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I’ve Lost Count

Jin’s Journal

Once again I awake to find Jak pouring a healing potion down my throat. That makes what, six, seven, or so in about two days. I’ve lost count, but she seems to be preoccupied. Jak keeps talking about this wolf that can speak. So Gib and I followed her down yet another mine shaft to a rotating room. This room moved to reveal another door, and with it a talking wolf. Rorsa seemed delighted by my ability to change form and after a quick talk, it was decided that we would help her release her pack mates.

Rorsa led the way from one of these rotating rooms to another. From there we went down a small hallway and at the opening of another room we came face to face with a wolf that appeared to have stone fused to its skin. I’m not much of a fighter and in the cramped hall I figured it would be better to have the fighters take care of this. After a few round of this K’ehleyr fell. I dragged her away from our adversary and again watched. When Rorsa fell that’s when I jumped in and attacked it. As least, I figured, this will distract it a little.

It was a short time later when I awoke. Gib had already taken my lock picks and other tools, and I think he has some other things of mine, but that’s just Gib. For as much stuff as he takes I’ve found enough things in my house and on my person that I never even looked at before. We explored a little more and came to this room lined with mirrors wall to wall, floor and ceiling, nothing but mirrors. We all noticed two things at this point. First, there seemed to be a mass of colors swirling around. Second, there was no sound of any kind. As Gib went to pass through the room and open the next door the mass of lights attacked him. It was an interesting battle, it never touched us, and we never hurt it. Eventually we got bored, ran quickly into the next room and closed the door. Thankfully we could talk again. This room had as illusion on it that made it look like another room. We all saw through it. Gib did find another key and after making our way back through to the rotating room and a little trial and error, we found our way down a different corridor.

Upon entering a very large room we were attacked by what I believe to have been fire elementals. K’ehleyr fell and caught on fire. I was able to put her out and I too soon fell before these creatures.

And again I owe Jak my life as I look up into her face. We found what we came here for and now we’re doing a little exploring in order to acquire some funds. This is going to be fun.

Posted by Fred on December 1, 2005, 16:12 | Jin’s Journal