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Jin’s Bio

Born on the coldest day of mid winter, Zarantyr Sar 14, 978 YK, Jin was the youngest of three in the changeling family. His father Toox and mother Bin were very proud of their heritage and helped work for peace between the nations. Yug, Jin’s brother, was rather talented as a sorcerer and being a good five years older joined the military to fight for Breland and its allies. Nit, Jin’s sister, was a almost three years older and had a bad habit of acquiring other people’s belongings.

Jin was only eleven when his brother Yug left for war. Yug was excited to go, even though his parents were disappointed that one of their children would willingly go to fight in this war. Yug would send letters home almost weekly. Jin thought they were amazing tales of battle and victory. One day almost three years after he left the letters stopped coming. Unable to get any information on Yug the family just prayed for his survival and attempted to move on with their life.

Nit was always changeling shape and had many personas. One of her favorite things was to look like someone and walk right into their house. She’d take a few things and leave. Toox and Bin had suspicions that she worked for a local guild, but were never able to find any proof, and then shortly after Jin turned thirteen she just vanished. By this time she was an expert at assuming another’s persona and she could be anywhere.

Toox got a chance to help end the war. Jin was sixteen now and wanted to go along, but was told he needed to stay behind and take care of his mom. Bin was ill and nothing seemed to work. About two weeks later Jin got a message that the caravan his father was on was ambushed. There were no survivors. Bin died after hearing the news and with Jin being the only available heir the house went to him.

Two years later the war ended. Jin barely made ends meet freelancing his services as a mediator. Taxes were starting to pile up when out of nowhere his brother Yug showed up. Apparently he had been so far out in enemy territory that sending letters became impossible. Yug had enough money to pay off the debt and settled in as a teacher at one of the local schools. There was still no sign of Nit although Yug had seen her once during the war. Yug never talked about it except to say that Nit was different now.

Jin still freelanced as a mediator and aspired to be a diplomat one day if he could just get an apprentice job. But being a changeling no one truly trusts you. Without telling anyone, Jin assumed a half-elf persona. He was able to convince an old friend of Nit’s to get him some forged documents and thus Enialis Amakiir was born. A young half-elf who was extremely good at negotiating deals between people. After a year of this it started to make some good money. Now Jin works under his persona, and enjoys life as himself.

Jin, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Jin [Changeling Rogue]

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Jak’s Bio

Captain Jak d’Lyrandar was born during a very brief thunderstorm, just twelve minutes before her sister, on the 22nd of Rhaan, 971 YK, at the family compound in Stormhome. Their parents were obviously not superstitious about making sure they were born when the Storm Moon was in its ascendant phase.

Jak always dreamed of being a sailor and traveling the width and breadth of Eberron’s oceans; fortunately, she was born into a family that made that possible. She lives in her House Lyrandar’s enclaves when docked in major ports, most often in Stormhome and the Dragon Towers when docked in Sharn. She has a twin sister, Morghan, though she rarely sees her as they tend to be on different ships and schedules; Morghan favors skyships, while Jak prefers the galleons and the open sea. When they do meet up, they talk as though it’s only been a day or so since they last chatted. Jak is a member of the Windwrights Guild, as is her sister. Though their parents are Raincallers, they must have had high hopes for both daughters, adding the appellation “Captain” to both of their names when the young half-elves were only just learning to swim and walk.

Jak has recently developed a dragonmark. She’s begun wearing clothing to cover it up, lest her crewmates start to treat her differently. She won’t be able to hide it for long though, and doesn’t really plan to; she just needs some time to adjust. She worries that she will be a Mark of Storm with a Khoravar attached to it, rather than Jak with a tattoo. And, she tells herself, it’s not like the one she has will help anyone other than herself, as it only keeps her from getting too hot or cold. Ironic, as now she has to wear more clothes to cover it even on warm days. She has not talked to her parents or sister since manifesting the dragonmark; none of them have one.

Captain Jak d'Lyrandar, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Captain Jak d’Lyrandar [Half-Elf Bard]

Posted by Kristin on July 23, 2005, 16:05

K’ehleyr’s Bio

Born on Aerenal, K’ehleyr worships the memory of M’lara Karlassa, an artifact-hunter during the elven rebellion against the Giants of Xen’drik. M’lara searched for magical weapons and other artifacts to help her people fight, and was a fine warrior herself. K’ehleyr migrated with other Valaes Tairn to battle in Cyre during the Great War. Now that the immediate War is over, she wishes to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps by finding magical weapons and other artifacts to help defend her new realm of Valenar. Therefore, she plans to travel throughout Khorvaire, and has begun in Sharn. If Khorvaire’s forgotten places and ravaged battlegrounds turn up little of note, she would not mind trying her luck in Xen’drik as her ancestor did.

K’ehleyr rides a fine Valenar steed, the mare Huerga.

K'ehleyr Tavanna and Huerga, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheets: K’ehleyr Tavanna [Elf Fighter]
Huerga [K’ehleyr’s Mount]

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It is mine. (Gib’s Bio)

Don’t be fooled because you put it in your coin pouch.

It is mine.

It does not matter if you hid it in a secret pocket.

It is mine.

If you hid it under your floorboards.

It is mine.

In a locked chest.

It is mine.

In a trapped box behind a painting.

It is mine.

With the best guards money can buy.

It is mine.

You swallowed it to sneak it into town.

It is mine.

Oh, mess with my friends. Revenge?

It is mine.

Gib, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Gib [Goblin Rogue]

Posted by Jim on August 17, 2005, 18:27