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Eyeballing It

Griselda’s Journal

4 Kuthona 4709
Abandoned dwarven monastery

It was difficult to see the creatures in the underground river, and, after unsuccessfully shooting arrows at them, Liake decided to summon a creature to fight them. Moments later she tossed a medium-sized constrictor snake into the river but of course we could not see if it was fighting the tendrilled things or not. After about 30 seconds, Candal’s patience had worn thin, and Salma was casting an enlargement spell on him as he leapt off the cliff into the water below. As he did this, Tythe took some potshots with her bow at the eyes (which we assumed were scrying spells) lining the walls.

Candal was now fighting with a skeleton, or rather the entrails of the skeleton, which were wrapping around him. Attempting to help, I shot an arrow down at the fight, hitting the paladin instead of the undead creature. Feeling guilty, I swung down on a rope and slashed at tendrils as they emerged from the river. We killed three of the creatures, after which the river was quiet.

Following the river, we found steps under water and heard an odd clicking in the distance. The steps took us to a cone-shaped room with gears on two walls. Two large statues of knights depicted in armor from the Shining Crusades stood on either side of a massive door.

As we moved forward to investigate two ghouls, and what appeared to be undead humanoids twisted into canine shapes leapt out and attacked us. Upon slaying one of the dog creatures, it exploded all over me….

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