Beowulf's Journal
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Beowulf’s Bio

Beowulf and Shadow, image (c) Kristin JohnsonWritten in Druidic:
I found this book in one of the stores in this place called a city. I’m told some people write the major events in their lives in these things. Sounds strange, but the elders told me I need to try to understand the rest of the world no mater how strange they are. This seems like a good place to start. So I bought this book and have been carrying it for about three weeks now while wandering in this forest I have called my home for many seasons. I’ve decided to start with the beginning, so here I go. I don’t know where I’m originally from. The Elders tell me I was found being raised with a pack of wolves. Being as that is a rare thing at best, they viewed it as a sign and decided to teach me their ways, beliefs and traditions. I learned how to survive in the wild and how to commune with nature itself. I was taught how to channel the divine energy of nature and one day, after a long and taxing ritual, Shadow walked into my life and has been by my side ever since. Shadow’s a timber wolf with a coat of pure black fur. Often he has been my eyes and ears in trying circumstances. Being still new to the way of the Druids I was often sent on missions, mainly sending messages and returning with answers. Being as there are lycanthropes in the area I was taught how to defend myself from them, but I tend to go out of my way to avoid them. I’ve been to several towns and a couple of cities, but I prefer the forest. Shadow seems to hear something, I’ll write more later; maybe I’ll write about this.

Character sheet: Beowulf [Illuskan (Human) Druid]

Cause of death: dropped below zero by a Cone of Cold spell.

Posted by Fred on May 28, 2004, 13:06

The Noise

The noise Shadow heard was just some small animals fighting. Nothing major. so we walked north for a day and we’re now resting in a small aclove with some rabbit for dinner. I haven’t seen any signs of life aside from the animals of the forest; Shadow and I, however, will take turns watching in case of trouble. come morning we’ll probably will head further north to the edge of the forest then veer east walking the outskirt. Orcs and ogres are prominent in these areas I know, but there is a small Illuskan community not two days walk from there. I hope to visit with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and maybe get some trail rations. Foraging for food is tricky at best, even for the most experienced. I heard some very loud sounds off in the distance. I don’t like it, but I do need to look so Shadow and I are off rather quickly. I’ll write soon.

Posted by Fred on May 30, 2004, 14:09

A Group of Adventurers

People from the city just don’t make any sense. I came across a group of adventurers that appeared to be lost. Apparently a dwarf called Rosorc was upset about something this Theona, an elf, had said. Well, instead of dealing with it directly he decided to attract attention to himself by attacking a tree. That is an atrocity I felt it wiser to let be than deal with. May Mielikki forgive me for this, but sometimes you need to chose which battles you will fight. Not every closed eye is asleep, and people tend to talk while on watch. You can discover a lot— like Deitricha, a human, and Tassar, a halfling, being a couple. I guess if it worked for them— at about that point in the discussion I did fall asleep. With Shadow at my back for warmth and a beautiful night above, I felt relaxed around this bunch. Strange I know, but they do seem like good people.

In the morning I woke to a voice asking where Tassar was. Deitricha was a cross between panicked and angry. She was obviously worried about him while being angry that he just left. There was a note— something about rent being due. Areon, another elf, explained to me that sometimes people pay others to live in a home that is not theirs. Now personally I’d prefer sleeping under the stars. Or a nice cave if the weather is bad. Well, anyway Shadow found a scent and Areon found Tassar’s trail so with Shadow guarding Areon they took the lead and we followed. After most of the day it seemed Tassar’s travels had taken him in the direct path of a giant of some type. Afraid we’d be too late, but hoping nonetheless, we followed the giant’s tracks to its lair. After some talk I turned into a small bat and went in to get an idea of the situation. It didn’t look good. I found 2 ettins, a closed door, and a pot on the fire. After I flew out and informed my companions of the situation a plan of attack was soon formed.

Rosorc lured an ettin out of the cave, and by the sounds of it, almost took the cave out with him. Once outside several of us hit it with a mixture of arrows, bolts, and sling bullets. After taking a few hits Rosorc was looking a little beat, so I healed him from a distance. I do need to be careful though, because on the fourth time doing that I accidentally hit the second ettin that came out to fight. Rosorc was still able to drop it though.

After the battle was over, Deitricha rushed in to find Tassar, but all we found was a pot of stew; either we were to late for him, or he had found a way to escape. The next thing I knew there was a loud noise coming from where the door is and thinking it’s another ettin I ran to help Rosorc who had already gone that way to check it out. Getting there I was a bit confused. Apparently the door itself was attacking Rosorc. In seconds we were all there and as soon as Rosorc was freed I went up to attack only to be held fast by some type of tentacles. Some oil came flying from behind hitting the door, and soon a flaming arrow followed lighting the oil. Then I was hit by oil, which actually helped me to escape the tentacles. I backed up a bit, as did the travelers, and the door dissolved into a puddle and came after us. We fought as we retreated, eventually destroying it. I’m not sure what they want to do now, but I think resting for the night should be a part of the plan.

Posted by Fred on June 14, 2004, 08:08

May Mielikki Guide Me

We rested for the evening. I noticed several ominous glances at the pot of stew. I’m pretty sure it’s not their friend Tassar in there, I recognize the aroma of an animal of some type, but I can’t quite place my finger on which one. Shadow reminded me it was time to eat in his usual way by sniffing my backpack. After feeding him and sleeping for a bit the adventures decided it was time to explore the lower levels of this cave. Right away I’m leery. Two ettins and a “mimic,” I think I heard someone say, obviously as guards. I’m expecting someone very powerful down here.

We followed a stairwell down a few feet then came to a room. It was either left or right. After some talk about which way Tassar would go we went left. Suddenly the procession stopped and we went back out to the first room. Voices were heard and after mentioning it I wild shaped into a bat again. I was able to explore most of the area without even being noticed. It seems most people in caves just ignores bats. Go figure. I reported back my findings, three medium-sized creatures in one room, I think there were eighteen slightly smaller creatures in the other, and off to the right, one empty room, a closed door and a very large creature. Bats see with their ears and that makes it difficult to tell exactly what they were so we decided to go to the right and sneak past the large creature. We failed miserably, but luckily enough Areon and Rosorc were able to surround it and kill it unusually quickly. We were then attacked by dire rats and goblins. I watched Areon climb over the fallen beast and attack the advancing horde. Rosorc went the other way realizing that more creatures wound be coming from that direction. Theona followed Areon while Deitricha followed Rosorc. After a moment of personal debate I decided I would fair better with Areon and Theona. The little beasts were slain before I got into the room. Now that makes two things that don’t seem right. The three of us followed a side passage over to the room that had the most creatures in it when I scouted. I saw a magic user there and figured he would be the one in charge, but as quickly as he fell I realized that wasn’t so. Theona looted the bodies of our fallen foes as Rosorc dropped the last one.

I knew something wasn’t right, and as we opened the door the blocked my way earlier I realized why. There were two bugbears everyone attacked on sight, then an illithid showed up stunning everyone except Shadow and me. Looking back I realized I should have stepped away and cast a couple of “summon nature’s allies” till the illithid’s spell let me friends loose, but I was a little rash at the moment and charged in only to fall to its stunning spell. I’m surprised I’m alive, and only hope I live to rectify my mistake. May Mielikki guide me.

Posted by Fred on July 3, 2004, 07:39

Shackled in Darkness

I could hear Shadow restless a few feet away. My first thought was to wild shape into a snake or something and slip out of my bonds, but I soon realized that was impossible till the next day. Not knowing what else to do I decided to get some rest. Before I could I noticed a light coming up what appeared to be a corridor. Soon the Illithid showed with its two bugbear bodyguards and, much to my surprise, the little halfling I meet the other night, Tassar, I believe his name is. The halfling handed the Illithid a bag that rang with coins, said it had done a good job and then turned to leave. Once again bathed in darkness and unable to do anything till the next day I decided to get some rest. Just before nodding off Theona opened my cell door. She came over and worked on my bonds. I’ll never know how she was able to unlock the manacles in utter darkness, but I’m overjoyed that she was not only able too free me but also Shadow and the rest of my new companions. It was mentioned that we could use the manacles as makeshift flails and thus we had weapons. Venturing forth I stayed in the back with one hand on the wall and the other on Shadow. I heard a click and then a door opened and we suddenly I could see. Light burst forth from Deitricha’s holy symbol as Rosorc started fighting what I believe was a hobgoblin. He and Areon dropped two and as the third ran I yelled for Shadow to kill it. I believe he did but at a price, for I heard a yelp. Seconds later he returned to me needing healing. We had apparently moved forward into a room. With Shadow having returned, Rosorc and Areon shut one door and held it shut. I could hear a lot of crashing and banging on the other side, and am sure I didn’t want to fight in our current condition. Theona found a way out and we all quickly followed. We walked for what seamed like forever down a small passageway. Finally we came to an opening. Looking around we could see the original cave entrance about a quarter mile away. There was some debate about going back and getting our belongings. My only suggestion was that we rest first. Walking through these woods was going to be difficult enough with all the equipment, but no armor, no real weapons, and no supplies, I said we should rest then go back, and that we did.

When we woke I mentioned about turning into a bat again and told them I would look give them an “all clear” sign then go down to the next level. I would repeat as necessary to inform them of danger. Everything was clear, but I decided to stay a bat for a bit just in case because we still didn’t know how to get from the lower level of the cave to the Illithid’s lair. Theona found a secret door in the room we first encountered the Illithid and I was off again to scout, but it was a short trip as I found the giant things Rosorc and Areon were holding at bay with a closed door. I flew up fast landed a safe distance, reformed into my human self and said, “It’s large, it’s ugly, and it’s coming.” With that everyone got ready for battle. The first fell as soon as it came through the door. The second, only moments later. I told Shadow to guard Areon as we walked down a flight of stairs. We came to a room that had two doors. One was smashed so we knew it went to our back exit. The other was closed. Rosorc went in first and was immediately attacked by the bugbears. I followed to help. Moments later the Illithid appeared. I called for Shadow to attack as I felt it try to control my mind. Thank Mielikki I was bale to shake it off. Soon both bugbears were disposed of and the Illithid vanished. Realizing the battle was over we searched the room. Unable to find our belongings, Theona went into this mad search that paid off. She found a secret door. We all stood around waiting foir it to be opened— bad decision. Apparently a trap went off and everyone, except Deitricha, was transported to a stone room.

Now at this point I must stress that some times even the best decision you could make in a given situation will lead to undesirable consequences. Deitricha found that out firsthand when she smashed a gem that released us from our prison, killing Nianque, Areon’s companion. Areon was obviously upset. I can relate; it would be very difficult for me if I lost Shadow. We held a small ceremony for her many many yards from the cave, I dropped a seed in with the fallen comrade along with a prayer for safe resting. Areon will be ok in time I believe and I hope Deitricha is wise enough to forgive herself. She did do the best thing she could at the time.

Gathering our respective belongings and the treasure acquired from the Illithid’s lair, we headed off for their home. Something still doesn’t seem right, and I wonder if this is something I need to inform the elders of. I’ll have to ask more about this Tassar first then make a decision. Tomorrow maybe I take to the air and scout ahead to give Areon rest.

Posted by Fred on July 17, 2004, 08:55

Rather Uneventful

The last few days have been rather uneventful. We had one incident as we were trying to sleep our first night after leaving the illithid’s lair, but nothing we couldn’t handle. It did start to rain the following day, hard enough for us to seek shelter. It continued to rain for about four days or so, I did some flying around in bird form just to keep an eye on our surroundings. The only thing of interest was a polar bear apparently attempting to find its way home. When the rain did finally pass Areon scouted on the ground with Shadow guarding him; I took to the air to see if I could help watch I did notice three orcs, I think they were orcs, ahead of us. Being as everyone was back far enough to go unnoticed by these creatures I decided to wait and see what happens. The orcs, or whatever they were, eventually turned off the path into a settled area. I immediately landed and, having returned to my human form, informed Areon of the situation and we lead the group far enough around the settlement to avoid any confrontation without the rest of the party being any wiser. A couple of days later Areon did have to fight an ogre but the battle was finished before it began. The following evening we came to the city gates, and now we’re going to sleep indoors for a bit. This is going to be interesting.

Posted by Fred on August 1, 2004, 04:23

Not Much to Tell

Well, again not much to tell. We did some shopping picking up a few necessities and other odds and ends then joined a caravan to Silverymoon as guards. Up till now the only thing of interest was an owl that flew past us while we were resting. I say till now because we are knowingly walking into an ambush. They say forewarned is forearmed, but I don’t think they were referring to this situation. Oh well here we go.

Posted by Fred on August 8, 2004, 08:37


You must forgive the shaky handwriting today. It’s difficult to calm ones nerves after seeing the same dragon 2 days in a row. The barbarians were unnerving to begin with. Instead of ambushing us as we thought they slid past us in the opposite direction. It was later that I noticed they were following us from a distance. For a couple of days I would watch from the air and see the 6 of them following at a steady pace. Once Areon hid to let them pass and sent Theona a message and drew a symbol of one of their tattoos. She recognized it as a tribe afflicted with lycanthropy. As if ordinary barbarians weren’t unnerving enough. Then to make our situation worse this large red dragon swooped out of the sky and demanded tribute because we apparently were trespassing on his territory. Rosorc handled it nicely and the caravan leader handed over a nice ring. Had it been left at that we probably wouldn’t have seen him again, but Rosorc decided to use this opportunity to deal with our werewolf followers. Telling the dragon of them and the opportunity for more wealth the dragon left us and we traveled through the night. In the light of the morning sun we saw a red shape coming towards us from the north and sure enough it was the dragon from yesterday evening. Instead of talking this time it just incinerated our rear wagon. It swung around and got the next in line when we started to defend ourselves. Rosorc and Areon took the worst of it. We all tried to get it to fight us on the ground, but to no avail. Finally an arrow hit it in a fairly sensitive spot and it flew off. I’m positive it will came back for us in a day or two when it has healed up, I only hope we’re ready.

Posted by Fred on August 15, 2004, 03:28

In the city of Silverymoon

We came in sight of the city Silverymoon. Crossing our path was some very large track with numerous smaller ones. It was suggested that I attempt to follow them and see what made these tracks and so off I go with directions for Shadow to guard the caravan. I flew for a long time and eventually came across and encampment of two hill giants and 30 or so orcs. I did notice a symbol on their shields that I later described to my companions. No one seemed to recognize it but I still made a point of telling the guards at the gate of Silverymoon in case they needed to know of such things. It was evening and after we were paid Deitricha mentioned that we could stay at the temple. In the morning I followed her to visit the place Tassar paid rent being as I’ve never been here and really didn’t have a clue as to what to do. Apparently Tassar had stopped by about four days earlier. He left a note for Deitricha asking her to meet him alone and wrote down an address. At this point we went to an “Inn” called The Bright Blade Brandished. Rosorc was already there and, after Deitricha had a drink, she explained about the note then started to cry. After several hours and more drinks she started dancing on the table. It was about that time Areon and Theona entered the inn. I immediately told them of the note and what I think it implies, Rosorc thinks differently and mentioned so. To be honest he does have a point. Shortly afterwards Theona and Areon left and Deitricha continued to drink. When she finally passed out Rosorc took her to bed. Figuring she’d be safe, I decided to watch how the city dwellers interact during the festival. There was a lot of dancing and drinking and harmless foolishness about but nothing all that different of other smaller celebrations I’d seen. The biggest difference I noticed was a lot more people. At one point Theona and Areon returned to the inn and see it was only me; they left shortly after. I watched for a little while longer then walked back to the temple to get some rest. The temple was alive with worshipers celebrating. I retired to the same room I had the previous night to think about our situation with this Tassar and found myself wondering if I would have to pay rent also being as I am currently residing in the city. In the morning I will go to the inn again and see what we are planning on doing.

Posted by Fred on August 15, 2004, 14:02

It’s Just Part of a Game

I was rather intrigued by how people celebrated the Midsummer Festival in this city, and I wondered if it was similar in every city. People were intoxicated to the point of total inebriation. They were dancing on tables, fighting, passing out on the floor. I was debating with myself on whether or not I should go to bed when a human walked in. He appeared sober. Being as the place was full I offered him a seat at my table. We talked for a bit till he got drunk. I went to bed at this point, pondering the reason why people feel the need to totally lose themselves like that.

In the morning the bar was in a shambles when I cam down for breakfast. Having to pick my way through sleeping bodies, I found a rather clear table and waited for my companions to arrive. They slowly showed up one by one and Areon had a bit of a story to tell. This silver tiger statue is definitely a wrong that must be righted, but I wonder if it would be better to go after the wizard first. That was about the time when that same human from last night appeared. He had mentioned something about adventuring, and the pack is always stronger with more members, so I invited him over and introduced him to everyone. He fit in rather well, and almost immediately was accepted as part of the group.

We ended up spending most of the day at a “library”; a wonderful place full of useful information. I have several pages of notes and a more up-to-date map of the desert place we must soon visit. With both maps I can rather easily locate the proper tomb. However, Areon is so intent on the statue that we must go retrieve it immediately.

After some discussion and another night’s rest we went and got some scrying done and teleported to a town just a few miles in front of the caravan the stolen statue is on. I immediately took to the air telling Shadow to stay with the group. It only took a few minutes for me to find the caravan, and I noticed that trolls were about to attack it, so I warned them and hurried back to tell the group. As we ran to the caravan about three wagons passed us.

Arriving at the place of the attack we found no sign of people anywhere. Following some tracks into the woods we were ambushed by two trolls. That took some time but we soon were off again. Finding a cave, we slowly entered and it didn’t take long to be attacked. It seemed we fought forever, but we were victorious.

We explored a little only to be attacked again. More trolls. Strangest thing though, One was standing on fire. These battles are starting to get weary. I’ve never had to fight so much before. Normally we attempt to avoid this kind of trouble, but the others seem to think it’s just part of game. Finally we defeated all but one; it ran away. Searching the cave we did not find the statue, which means it’s on one of the wagons that escaped the troll onslaught. We did however find a troll and humans locked up.

Posted by Fred on January 22, 2005, 15:58