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Again with the frakk’n bunny

Gib’s Journal

Battered and bruised, my comrades all dead, my gear gone, and I haven’t stopped running for two days. I feel my mind racing for a way out of this tunnel, but it just keeps looping back in on itself.

I tried to hide a couple of times, but bunny would not have it. Endless in its single minded rage. When it first fell upon us it was like Death’s veil was thrown over us. It came from nowhere, and everywhere. I think I was hit first, the thing just came from no where and crushed me into the wall. With my left arm and most of my ribs instantly broken and the air driven from my lungs to the point that I nearly passed out all I could do was collapse and watch the horror as the beast tore into my friends.

They battled well, but where no match for its size and speed. K’ehleyr was last to fall, in a valiant last ditch effort to save Jak. The beast either thought me dead or forgot about me as it continued its rage against the now dead corpses of my friends. Seeing my only chance to live I began to creep away as quiet as I could. I almost got 20 feet away or so when it turned and stared right through me with the lifeless eyes.

That is when the running began. I don’t really know how I have stayed ahead of it so far, but every time I try to stop for a breath or to try to bandage my side which I discovered was bleeding profusely from one of my ribs exodus from my insides....

It is now that I find myself dizzy and in a haze. I find myself coming awake inside the land cart that I have come to hate so. My friends were there, I had apparently been knocked out again, this is getting real old... real quick.

Pushing my recurring nightmare away from my thoughts and listened to the story of my friends. Seems they have found a great talking dog, who requested our help. Anything is better than listening to “Are you ready to go,” so I went along. Feeling a little bit stiff and sore, I thought I would get things moving by retrieving my tools from Jin. Half way though the attempt Jin looked at me and stated that the tools are his, whatever that means.

So as we walked and went to meet this big puppy, I stretched my fingers and remembered my training. Eventually we were going to meet some stone dog, and I decided once again to get my tools. With the familiar feelings of leather and balance I retrieved my tools.

Then the big stone dog came. As the others fought, I slipped by the battle, with no small injury to my shoulder, and began releasing the caged puppies. Finally the battle ended and the big puppy gave us some stuff. Oh, I found some things too. Time to get some rest. I pick the nicest bunk and curl up against the wall. Finally some sleep that was not forced upon me. It is so relaxing … until it returned to chase me again.

Posted by Jim on November 24, 2005, 18:17 | Gib’s Journal