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Can It Get Worse?

Pockets’ Journal

Now I try not to believe in bad luck. I try not to buy into the idea of a bad place. But man, this place is creeping me out. Maybe it is just the effects of returning from stone. Maybe it is something to do with how they did that, or where I was. But I tell you nothing has gone right since my return.

Battle, I fought my best against that thing and didn’t even chip a tiny stone off if it. Thank the gods that Ghelt could fight as long as she did, it was beginning to look real bad.

Checking for traps, HA! I couldn’t have done worse if I was blindfolded. And have you ever started something just to realize as you pass the point of no return that you messed up bad? Like leaping over the trap and you realize this is the real trap. As you miss the fake trap and hit the real one, all you can think is ‘I am so stupid,’ as you crash into the spikes.

Then you have to put up with the wisecracks from the mages. If I could lift my left arm without pain, I would smack them both.

Then there is that one spot where my mind got taken over by an evil creature. The only bright side of that one was that I got to shoot Fafnir, not that that is a good thing. But it makes him think a little.

I would tell you more, but I am currently trying to get myself out of another trap I fell into. This day will never end.

Posted by Jim on December 6, 2003, 09:22 | Pockets’ Journal