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All Wet

Aramil’s Journal

We woke and went down to the next level again. Ghelt and Pockets were able to dispatch the second stone minotaur. Dru found an iron key in its crumbled hand and Pockets used that to open the door which revealed another way down. Following we came to a room with benches in it. Fafnir sat on one and it clicked so I waited in the hall. After a bit he sat on the other two and the door at the other end opened. Following the path split, one way was too dangerous for us to go so we followed along the other and came to a very large steel plate on the floor. Pockets jumped it only to have the floor on the other end give way under him. When we got him out he looked a little beat. We were able to cross by having members jump it and stand on the further end of the floor to keep the trap from pivoting open. The hall split again and we went left to fight this creature. For some reason Pockets shot Fafnir and I figured we needed to knock him unconscious, but he snapped out of it in time and we noticed the creature was dead. There was 2 exits we went to the left and came to another room were Pockets set off a trap. A stone door closed the entrance and the room started filling with water. Then a water elemental appeared. After a little fight Dru teleported us to the temple of Pelor in Greyhawk. We healed up and Fafnir teleported us back. Pockets again set off the trap and we fought it for a bit before it was sent away by Dru. We’re resting now this is getting interesting.

Posted by Fred on December 1, 2003, 21:21 | Aramil’s Journal