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Aramil’s Journal

Fafnir found a way down to the cellar under the ruins. We followed of course and came to a dark room. Pockets gave me his everburning rope which I tied around my waist and we saw 2 passages out. We took the one that was roughly straight ahead. Following we passed one door and opened one at the end of a hall. There was light and what we saw was amazing. The room was littered with lifelike statues of orcs. There were 2 exits, one was barred with what I was told to be non harmful runes. So Pockets opened the other door. He was turned to stone as a medusa attacked us. I shot arrows at it while others tried to cast spells without looking. I just stared at it and shot. Finally it was killed. Drusilia called an angelic being and he took Pockets away to restore him. Fafnir opened the other door and we went down a flight of stairs. At the bottom we were attacked by 2 stone structures. One we defeated but we had to run from the other. At the top of the stairs we re-barred the door and waited for the next day because most of us were out of spells.

Posted by Fred on December 1, 2003, 21:11 | Aramil’s Journal