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May 21, 2011

Flopping Evil

Griselda's Journal

5 Kuthona 4709
Abandoned dwarven monastery

We opted to rest in this room full of gears after Liake messed with them. Unfortunately, the room started to fill with water and we were in danger of drowning till she and Tythe managed to get the gears going again. We found some cranks behind the statues which opened the double doors and after finishing up what sleep we could manage, we went through them. Of course, the doors closed behind us, baring us from going back the way we came.

We soon found ourselves walking past six statues of Aroden’s clerics and to a room containing stone pillars all with carved writing on them. After dispatching what appeared to be a headless dwarf flopping about the room, we decided to analyze the writing. Oddly, it was in 800-year-old ancient Hallit, so I got to act as translator. Nothing surprising— it was more about the horrific rule of Tar Baphon and of the Shining Crusades.

A room beyond that contained a single statue of a bowing priest of Aroden and four niches filled with sarcophagi. While we decided how to proceed, two shadows attacked us; we dispatched them as well.

I’ve been meaning to mention, that broken Mwangi staff that I found has what looks like the relief of a treasure map of sorts around the shaft— most likely in the Mwangi Expanse. I think if I roll it in ink and then onto paper, it might be readable. Not that it would be all that useful down here....

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