’s neck.

At least she looked peaceful— poor Ebin was on the verge of being in two pieces. I realized that whatever he had been, his sacrifice was definitely not what I consider Zhent-like behavior.

We also had collected a statue of a lion, some gems, and a very large sum of gold. It would be a three-day trip down the river on the raft that Areon was fashioning from wooden doors. We could easily carry all of the treasure we’d found in our bags of holding, and we realized we could carry our deceased companions in them as well, and maybe we’d have enough to get them raised. I had to ponder that one for a long while. Elves don’t tend to do that, but our companions are human and deserve as much life as they can get.

This makes me wonder about Tyan. He’s quite obviously human (and male), yet seems to be holding on to this mortal coil remarkably well for one so fragile. On the other hand, he’s only traveled with us for a week.

The journey down the river was without incident, though we got to throw some half-hearted insults at several ettins along the banks at one point. Yartar seems pretty much the same; I wonder if Rosorc and his caravan companions are still in town?

I suppose we could have taken Deitricha to her own temple in Silverymoon, since we have to head that way next, but I wanted to get this raising thing done before the unnaturalness of it made us back out. Fortune seemed to be with us though as a cleric of Lathander who was visiting was willing to help us. For an awkward moment I realized we did not have enough coin for both Deitricha and Ebin, but when I told how they died and that I had the vampire’s fangs as proof of our victory, the cleric accepted the teeth as payment for half of his services.

I hope Areon doesn’t mind too much, but after seeing friends come back after being dead for three days, I need a few stiff drinks. Maybe more than a few.

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July 15, 2005

Well. *That* was sudden.

Deitricha's Journal

Daylight came quietly. We broke camp, and re-entered the fortress at the broken-down wall where Beowulf had lost his life. The bodies of our enemies were still there, so we searched them for anything useful, then moved on to the barracks and checked beds and chests. We found the insignia of the hobgoblin mercenary band “The Chill” on everything, and I fear the rest of them won’t be pleased with what happened here! We also found some gems and gold, and added them to our own stash.

We moved further into the building, sending Glitch on ahead under doors and around corners to see what lay ahead. Everything was quiet until he found the kitchen! We took as much food as we could carry, then Theona, Glitch and I had a well-deserved drink from the wine casks while the others explored some more. We followed when they found the weapons room, but there wasn’t much left that hadn’t rotted. I think Areon found some arrows. We walked around some more, found the front doors, then opened a lot more doors. Theona and I refilled our personalized mugs with wine a few times while the others looked over some more barracks. Finally, we walked over the bridge to the room with the sarcophagus.

The hydra still lay in a heap in the corner of the entrance room, and there were still holes in both rooms’ ceilings. Tyan climbed up to check the sarcophagus from overhead, and found it closed. He also chucked a rock at the hydra to be sure it was dead. It was. We all began to wonder if the vampire was even still here – or if the statue was! I sat down and prayed to my goddess, divining that the statue was, indeed, still in the fortress. I then asked about the sarcophagus and got a mixed response: I guessed to the others that both the vampire and the statue were inside!

We waited outside the room while Tyan cast scintillating spheres of force inside, cracking the sarcophagus’ lid and bringing down more of the roof. Ebin went up on the roof to help smash more of it in, then came down to bash on the sarcophagus. After a while, a very small hole was made. Tyan was all ready to cast a powerful spell through the crack when Areon stopped him, worried that the statue, too, would be damaged! Ebin took a quick look through the crack and said that a giant form was definitely in there, so Tyan used an acid spell on it.

What a response! The lid flew off – and shattered into thousands of sharp shards! We were all hurt, but the sight of the vampire banished the pain from our thoughts. It was over ten feet tall, and very angry! At least the sun was up, which slowed it, but the sky was overcast and drizzling – not much help. Theona cast enfeeblement at it, and I was about to cast searing light when Ebin charged into the fray, so I tried to turn the creature instead. It didn’t work; worse, when Ebin tried to get away from the thing, it smashed him into the ground, then picked him up and drained him of all his blood! It was terrible!

I cast searing light and hurt the thing badly, but also got its attention. Tyan cast another blast of acid at it, Areon ran for the sarcophagus and joyfully held up the silver tiger statue, and the giant clubbed me into the floor.

I remember telling my goddess that I was disappointed; things had just gotten interesting!

Next thing I knew, I woke up in a strange temple and a strange town, with my friends all around me. They put together the money and made the effort to get Ebin and me raised, bless them!

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How not to wake a Vampire

Tyan's Journal

Well, the morning broke and to my surprise, we were all still alive. It took several minutes to convince Glitch that we were not playing a joke on him, that we were not all really turned into vampires overnight. But common sense prevailed and he came out of my backpack and ate the treats I had arranged for him and in a few minutes he was humming a small tune. A drinking dirge actually. Something about a simple farmer that took his pitchfork to a cave to kill a dragon. A sad story actually.

The party ate an awfully solemn and cold breakfast. We all agreed to head back to the ruins and finish the creature off. Though I believe we were not all doing this for the same reasons. Me and Glitch, we really hate evil things and do our best to stop them from hurting innocent people. Not that we don’t mind a fight now and then too.

This fighter, Ebin, he seems to want to fight anything that moves. He has no rational other than, “Can I hit it with a big stick?” Glitch wants me to learn to make an illusion of an orc, over where a tree really stands. Just to see how long he would fight it. I have seen many of his kind in my day; they usually don’t last long.

The elves, they are dwelling on the statue thing to the point of near insanity. Most rational individuals would stroll away at this point. Actually, I think only Areon thinks this way and Theona just want to make her man happy. Not that he seems to exactly notice these sorts of things. I know elves are supposed to be aloof, but neither of these two seem to be living in the same world as each other, or us.

Deitricha, well, she just seems to follow the elves. For following a deity of love, she sure likes to hand out a lot of pain. In fact she seems the giddiest when in battle and drinking. Glitch thinks she ate a barbarian.

I think that is what I like about this group; they are all a little bit insane. I have discovered that on the surface they all seem mentally stable, but if you start to look below the surface, they are anything but.

Together in task if not in purpose we prepared and set off towards the ruins. Wanting not to have anyone sneak up behind us again, we decided to clear the first tower before moving on. We found some odd things. We got a couple uniforms from a mercenary group called “The Chill,” a handful of magical arrows, a lot of fine meats, and the favorite of the ladies and Glitch … a barrel of wine.

The three of them began drinking, and the other three of us started looking around harder. Soon we were joined by a trio of … umm…. happy friends. The rest of the place was empty and we made our way to the other tower. This tower was also empty, except for the vampire. This is where the fun started, the fun that must be documented to be studied by others who wish to kill a vampire. Documents that tell what the heck not to do.

—First we tried to open the ceiling up more to let in more sun before opening the sarcophagus to kill the vampire.

Ok, it was overcast and starting to rain. Then the party wondered if the vampire was still in there, or even alive. So after entirely too much bickering I made everyone stand back for I had decided to do both open ceiling and the sarcophagus at once. Ok, maybe not an elegant solution, but hey what are sorcerers for?

—Ceiling is opened and the sarcophagus is cracked.

Now we tried looking in from up close, which in review was maybe our most bone-headed of ideas. We see the creature, and it is not moving. Well, now we are wondering if it is alive. Again the squabble begins. Here folks, is where a party leader is important. And since we don’t really have one, nobody stopped me again. I asked everyone to back up, and they did. I looked in the crack at the body from about 20 feet away and cast my most powerful acid spell. As I finished my hand movements and watched the orbs of acid fly into the body I received a confirmation that the vampire was alive. What confirmation do you ask? Well, apparently when you attack a vampire in his sarcophagus, they like to stand up so quickly and violently that the sarcophagus explodes.

—Vampire alive and angry.

Quickly I backed up, some sort of instinct for self survival. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the others doing the same, well, except for Ebin. I think where he grew up they never heard of vampires, or had anyone say don’t charge the big powerful undead thing. No, where he grew up they just charge in, and he did. I will give him credit, he did last four or five seconds before the vampire, which was a giant in case I forgot to mention, snapped his limp body up and ripped his head half off, then drank his blood as if the body was just a tavern mug of ale. We all attacked with bow and spell, except Areon. No, his logic sent him around to the back side of the beast. At first I thought to get a better angle or to confuse the beast. Nope, he snuck in and grabbed the statue and back up. He had the look of a man about to run and abandon his party. I will never know if that would happen because the three things that happened almost at once. Deitricha cast a spell that hurt the vampire badly. The vampire hit her with his club and fist and she dropped to into death’s darkness. Lastly I hit the beast with a giant ball of lightning finishing the battle that killed two of my friends.

The battle over, we went to our downed friends. Sadly the best we could hope for was to take their bodies to the nearest town and hope a powerful cleric was there. We spent the next day crafting a raft, and making sure there was no more treasure left behind. Then we loaded the bodies of our friends and loot of our journey onboard and drifted down stream.

I have to give him credit; Areon can build a nice raft. The trip went without incident, and we arrived in the town this entire trip into the swamp started in. To our luck there was a cleric in town who with a little convincing and a lot of gold was able to bring our friends back to life.

Sometimes when I see such miracles I begin to wonder if I chose the wrong path in life. If I should have listened to my mother, and become a cleric. I think of all the healing and protection I could have given people. The lives I could have touched. The children I could have cured of illnesses.

Then I think of the huge ball of electricity enveloping a group of charging orcs. The site of their hair standing on end as their eyes swell and stare blankly in pain. Oh no, I made the right decision, and tonight I will raise a toast to that decision with my very best friend Glitch.

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July 18, 2005

Tense and Twitchy

Ebin's Journal

We found someone in town to teleport us directly to the barbarian tribe that the statue belongs to. It was kind of tense for a while being as we dropped right in the middle of camp. Fortunately for us Areon knows them well and they accepted us and the statue gratefully. There was a feast and a place to spend the night. In the morning we went to visit Areon’s parents. Nice people. After a quick breakfast Tyan asked if they could teleport us somewhere, and without batting an eye they asked where we wanted to go. After some discussion we were teleported to a town a few miles from the desert. I forget the name, but it’s obvious it’s an evil place. It’s full of the Zhents that Theona keeps talking about, and she was twitching like mad. It obviously took all her will to not kill everything on sight. We got some supplies for our desert trek and later in the day we left town to go find the ruins of some place or other and get some powerful artifacts before some Red Wizards do. This sounds like it will be entertaining if nothing else. I just hope Theona relaxes before she has a heart attack.

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July 19, 2005

Fit to Be Tied

Theona's Journal

Eleasis 14, 1373 DR, departing Llorkh

Things started out well enough. We found that we could (for a hefty sum) be teleported from Yartar right to the Red Tiger tribe’s um, camp, and deliver the silver tiger that day. For as long as it’s been missing from the tribe, it probably was best that we got it there so quickly. The chief was so pleased he offered Areon a boon, and told us we were welcome in the camp. He also updated us on the local happenings; apparently, the People of the Black Blood in the Moonwood were up to something lycanthropic.

At this point, it finally dawned on me that Areon’s parents lived here, and I looked like I’d been spit out by that hydra, so I quietly asked where the bathhouse was. I got a few blank looks and someone pointed to a nearby stream. Deitricha decided a bath was a good idea, so off we went. The water was freezing even in the middle of summer, and I felt like we were being watched, but it got the job done. I asked Deitricha for any tips on meeting parents for the first time and she told me to try and stay sober. Oh.

The Elauwits live in a tree, similar to my house, but without a clear means of entering. This wasn’t a problem for Areon or me, obviously, and I was amazed that Tyan and Deitricha also were able to haul themselves up the tall tree, but Ebin, in his heavy plate, mostly lay on his back near the truck, wind knocked out of him. I was afraid we’d offend our hosts if we tossed him a rope (he would not remove the mail!), but Areon took pity and tossed him a rope to climb.

They must have been aware that we were coming, as they had a large breakfast prepared for us. To be honest, I think I should have probably had one or two flasks of ale before the visit, as I was nervous and don’t remember anything else about my time there, and I wasn’t paying attention at all to the conversations going on around me.

Someone in our circle of friends grabbed my hand and there was a lurch, and we were standing just outside of a very busy town, someplace much warmer than the Coldwood. Llorsk. I had heard of it— it’s crawling with Zhents! What on Toril did we do to deserve this? I also realized, ruefully, that we completely bypassed Ascalhorn, a place I have really been hoping to visit.

I tried diplomacy with the guard at the west gate; when asked what our business was, I tipped him a silver and asked to be pointed to the best tavern and best drink to order once there. Apparently this is something the guard was an expert on, and we were directed to the Dark Raven and told to order a round of a beverage called “Dragon’s Breath.” The tavern was dimly lit and rather quiet, but the ale was okay and seemed to clear my head somewhat. Ebin’s seemed consumed by the urge to buy “desert” gear; I seemed to recall that someone suggested we go to the Anauroch Desert.

Ebin and Tyan had way too much fun shopping in this evil-infested city; coming back to the tavern with four camels, two wagons, a lot of water and rations, a large tent and an assortment of hot-climate garb. As they were showing us their purchases, I noticed a ten-wagon caravan leaving through the west gate; their wagons emblazoned with the hateful yellow Z on a black oval background. It has been suggested to me that I not try to take out the entire caravan (as if that was something I was prone to do), and we are letting them have a rather good “head start” so that we don’t bump into them somewhere out in the desert. Maybe we won’t bump into any sand either.

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July 20, 2005


Deitricha's Journal

My comrades and I talked over how best to get the rescued silver tiger statue back to its proper owners over a good meal and several mugs of ale. It felt good to be alive! When we realized that it would take over twenty days to get back to Silverymoon, and then several more to get to the Red Tiger tribe, with who knows what searching for us, it seemed a good idea to ask about a quicker method. Luckily, we were able to pay for a teleport right to the Red Tiger tribe…

Which landed us right in the middle of a large encampment of human barbarians, who were unpleasantly surprised by our sudden appearance! Thank Tymora, they recognized Areon and put their weapons away, leading us to their chief, Garth. Areon told them how he’d fulfilled the quest he left the tribe to accomplish, and handed over the statue. They were very pleased! Then, Theona gave Garth the copy, explaining what the artisans had been doing with the statue after it was stolen. The chief was disturbed by that, but glad to be forewarned. He then offered Areon a boon on behalf of the whole tribe.

By now, Tyan and Glitch were hungry and thirsty (like we hadn’t just teleported out of a town?), so the tribe set out to have a big feast and celebration. I listened to Tyan chatting up everyone while he eyed the girls; he found out that the denizens of the Moonwood have been raiding more often lately, but I don’t think any girls caught his eye. I’m not sure where Glitch was, either, now that I think of it…

We took the time to tell Ebin about the ruined tombs in the Anauroch Desert, and how the Red Wizards seemed to be interested in the same place. He was interested in finding out how much treasure and magic was left in those tombs, too, so I guess we’ll all stick together a while longer. I don’t know what else they talked about, because Theona suddenly grabbed me and announced that she wanted a bath! The first barbarian woman we asked pointed us to the creek, and off we went.

I’m glad I had a couple of drinks in me beforehand, because it was not a warm evening at all. Still, I was too curious about why Theona wanted to get all cleaned up not to go! We took turns with soap and water and holding up a cloak in case someone walked by, and I found out that we’re going to see Areon’s parents tomorrow. Ah, ha! Poor Theona was so worried about what they’d think of her, she was even asking me for advice! About all I could think of was to tell her NOT to have a shot of anything stronger than water beforehand… no matter how much she thought she needed it!

The next morning, we thanked the tribe for their hospitality and headed into the woods. Areon stopped in the wildest-looking part and climbed straight up a tree trunk! Most of us were able to follow, except for Ebin in his plate mail armor, so Areon dropped him a rope. Eventually, we were all eating breakfast with his parents, listening as they asked him all about where he’d been and what he’d done. They were pleasant enough to us all but I didn’t see if they distinguished Theona… maybe it’s some secret elf thing? Maybe not; she spent most of the time kind of in the background, eyeing the room (and at one point telling me she wanted a bath again. Guess that’s what she does when she’s nervous? I thought having to pull her out of the bath after her “date” with Rosorc was a fluke!).

It turned out that Areon’s mother can also teleport, and she was glad to help us get to the closest city by the Anauroch Desert. We need to buy desert gear in Llorkh, since we have no idea what we’ll find at the tombs - or if we’ll find them! After a quick goodbye and good luck, she left us in a field outside the city walls. Tyan, again, seemed to think he and Glitch would be recognized… but wouldn’t elaborate. I’m sure we’ll find out if it’s important! Still, the guards let us all in with only a few questions and a small toll.

The guards suggested the Dark Raven tavern as a likely inn, and “dragon’s breath” for a good drink. We walked into the city of a few thousand people… and got a little worried. Ebin headed right off to find an armory, to exchange his plate mail for something better suited for the desert, while the rest of us had to pass a large temple to the Prince of Lies to get to the tavern! The common room was dimly lit; Areon put his back to the wall while the rest of us sat around a table and ate some dinner. We talked over what we’d need for our journey; I volunteered that I could create food and water, and Theona pointed out that I could also help everyone endure the elements as well. Finally, we headed out to do some shopping. Areon thinks it will take thirty days just to get there, much less how long we’ll stay or how long to return!

Although the town was full of worshippers of an evil god, we weren’t harassed. I was relieved! We picked up wagons, camels, barrels of water and food, tents and desert clothing. Ebin suggested finding a guide, but I think Areon feels up to the task, himself. I was just beginning to relax when a caravan leaving the east gate caught my eye. I was puzzling out the small black oval with a yellow “Z” inside it, when I heard a hiss beside me and turned to grab Theona’s arm before she went berserk! After all these weeks of paranoia, she finally had many Zhents in front of her - and none of us would let her act. Poor elf!

Well, we plied her with ale and begged her to behave, since making a scene was pointless in a town like this one. I don’t think she agreed with us that a full frontal attack was suicidal, but she did calm down enough for us to finish our purchases. I decided to ignore the glint in her eye… after all, we are also headed east toward the desert in the morning, and elves don’t sleep much!

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July 26, 2005


Theona's Journal

Eleasis 19, 1373 DR, east of Graypeak Mountains

Areon and I took the first wagon (he drove, I sat with my crossbow ready) and the humans took the second. A little ways out of the despicable town of Llorkh, we encountered an elderly traveler whose donkey and cart were stuck in a muddy ditch by the road. In spite of the fact that he was heading towards the Zhentish town, we stopped to help him and “Bessy” pull the wagon out of the ditch. Afterwards, the near-sighted “Trevor” offered to sell us any wares he had in his wagon; even though we’d just shopped for everything we needed in town, Ebin bought all the holy water the man had, and I bought all of his fishhooks and twine (somehow I didn’t imagine he encountered a lot of fishers where he was coming from). I just gave him what coin I had— I couldn’t imagine I’d need it in the desert anyway. Tyan thought it was odd that I’d do that, as the peddler would have to be rich to have the amount of exotic items he had in the wagon— I couldn’t honestly say what came over me. Trevor thanked us and wished us a good journey, and I swear he winked at us as he and his donkey headed off towards the town.

A while later, I noticed the twine I’d tucked in my robe pocket had become much heavier and began to spill out; upon inspection, I saw that it had turned into some sort of rubbery rope that smells, well, like a troll. The rope seems to be able to generate any extra length needed. The fishhooks had become 5 very fine (and obviously magical) bolts. Right as I was noticing that, I heard Ebin say that his vials of holy water had taken on the same hue as healing potions. I feel bad that we didn’t give Trevor more gold for these obviously wondrous items, but then, I suspect now that Tyan is right that the man didn’t really need our coin.

Our first night out was so completely uneventful, that during my watch, I showed Glitch how to tie knots. Now, I’m not sure why a rat would want to know how to do this, but he seemed pretty pleased with himself as he scurried off to find Tyan afterwards.

The next several days and nights also passed uneventfully as we traveled through the Graypeak Mountains, though we occasionally found ourselves using a camp that the Zhents ahead of us had used just the prior evening. We also once saw a red dragon in the distance, but it either didn’t see us, or didn’t care.

The fifth night we were attacked in our camp. It happened on Areon’s watch, and either he was completely surprised (which is unlikely) or did not feel that he was threatened, as I didn’t register that he was in trouble enough to come out of my reverie right away. When I did, it was to see him being pulled down by goblin-riding worgs; there were six of each and they were attacking my friends! From the entrance of my tent I shot at several that were attacking Tyan; all of my friends were prone by the time a goblin-wolf creature (which I now know is called a barghest) went after Ebin, so I moved to attack it. Most of my bolts passed right through it, including one of the ones Trevor had given me.

Soon we had dispatched the wargs and goblins who had not run away and were left with the wolf-thing. I pulled out my wand to enfeeble it, thinking perhaps that would work better than a bolt, when Ebin stepped in front of it and told us not to attack it, lest we incur his wrath. Well, Deitricha and Areon both ran forward to attack the creature and Tyan cast a damaging spell at it. Since Ebin was moving to intercept my friends, I cast the enfeeblement on him. He seemed to go into some sort of rage at that point, and, even though wounded by Tyan’s spell, elected to charge me. Bad move. I enfeebled him again, and he managed to trip over what I can only assume where boot laces that had been mysteriously knotted together. The barghest took this opportunity to vanish from the camp.

At that point, I was able to plant my own boot in the middle of Ebin’s back, and my rapier was pointed at the back of his neck; all the while, Ebin continued to make threats at me, until Tyan cast something called “Touch of Idiocy” on the human fighter, causing him to drool more and threaten less. Tyan said we had a few minutes to deal with Ebin before he got his strength back, so we tied him to a wagon wheel for the remainder of the night.

Thankfully, by dawn, he wasn’t making threats any longer and seemed more himself, so we opted to untie him before moving the wagons out. I am not sure I can trust him, though it was obvious he was under some sort of charm spell, which I know humans can easily fall prey to; it should not have made him bloodthirsty towards his real companions.

By evening, we had traveled out of the Graypeak Mountains and were headed for the plains….

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July 30, 2005

Roads Less Traveled

Areon's Journal

We managed to slay the vampire the next day, but at the cost of both Detiricha and Ebin. We built a raft from a fortress door and floated downstream, taking the 2 bodies with us. After landing a few days later in Yartar, they were raised by a cleric of Lathander, who insisted on raising both after hearing their cause of death. I think it would have been more ironic had help come from a cleric of Illmater.

After our party was (bodily) whole. We looked for a means of transport to Silverymoon and North to my home in the cold wood. I wanted to take our time and perhaps make some money by going with a caravan. Tyan planned on riding in luxury, and the rest of the group decided we were hiring a wizard to teleport us to the cold wood (because traveling in a large well-armed caravan is not safe enough). Deitricha and Ebin fronted the money, and the wizard whisked us off to the Cold Wood.

The Silver Tiger is now returned, and the Red Tiger Tribe has afforded me with one Boon. Which is basically whatever I wish. I couldn’t think of anything to ask of them, however, but perhaps I will once I return again. (That isn’t completely true. I had a wish come to the front of my mind, but I’d rather have the healing abilities of the cleric (even if that is all she think she can do) that 2 more barbarians.)

We met my parents for breakfast and told them of our adventures. My parents did not seem overly impressed with the metal-clad member of our group (he couldn’t even climb the tree to our house), though they seemed to enjoy meeting everyone else. Until my mother made a sarcastic comment about us expecting her to teleport us somewhere else and all the humans jumped at the opportunity. My mother quietly collected a few scrolls, and teleported us to the city of Llorkh.

We entered the city without any trouble and quickly split up to purchase desert gear. Tyan returned with wagons, camels and a large supply of food and water.

Theona and I both purchased clothing to help us through the desert and we gathered our things, getting ready to head east. Theona has been seeing symbols for the Zhentarim all over the place and has been ancy to either attack them or escape them, so we headed out the next morning, as early as possible.

Our travels have been mostly uneventful, other than an attack of goblins and a strange wolf/goblin hybrid creature who managed to make Ebin attack us.

We also helped an old man on our way. His wagon had gotten stuck in a ditch, so we helped him out of it, then bought a few of his wares. A few hours later the common items we bought turned out to be magical items that would be quite useful. I almost wish that I had bought something from him, though I am not sorry I didn’t. I think that I have enough to survive on my own. I wonder though, if everyone else does....

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Ebin's Journal

Every traveler has heard this story. Adventurers come across an old man in need of some assistance. So our adventurers help him out and receive some small trinket in return for the favor. Later on the small trinket turns out to be a major magic item. Most of us tend to dismiss it as a drunken story, or a means to encourage others to help fellow travelers, either way no one really believes it to be true. Until recently I thought the same way. We had left town and hadn’t gone far when we came across this old man attempting to get his mule to pull his cart out of the mud. We stopped to help and bought some small items off of him and bid him a good day being as he was traveling in the other direction. Later that night Theona had discovered that the twine she bought off the old man had turned into troll gut rope, and her fishing hooks had become magic arrows. On inspection Deitrica told me that the flasks of holy water I purchased had become a major healing potion. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I swore to myself that I would pay more heed to similar stories because I know no one will believe me unless they had experienced the same thing.

We traveled a couple of day with no trouble till one night. I was startled out of a deep sleep to sounds of fighting, and found us under attack. Goblins on wolf back. It was fun for a while, but just as we were staring to clear thing out this strange goblin-wolf like creature leaped out of nowhere. It seemed to be here one second and gone the next. I attempted to fight it, but was unable, then suddenly I got the sensation that this creature was our friend and we shouldn’t be fighting it. I tried to tell me companions it was all a big misunderstanding, but they then attacked me as well as it. Theona hurt me the most by damaging my strength, so I went after her, tripped, and was unable to get up. Something very heavy was on my back. Then everything thing seamed to be in a daze for a while. When the haze in my mind cleared I was tied to the wagon wheel.

In the morning my head hurt, but I clearly understood I was under a spell. My companions didn’t hold it against me, although they did harass me a little.

Today we see the end of the mountains and far in the distance the desert. This is getting more exciting every day.

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