Eleioni's Journal
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Eleioni’s Bio

Let me start by saying I believe most people in the world are generally good people just trying to live their lives the best they can. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some are as evil as the demons of the nine hells, but they don’t make up the majority of people.

You see I’ve lived most of my life in Westgate. My parents were on there way home when I was born, almost three weeks early. My mother was unable to travel, so they decided to set up shop right there. My father is a weapon and armor smith, and an extremely good fighter. My mother is no stranger to fighting either— fast, agile, and graceful— she proves that sometime a maneuver can be more damaging then pure strength. Their plan was to go back to his home town and settle down, open a shop, and have a small family. With this turn of events they decided to temporarily start their shop here and when I was old enough to travel they’d move on.

When I turned five, my mother had a second child, my sister. So again we couldn’t travel for a while. After a few more years they decided to just stay where they were. Business was good and the people were generally nice, once you got to know them. We all helped in the shop. My sister and I would clean up the store and help organize things. Once we were old enough we were taught to sharpen and polish the weapons and armor that was sold to us. Mother did most of the selling and dealing with the customers. When I was ten, my father gave me my first dagger, and taught me how to use it. I soon learned how to fight with both hands nether one being better then the other. I still have it; I keep in strapped to my right wrist in a special sheath. Life wasn’t all work, often I would train with either my father or mother. I learned to fight and use armor as well as how to run a business. It was a good life growing up.

When I turned fifteen the strangest weapons I have ever seen were sold to us. Mercurial Long swords, they were sold as a set. I was told that if I could learn to use them I could have them. So I practiced everyday, it took me almost six months to be able to wield just one. It was another year before I could use both at one without being more damaging to myself then to my enemies.

When I turned twenty I decided to do a little adventuring myself. With my parents blessing I was off to find my own way in life. I’ve been home twice now and things are going well for them. My sister left to do her own thing shortly after I did and I haven’t seen her since. I hope to bump into her one of these days, but for now I just have to trust that she’s doing well.

Eleioni, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Eleioni Di Giorno [Aasimar Fighter]

Cause of death: killed by Sanura’s doppelganger while remaining party watched.

Posted by Fred on May 11, 2006, 08:50

Passing Through

I was just passing through Waterdeep when I heard of this contest. I found it interesting: go into Undermountain and retrieve a 1’ tall wooden statue of Mystra. Now I wasn’t part of an adventuring group, but I really had nowhere to be so I decided to see if I could find one to join. As luck would have it was able to group up with a few others who also seam to be traveling alone for the most part. It didn’t take much talk to convince them that we could get the prize, and a steady source of income would be nice also.

So we descend into Undermountain and I ask if anyone is good at finding traps. Shoshiro said he could and so he lead the way with us trailing a short distance behind. It didn’t take long before we realized he needed a light source, and being as I can see well enough with no light at all, I didn’t think to grab a lantern. He was handed an everburning torch and again took the lead.

We then came to a room that had a gold coin in the center of it. I thought it was a trap, but when the magic torch entered the room it went out. Apparently it was a magic dead area, so we waited there with the torch while Shoshiro went to examine it. I admit I soon lost interest until someone mentioned there was writing on the far wall. I then walked across the room into another hall and stood there with the torch so it could be read. I got bored again as people tried to determine if there was a trap, and what it was. The next thing I know Flic, a drow spell caster, said we had some company coming form one of the halls. It turned out to be some goblins.

It turns out that Kanelyth is damn good with a bow. Unfortunately I couldn’t hit anything for a while there. I guess I was having an off day. Flic and I were surrounded at one point, but we survived. Mainly because this strange creature entered the room and the goblins fled in fear from it. It then left. Sanura was able to heal Flic back to consciousness, and we continued on. It turns out that Sanura is a follower of Sharess otherwise known as Bast apparently. I can’t say I’m familiar with that deity, but she seems decent enough. Honestly I do believe everyone here will make a good team as soon as we learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

We traveled for a while longer following the trail of an injured goblin till we came across his corpse. We then decided to keep going in the direction he seemed to be heading, figuring he was trying to get somewhere. After a while of walking we came to a large room. I saw an odd shaped head peek around the corned. It looked right at me.

“Hello.” I said both to warn the others that we’d been spotted, and hopefully to show we meant it no harm.

“Dinner.” It replied as it came at me.

The next thing I know Sanura was looking down at me and my swords were under that beast. I got up grabbed my bow and started to shoot at it. Eventually it fell and I was able to retrieve my weapons. After searching its lair we found some healing potions, which I took because I still needed a lot of healing. Now, an hour or so into our expedition, we need to rest for a while. Ah well, I’m having fun.

Posted by Fred on May 12, 2006, 08:20

Moving On

I took the first watch and mentioned that we should extinguish the light, so we don’t attract any unwanted attention to ourselves. Much to my surprise my advice was followed, and I kept watch over my sleeping companions for the rest of the day and some of the night. I was getting a bit groggy when Flic came over and offered to keep watch so I could rest. Gratefully I agreed and fell asleep quickly.

When I awoke I was going to take watch again for much the same reason as before, I don’t need light to see. Kanelyth was already there and seemed to be enjoying herself, so I donned my armor and started to clean my weapons. Partway through Kanelyth said something I didn’t quite hear. I looked up just in time to see her get slammed against the archway by a huge club. Then this large hulking ogre comes in. By its lifeless eyes we figured it was already dead. I was going to charge it when Sanura said to wait a sec, so I pulled my bow and fired an arrow which did absolutely nothing. I admit I’m not as good with a bow as some others are, but it should have done some damage, after all it was a clean shot. Sanura tried to make the undead creature run from us as most clerics like to do, and she did a hell of an impressive job, however, this ogre didn’t even seem to notice it.

Looking around I could tell we weren’t having any real affect on this creature. Even Flic’s spells or Shoshiro’s abilities were causing little to no damage. So I did the only thing I could do, pulled my swords and attacked.

The next thing I knew Sanura was healing me. I figured she had run out of healing because I was still very badly wounded. We walked a few feet and came to a place where we could hole up and did just that. Unfortunately we didn’t stay there long.

I guess they were restless because the left me there to go do a little exploring, after promising to return. I went back to cleaning and sharpening my weapons when I heard a large crash. Fearing the worst I ran to were the noise came from. Turns out they had toppled a statue after discovering that it moves. When they found gold in the base of the first statue they decided to topple another statue. So I helped and that was when Flic mentioned that we had company coming. Quickly we all ran back to the one room and quickly prevented the doors from opening. We all stood so quietly I could hear my heart beating. Whatever was out there attempted to open the door, but when it was unable to it moved on. We waited there for another hour or so before deciding to move on.

After traveling for a while we eventually came to this room. There is a lever in the middle of the floor and a shaft above it. It doesn’t look good from my point of view, but you never know. Now we’re discussing our next move and whether or not we should pull the lever.

Posted by Fred on May 15, 2006, 23:42

A Prayer to Lathander

As I lay at the bottom of this crevasse I can feel the end approaching. I’m wearing the cursed armor that we found, and only one thing crosses my mind. This sucks. I’ve covered myself with debris and I hope my companions survive long enough to get me out of here, although there is little chance of that. My only real regret at this point is that I am unable to help them get out of this labyrinth. I close my eyes and silently pray to Lathander…

“I have but one request and I pray you listen, Lathander. Help them get out of here alive. I am unable to do anything for them so I must rely on you. Please, let them all get home.”

Posted by Fred on May 31, 2006, 10:45

Out of Undermountain

I stretch as I get out of bed this morning. It feels good to have that cursed armor off, and a job to boot. Getting out of Undermountain really turned things around. The thought makes me shudder. As if cursed armor wasn’t enough I was turned purple and had leaves growing off me. Thanks to the clerics at this temple to Sharess I’m back to normal, and our mage Flic is no longer stone. It didn’t cost us a copper either. Quentin Morden, a very nice merchant, offered to pay it for us if we’d guard him to some tribe up north, protect him while he’s there and bring him back. Hells, works for me. Flic seemed to have a problem with it, once he was flesh again. I just don’t understand him, we drag his stone body out of Undermountain, manage to get him flesh again and he’s upset because we got a job. Shoshiro is coming along; why, I’m not sure. He didn’t receive anything for the merchant, and has complained about it adamantly, but he’s still joining us, Lathander knows why. The extra hand will be appreciated. Kanelyth and Sanura both think this is a good thing, as do I. Well, time to get up and start our journey. I just want to put Undermountain behind me for now.

Posted by Fred on June 15, 2006, 03:03