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On the Right Track

Griselda’s Journal

5 Kuthona 4709
Abandoned dwarven monastery

While we were examining a room in which the ceiling had collapsed, Liake found a gold scarab pin that radiates magic. No idea what it does. We went though a door carved with prayers to Aroden (again written in Old Hallit) to find some rather disgusting ghouls that needed killing. Once that was accomplished, we found some magical armor and a rather nice bastard sword. We also noticed that the room had many chains hanging in it, and had an altar being used as an alchemical bench with some horrible-smelling liquid sitting on it. Candal picked it up and managed to cover himself with it. I’m curious to see if he turns into a ghoul now, as I’ve since read some passages from a nearby book. I let the tome fall open to the most-used pages and found a recipe for “Necrotizing Serum.” Should be interesting.

We also read a journal by someone named Henrik; the last entry was a few months ago, and he appears to have been looking for the Seal of the Whispering Tyrant. I wonder if he is one of the bodies we just encountered. I decide to see if any tracks other than ours lead back out of the altar room, and find some steps leading down which have fairly recent tracks. Unfortunately, they enter a room filled with green poisonous gas. I cast a wind wall to try and dissipate the gas, which gave Candal enough time to run down and discover a furnace belching out more of the noxious fumes. We’ll need to prepare better to come back.

To pass the time, we check a few more areas that do not contain poisonous gas. Candal found a room filled with statues of Shining Crusades Knights. We find some more undead as well, and yet another one explodes on me— Candal is attempting to use his holy powers to remove disease on me— I wonder if he can actually do that.

Liake has been walking with Kasa, and it sounds like they’ve just found a secret door….

Posted by Kristin on June 5, 2011, 13:23 | Griselda’s Journal