Aramil's Journal
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Aramil’s Bio

Aramil Nightstar never did really fit in. Being the brunt of most jokes, he tried to keep to himself, and study his magic. He was curious about his Elven heriatage, but being in human lands there was only so much he could do. One day he got the nerve to ask a neighbor to help him learn to use weapons and armor, being as the family he grew up with were farmers. Being as Aramil was willing to pay, or work for it, the neighbor agreed. About 3 months later, some of the local teens were mocking him. Needless to say, there was a fight, and Aramil was suprised that he didn’t need magic to defend himself. Bruised and tired though he was, he was the victor. Now, Aramil is trying to find a way to blend the 2 together. Casting spells in armor is difficult at best, but with practice, he believes it can be done. This town doesn’t have much to offer, so he figures if he travels a bit, practises, maybe soon he’ll figure out how to do this.

Cause of death: fighting a demon unarmed or armored.

Posted by Fred on May 21, 2003, 14:28

An Easy Job

“An easy job.” he said. “No problem.” he said. “We just go in get the stuff and boom, easy money.” Yeah right.

I should have known from the start there would be problems when what’s-his-name asked if we could be trusted. They decided they would take the item and either use it or sell it to the highest bidder. I know Lord Vortamos (not to sure of spelling here) would throw a fit, and we didn’t want to upset him. Besides we made a deal. I always try to uphold my end. So when Pockets and I told them we planned on finishing the job and getting paid, the other eight decided to get rid of us. Then out of nowhere they accused Pockets of spying on us and went after him. I tried to help Pockets (we made a deal to lookout for each other), but was knocked unconscious. The next thing I know is we’re both tied to the wall. I’ve no idea how long we were there. Then we heard noises. Pockets said they would kill us, better a quick death then starve or worse. Well, it was strangers and they freed us. After searching the tower we were in, this gnome found our stuff. Pockets’ and mine that is. We got ready and I started to study my spells when we were attacked. It was a good fight, and we did escape with our lives, and I got the pleasure of torching the tower to boot.

Well, anyway, we went out of this dead city halfway to where they said a cave was. I got to finish studying my spells for the day, and had something to eat. Pockets and I talked for awhile. I think these people can be trusted, but he’s not so sure, so I won’t tell them anything. During the night, Jacob seemed on edge, and I knew there was trouble near, so I called for a light. I got yelled at and Pockets put away the torch. We then started to move, and were attacked by shadowy things. It took awhile, but we defeated them and made it to this cave. I needed sleep and, as usual, gave Pockets my spellbook to hold till morning. It seems to end up there anyway, and I think it’s safe. Besides he knows to burn it if I die, and I’m sure he’ll take good care of Jacob if anything happens to me. Pockets is a good person, just misunderstood. He’s not like most elves I know, and that’s actually one of the reasons I trust him.

Anyway, the next day they decided to go right to the center of this dead city and see what’s in this tower. So we got there, Pockets got us in as usual, and we eventually killed all these skeletal things. Now to go up....

One more thing, we’re going to quadruple our cost for this mission, and I’m kind of wondering what happened to the other eight that made it to this city.

Posted by Fred on June 5, 2003, 01:51


Well, we started up the stairs, and found a door. Pockets did his thing and in we went. There were 2 creatures of sorts in there, someone called them constructs, and they seemed to be immune to magic period. So I ran up with the others and fought. After they died Pockets decided to tell me I’m a wizard not a fighter. It’s an old argument between us. I tried to tell him the 2 can mix, but he doesn’t agree. Anyway, there was another set of stairs going up and up we went. Same routine at the next door, and in we went. Ghelt went first and was shot at, I went and tried to cast a Fire sphere at one, but my armor made it difficult to move properly. If I move that one piece over to the side a little....

Well, anyway the others came in and the 3 things at the top vanished from sight, so we went up more stairs. There was a small balcony with a ladder leading to a trap door. The only burnable thing in this stone building are the doors, and no one would let me burn them. Well, after much debate, and talking, Pockets got the door unlocked and Ghelt went up, then came down and 2 creatures came after her. We dispatched them easily enough, and then more talk and more ideas and more debating. This was getting old quick. Ghelt went up again and then disappeared from view. Drusilia went up next and was hit by Ghelt. Not again, another fight between companions. More talk, more debates I can’t take it anymore. I tell them I’m going to distract the things up there and up I go. Then everything goes black.

I feel at piece, comfortable, my only thought is where’s Jacob?

Suddenly, I’m called. I wake up weak, hurt and notice Jacob is dead. Then this angelic looking guy heals Jacob, and heals me. He mentions something about destroying the Heart. Pockets and I need to talk about our employer.

Posted by Fred on June 10, 2003, 13:17

Long Day

I’m all out of spells and we needed to go to a safe place. The angel told us to find this Urkel guy. So we went down to the bottom of the tower and someone found a trap door. Since Urkel was supposed to be underground, we decided to travel underground. Bad Idea. We traveled for awhile then were ambushed. Twice. We survived, and decided to go back and travel above ground. Ha, we had to fight our way back. We did eventually make it back to the tower, and went up to see the angel again. That’s when it started, the feeling that I’m being watched. I’m positive of it. I convinced Pockets and one of the other members to leave also. The feeling left after I was outside, so we waited for the others. Once we were all together, we started traveling north. It was easier going. We did stop to investigate some buildings, and found some useful magic Items. I’ll use one of my identify scrolls on it as soon as I can, but for now, we travel. We ended up going to the edge of town, and so we started back looking for an entrance down. It started to rain then. We went to an inn and Drusilia turned some undead. Now we either fight all night, or travel in the poring rain, and we’re still being watched. This is starting to affect my sanity.

Posted by Fred on June 21, 2003, 22:01

Rest Finally

Well instead of staying at the inn and fighting all night we went back to the house with the sun symbol on it. Valon, the Bard, used a feather fall spell to get us all down. Drusilia noticed another sun symbol on the ground in the eastern part of the corridor, and so we went that way. After a while the feeling of being watched went away, and I began to feel better. We went to a room, and there was a ghoul jumping around. Lo and behold, it was Urkel. After some debate I went to sleep, Pockets watched for me, then I got up and studied my spells, when I was done I noticed Urkel was giving Drusilia some things. A greater holy symbol and a very powerful mace. It was in that moment that I realized Urkel had at one time been a paladin of Pelor. It’s amazing what true faith can do.

Drusilia then fulfilled his last request on earth, to end his misery. She’s upset now, but she’ll be fine. Valon was given a map, and we went above ground to the tower I’d torched. I wanted to enjoy my handiwork, but when I entered there was no harm done at all, I even walked up to the very top. Then I got hit by a door. This was strange till it all disappeared. Ghelt told me that Fafner liked to play illusions on the party and at one point even played a mean joke on Drusilia. She also told me he had a thing for a mule they had for a little while, but I don’t even want to understand that.

Anyway, Pockets was asked to check this trapdoor to see if it was locked, and it wasn’t so when Valon opened it he was nearly turned into stone. He was able to shake that off, and started down the ladder which collapsed out from under him. Feather fall came in very handy at that point. After some work, Ghelt attached a rope to a crowbar and holding on to it I began to climb down. There was some give at first, but no one said anything to me so I continued down.

Valon and I were soon attacked be Vampire spawn. Then the party came down right on top of me. With their help we took care of them, and after walking a little were attacked by dire rats and some wraith things. We were able to fight them off, but I’m weaker, and we still need to fight this vampire. May the gods help us.

Posted by Fred on June 26, 2003, 11:44

Victory, Well Partial Anyway

I’m making this short as we are on the move. We went down into the catacombs to get the key. As we got there, I stepped on a trap, but we’re fine, then Pockets checked three doors. One in front, and one on either side. We went to the front one first, opened it and were promptly attacked. We all were hit hard except for Ghelt who seems to be able to handle herself in any situation. We fought, and when what’s his name the head vamp guy came we forced him back to his coffin. Drusilia disrupted him with her mace. We then went back to the tower to see the angel, but he wasn’t here, so we’ll rest then go to get the Heart and hopefully destroy it. Wish us luck.

Posted by Fred on July 12, 2003, 19:36


We did it. Going to the temple and getting inside was relatively simple compared to finding the room the stone was in. There was a riddle on the floor which Valon was able to read and we couldn’t figure out what it meant. It said something like this, the Bold shall be crushed, the Righteous thwarted, the something or other (it meant left) flayed, the path best known is not as it seems, or something like that. It took a while of looking, then when 2 of our party went to look at the seal, they vanished. Naturally I went to see what happened and as soon as I went through the door, I found myself in another well-lit room with my friends. We saw an altar in the center with a lot of treasure, another altar on the far side with something on it spewing blood, and several mummies. The mummies were easily dispatched, but then appeared the lich with several vampire spawns. I thought we were all going to die. Valon had another idea though— he ran forward grabbed what was on the far altar, and ran back, Fafnir and I were casting spells, Drusilia was attempting to turn, even Pockets looked away from the treasure long enough to help. Ghelt kept Valon from being hurt, then the angel showed up and several things happened all at once. First a couple of vampire spawn gassed away, then the lich hit the angel with several deadly spells, the angel looked right at the lich and hacked it to death (or as much as a lich dies anyway).

The room around us started to collapse, but we made it to this portal I think the angel opened up for us, and we ended up in a town called Smallville. It seems to by my new friends’ home. were talking about going to a city to have certain evil artifacts destroyed. It seems our adventures are only beginning, and I have some very useful stuff.

Posted by Fred on July 16, 2003, 17:09

Now What?

We got back ok, and I spent the next few days identifying items and going through a spell book to get more spells. At one point this toad was bothering me, but it seemed to be trying to tell me something. When Drusilia stopped by she cast “speak with animals,” and we found out it was Pockets. After spending all day casting, I decided they could handle it and I went to get the sleep I needed. Sometime in the night Pockets woke me up with a punch. So I hit him back. We fought for a while, and I distinctly remember him going down before I passed out due to sheer exhaustion from all the spell casting. We woke up the next day and used the Sword of Pelor to heal ourselves, then I went back to finish the identifying. This spell takes a lot out of you and so I decided I needed a nap then I’d go find the others. Something else had other plans though. I seemed to have been taken by some large form. I scares me to look at it, and I have no spells prepared for today. This is bad, it’s so dark I can’t see anything, just those horrible red eyes, staring at me watching, and I believe, waiting, but for what I don’t know!

Posted by Fred on July 29, 2003, 12:33

I love my companions.

Not much to say right now but thank you again and again. I was going crazy in what ended up being a spider’s cocoon. It’s good to have friends you can count on. I only hope I can return the favor, but for now I have no spells, no armor and no weapons, so I’m kind of useless!

Posted by Fred on August 7, 2003, 22:07

Why am I here?

What were we doing? We decided to follow this creature the others found before rescuing me, and I think being underground all day with no food and water made everyone a little grumpy. The thing attacked us time and again and there were several good ideas from the party, but we just kept arguing. I think it was hurt the most when Ghelt softened the earth under it and caved the ceiling down. We all had good intentions, but I think a week or so of rest will fix things. I might need 2-3 weeks to fix my spell book now that that dog ate it on me. I’ll kill that thing. Well, we’ll see what happens.

Posted by Fred on August 17, 2003, 14:51

Here We Go Again

Well, Valon said he had a way there and so we decided to go right away. Drusilia needed to do some last minute things, so we waited for her, then off we went. After we got to the top of this mountain, it was mentioned that the portal wouldn’t open for just under 2 weeks. I mentioned something about making a camp, but no one listened. After a little looking around, Pockets pointed out this large red dragon coming after us. We didn’t panic this time, instead they came up with a very good plan, and we feather falled down into a 5’ by 5’ cave entrance. With the help of a carefully tied rope that is. Then we ran, and ran fast. Dru didn’t run as fast, but she had a few useful spells.

After a bit we came to a drop in the cave, it went straight down. Pockets just climbed. I tied a rope to myself and then climbed, just in case I had to catch him before he just fell to his death. The shaft went down for about 60 feet or so, then there was a drop into a cavern. I climbed back up to tell the others what was there, then climbed back down. At the bottom of the shaft I had to rely on the rope, you see they had to tie two ropes together to get to the bottom of the cavern, but it wasn’t done right, and when I let go of the shaft, I fell. Pockets used the sword to heal me and we waited for the others to come down.

There was enough light coming off the lava pools to allow us to see. We had a choice and somehow the party got split. Pockets, Fafnir and I went up one passage, Ghelt ,Valon, and Drusilia went the other. Our group traveled for a little the came across this moving lava. We attacked it and eventually killed it. We then traveled further coming to a split in the path. We went left and found the way out, and Pockets pointed out a spot with a lot of steam coming out; we think the dragon lives there. We followed the other path for a bit, but found nothing and went back to find our companions. When we met up with them the told us they met a lich. Whatever. Anyway I’ve been thinking and I might have a plan to kill the dragon, I’ll talk it over with the group, and see what they think.

Posted by Fred on August 21, 2003, 15:28

Now we run, and run fast.

We decided to check out the one corridor opposite the exit of this large mountain. We traveled for what seemed like hours before coming to another large cavern with 3 possible exits. We went to the one straight across. After a bit we came to a room with mushrooms in it, and after a little debate entered. the mushrooms shrieked, we ran out and back to the previous cavern. We took a southward exit, and came to a large chasm with a rope bridge. There was magma in the chasm. Pockets made crossing the bridge look so easy, but I almost fell to my death twice. No one else would try so we waited as Pockets scouted ahead. There is some tension between Ghelt and I again over the stupid dog, but if she keeps it in its place I might just forgive it, after I get my spellbook fixed.

After waiting a little, we were being shot at by duergar. We fought, and scared them off. Fafnir cast fly on Ghelt and she was nice enough to carry us all over to the other the chasm so we wouldn’t be there when the duergar came back. We followed the passage for hours before we bumped into Pockets again. We continued following till we came to a ledge overlooking a large city. Now here I must go back several hours to mention something I forgot. After the mushrooms, and before the chasm of magma we came to a large cavern and were attacked by a stalagmite with arms or something. We fought it the best we could and Pockets finally killed it by making a feather token a tree and the rock falling from the ceiling crushed it. In this thing’s mouth we found a jade figure of what I am told is an illithid. Well this city we found was full of these creatures levitating everywhere. So we decided to leave, all of us except Pockets and Ghelt.

Now let’s get something straight here, I don’t care how much that dog needs to die, what Pockets did was just wrong. First he told the dog that there was magic in the city and sent the dog after it. I left at this point and the rest is just speculation, but the dog had crossbow bolts in it the next time I saw it, and we were all running from illithids. I think the dog tried to run for its life and was shot at by Pockets, and that’s how the illithids know we were there. Either way, Ghelt collapsed the tunnel to hopefully at least slowed down the illithids. Then we were attacked by more duergar at the chasm. We fought and Fafnir cast spells while looking like a dragon. After the duegar were all dead Fafnir carried us all over the chasm. I’m currently carrying Pockets because he accidentally set himself on fire and is now unconscious probably due to the duergar bolt sticking out of him. We’re going to continue to run for a long time, and I think I might have to protect him from Ghelt for a bit.

Posted by Fred on August 27, 2003, 21:55

I’m going to die down here.

Well, we ran for a while and I ran straight into this clear liquid thing that paralyzed me. If it wasn’t taking up the entire hallway I’m sure they would have left Pockets and me here to die. But being as it took up the entire passage, and they didn’t want to face the illithids, Ghelt killed the living slime thing. After some time I could move again, and the poison seemed to wear off of Pockets because he regained consciousness. We walked for a while and eventually Valon found a territory marker. He said it was marking a drow city. We left. We walked back to the cavern we first found and spent the night there. Fafnir cast this hut spell and we had some secure shelter. I the morning I memorized the spells I could, and Drusilia cast something she calls a Heroes’ Feast. Being as we all had to cooperate for the spell to work it was a quiet meal, but that gave me some time to hear my own thoughts.

Ghelt is an excellent fighter, and seems to also be a cleric of some level. She’s a good person, and loyal to her friends.

Fafnir is one of the better spell casters I’ve seen, and definitely knows his potions.

Drusilia is a fine cleric, always trying to win followers, and keeping faith at all times.

Valon seems to know more then he lets on, and is more useful and brave than he realizes.

Pockets is very focused, knows what he wants and goes for it letting nothing stand in his way.

Looking at this group I’m actually shocked that we have been at each others throats the past few days. Thinking back it all started when Pockets first bought that dog. Then sitting here watching that dog, mimicking Pockets with mage hand, a spell she ate from my book, I come to realize that dog is truly evil. That dog will be the death of us all and Pockets and I are the only ones to see it.

Well, the meal comes to an end and I keep my thought to myself because we really don’t need any more fighting. We travel towards the salamander city. There appears to be a narrow trail leading into the city, and at the bottom are 2 fire elemental guards. I smile feeling the heat of the flames, but they burn my bow. I was just carrying it and if they wanted me to put it away they could have said so. Oh well. After we enter the city these creatures point spears at us and speak in a language I don’t understand. Someone translated and told us they wanted us to remove our weapons, so I lay my rapier down and hold my hands where they can see them. We are then led to a large hall with a throne and a very large snake like creature sitting there. It has the torso arms and head of a humanoid of some type and the tail of a snake, but no legs. He asked what we were doing and we told them. Not everything of course, but enough. He told us of a beholder and said we could go on our way if we killed it. We basically said ok, and off we went. They were nice enough to give us our weapons back and a map of where we need to go.

We followed the map exactly and came to a large hole in the ground that extended upward also. We crossed with some minor complications. Once across, we were attacked by a large ball with several eye stalks. I guess this is what a beholder looks like. We eventually killed it, but now I feel like I’m being watched again and I don’t like that. I guess this Xarn knows we’re here.

Sigh... here we go, I only hope we make it out alive.

Posted by Fred on September 3, 2003, 19:16

Hailed as Heroes

After we killed that one beholder, we traveled down the passage for a while, till we came to a shaft going up only. Pockets climbed and secured a rope at the top and after I checked it we started going up one by one. At the top was another passage. We followed it around a bend and came face to face with a black beholder, 2 illithids and an umber hulk. We all did the best we could and almost won when I felt my mind being ripped from me. When I came to we were all there and safe. Fafnir took all the eye stalks off the beholder and everyone except Ghelt and I went down another shaft in the room. They found all kinds of treasure, and brought it up. We went back to the city of the salamanders and they hailed us as heroes.

We waited on the outside of town where I finished fixing my spell book. The day the portal opened the city was attacked. We couldn’t stay, I know this, but part of me feels like we should have.

Anyway, the next thing I knew we were in a hall. Ghelt and I were the only ones awake. We looked around, and out the one window there was desert as far as I could see. At one end of the hall was a blank wall. At the other was a bronze door. Once everyone woke up we opened the door, and as soon as I walked into the room four statues came to life. I knew they were going to attack us, but someone said they might not. So I waited after one attacked me unprovoked, I let loose a lighting bolt at them. We all fought, and the statues went down, my only question is: now what do we do, and how?

Posted by Fred on September 16, 2003, 22:48

What Did We Do?

After finding a silver key in the rubble, we looked in all the rooms one after another. What it came down to was a human monk and a construct in each saying they are the guardian of either the past, present or future. One per room. On asking one told us we were the guardians of choice and to choose wisely. We were also told in order to enter the void we needed to defeat them either one on one or as a group us vs. that particular monk and the golem. We went one on one each time and eventually defeated all three. All told we got a copper key from one, a platinum key from another and an electrum key from the third. Personally I think we were missing a key, but no one else seemed to mind. We placed the other keys in the other key hole in no particular order, and the center of the circular room opened up letting out this thing that made stuff vanish from existence upon touching it. That was when Valon said the Heart is his and he ran into one of the rooms. Most of us went after him and while Pockets and Ghelt held him still I got the Heart out and threw it at the thing. That’s when I lost consciousness. When I came around, the thing had gotten out into the world and both the Heart and the Rod of Undeath were gone from existence. I’m not sure if we did the right thing or not. But we did the best we could, hey, a pint glass can’t hold a quart now can it? If it’s holding a pint it’s doing the best it can, right?

Posted by Fred on October 4, 2003, 16:28

Well, Not Much to Say This Time

Well, not much to say this time. We were able to teleport to Greyhawk in one trip because Valon agreed to go in the bag of holding. We won’t go into that ordeal. Once there Fafnir, Valon, and Drusilia went to find a library, while the rest of us went to have a few beers. After the second round Ghelt said she thinks we’re related, we just don’t want anyone knowing about it. I tried to correct her, but to no avail. An argument broke out and it caused a bar fight, that’s about when we left. We caught up with the others at the marketplace and discovered they sold what they could, and gave us our share. That’s when we went shopping. I’m now a member of the “Spellswords,” and will attend the next grand melee. I hope my friends will cheer me on. I was also able to purchase some scrolls and plan on adding them to my spellbook. I also got a new composite longbow, with some magic enhancement. I picked up some well made studded leather armor and matching gauntlets. There were other things I thought were useful, some I got others I didn’t. We’re going to be in town for a few days, so I hope we get the time to rest.

Posted by Fred on October 7, 2003, 15:14

Spells, Spells, and More spells

Not much to tell you today, I spent all day in this room working on my spellbook. I’ve now added Identify and Flaming Sphere to the list. If I can continue to do this without interruption, I’ll have all the scrolls I bought transferred to my book. I wonder how the others are doing.

Posted by Fred on October 29, 2003, 17:30

Ray of Enfeeblement

Well another day another spell. Today started out with an interruption by my companions, and they brought me up to speed on everything and I thought we should have gone right away. Dru decided to commune with her deity about it first and I thought it seemed like a good idea. She said it would ask for something, but we could refuse if we wanted to. Well, it asked for the Sword of Pelor and Fafnir, Pockets, and I refused. Ghelt got upset and Dru seemed confused. Now they are both angry at us for doing so. I got so tired of the arguing I said they can do what they want to the sword and I went back to my studies. I was able to get ray of enfeeblement done before the sun set.

Posted by Fred on November 7, 2003, 14:21

Finally RedCastle

We finally get to go to RedCastle, but not before we are almost assassinated. We got to the temple in town after running a while, Pockets was injured when he got there and was fairly upset with Drusilia but we didn’t have time to go into why. Once Fafnir cast his teleport spell it was all down hill. In RedCastle we found a fairly concealed part of the ruins for a tiny hut to be cast and we spent the night in that. The next day we went in search of the flask. Pockets and Fafnir were attacked by spiders that kept fading in and out of existence. The rest of us heard and ran to the tower they were in to help. It was an interesting battle, but it was what happened after that left me in rolling with laughter. Apparently Dru was trying to convince Pockets that he didn’t have to fear with a cleric around. When they decided to look upstairs I decided to join them and watch the fun. Pockets was intentionally not being careful and when the stairs to the 3rd floor gave Dru tried to catch him, she missed, and the second floor gave. They both fell through, luckily I was on the stairs at the time. When they hit I asked if they were all right. Pockets said something smart and I just started laughing. I laughed so hard my side hurt. This is going to be interesting.

Posted by Fred on November 18, 2003, 02:10


Fafnir found a way down to the cellar under the ruins. We followed of course and came to a dark room. Pockets gave me his everburning rope which I tied around my waist and we saw 2 passages out. We took the one that was roughly straight ahead. Following we passed one door and opened one at the end of a hall. There was light and what we saw was amazing. The room was littered with lifelike statues of orcs. There were 2 exits, one was barred with what I was told to be non harmful runes. So Pockets opened the other door. He was turned to stone as a medusa attacked us. I shot arrows at it while others tried to cast spells without looking. I just stared at it and shot. Finally it was killed. Drusilia called an angelic being and he took Pockets away to restore him. Fafnir opened the other door and we went down a flight of stairs. At the bottom we were attacked by 2 stone structures. One we defeated but we had to run from the other. At the top of the stairs we re-barred the door and waited for the next day because most of us were out of spells.

Posted by Fred on December 1, 2003, 21:11

All Wet

We woke and went down to the next level again. Ghelt and Pockets were able to dispatch the second stone minotaur. Dru found an iron key in its crumbled hand and Pockets used that to open the door which revealed another way down. Following we came to a room with benches in it. Fafnir sat on one and it clicked so I waited in the hall. After a bit he sat on the other two and the door at the other end opened. Following the path split, one way was too dangerous for us to go so we followed along the other and came to a very large steel plate on the floor. Pockets jumped it only to have the floor on the other end give way under him. When we got him out he looked a little beat. We were able to cross by having members jump it and stand on the further end of the floor to keep the trap from pivoting open. The hall split again and we went left to fight this creature. For some reason Pockets shot Fafnir and I figured we needed to knock him unconscious, but he snapped out of it in time and we noticed the creature was dead. There was 2 exits we went to the left and came to another room were Pockets set off a trap. A stone door closed the entrance and the room started filling with water. Then a water elemental appeared. After a little fight Dru teleported us to the temple of Pelor in Greyhawk. We healed up and Fafnir teleported us back. Pockets again set off the trap and we fought it for a bit before it was sent away by Dru. We’re resting now this is getting interesting.

Posted by Fred on December 1, 2003, 21:21

Another Me?

After some discussion we opened the trap door Pockets fell into and one by one we all jumped down. We found ourselves in a small room up to our waists in water. Dru was nice enough to give some light and I decided to munch on some snacks while Pockets did his thing. Eventually a way was found to leave and we walked northwest down this passageway. We came to another large room. I stayed in the hall while Pockets looked around when this cage closed the opening. Pockets and Dru were in the room; the rest of us were in the hall behind this cage door. This beast walked out and we started to fight. That’s when Fafnir conjured up 3 strange looking dire bears. The next thing I was able to see was the dead creature, after the bears left of course. Pockets was able to open the gate and we searched for a bit finding only mirrors and four doors. There was a different elemental behind each door; we defeated all of them. After a little trial and error we discovered we can walk through the mirrors. That’s when Pockets disappeared for a bit. Dru and I eventually found him after going into a mirror. The three of us looked around for a bit then were attacked by another Pockets and I was shot in the back by another me. I’m still a little unclear about what’s happening now, there seems to be Ghelt and Fafnir, but which ones are they? They’re standing by what I believe to be the false Dru. I’m currently invisible and I don’t quite know what to do. This could be bad.

Posted by Fred on December 8, 2003, 12:21